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Part I Preparing for a Hiking or Backpacking Adventure
Chapter 1 Going Hiking and Backpacking
Briget Tyson Eastep and Marni Goldenberg
What?s Hiking All About?
What?s Backpacking All About?
In Between Day Hiking and Backpacking
Taking Care of Yourself, Your Companions, and the Environment
Where to Go?
Chapter 2 Getting Fit for Hiking and Backpacking
Denise Mitten
Fitness Benefits of Hiking and Backpacking
Components of Physical Fitness
Overall Wellness
Matching Fitness to Trips 
Getting Fit for Backpacking
Chapter 3 Footwear, Clothing, and Gear
Hugh Gibson and Jerel Cowan 
Basic Rules for Purchasing Gear
Feet First 
Dressing for Outdoors
Selecting and Using Day Packs and Backpacks
Food and Water: Eating on the Trail 
First Aid Kit
Essentials for the Day Hiker 
Gear Considerations for Overnight and Longer Trips
Gear Function and Maintenance
Chapter 4 Getting Trail Ready: Finding Your Way
Scott Jordan and Christine Cashel 
Planning the Route 
Using a Map, Compass, and More
Permits and Paperwork
Getting to the Trailhead
Managing Risk
Chapter 5 Trail Safety and Survival Skills
Bruce Martin and Scott A. Robertshaw 
Trail Safety
Wilderness First Aid 
Emergencies, Rescues, and Survival
Part II On the Trail
Chapter 6 Hiking Basics
Timothy W. Kidd and Jennifer Marie Hazelrigs 
Walking Techniques
Trail Manners
Maintaining Energy Levels
Strategies for Various Terrains and Environments
Descending and Climbing 
Crossing Streams and Rivers 
Chapter 7 Hiking Adventures
Jennifer L. Hinton, Jim Lustig, and Briget Tyson Eastep
Types of Hiking Adventures 
Hiking Environments and Seasons
Additional Considerations for Day Hiking
Chapter 8 Basics of Backcountry Camping
Andrew Jerome Bobilya and Brad Daniel
Before Camping
Selecting a Campsite
Factors Involved in Setting Up Camp
Breaking Camp
Chapter 9 Planning Your Backpacking Experience
Jack Drury
Thinking Through the Planning Process
Trip Planning and Length 
Planning Considerations
Special Considerations
Success Checks
About the Editors 
About the Contributors 
Welcome to Hiking and Backpacking. Our goal is to provide an introduction to hiking and backpacking for all users of natural areas. This book is a resource for those participating in day hikes, short backpacking trips, and more extended backpacking expeditions. It also functions as a text in introductory hiking and backpacking courses taught at the university level.
This book was written in cooperation with the Wilderness Education Association (WEA). The WEA was founded in 1977 to promote safe and responsible use of backcountry and wilderness areas and to promote the professionalism of outdoor leadership, thereby enhancing the conservation of the wild outdoors. For the past 30 years, the organization has been working to fulfill this mission through a network of affiliate organizations now composed of approximately 50 colleges, universities, and private institutions throughout the United States. The WEA sponsors various educational programs through this affiliate network. These programs use nature?s classroom to teach the knowledge and skills required for responsible recreational use of backcountry and wilderness areas.
Human Kinetics looked to the WEA to produce Hiking and Backpacking as part of its Outdoor Adventure series. The authors of this text have considerable experience in practicing and teaching hiking and backpacking as well as wilderness living and travel in general. All of the authors share the WEA?s commitment to promoting safe, responsible recreational use of backcountry and wilderness areas. This shared commitment is based on a great love and passion for wilderness and the outdoors and a subsequent desire to protect and preserve wilderness and natural areas for future enjoyment.
Hiking and Backpacking contains nine chapters. Chapter 1 presents an overview of hiking and backpacking as well as information on natural areas and the types of trails found in those areas. It also introduces the principles and practices of Leave No Trace. Chapter 2 contains information on becoming fit for hiking and backpacking, including physical fitness, stretches, nutrition, and level of training. Chapter 3 covers footwear, clothing, and other gear needed for hiking and backpacking adventures. Chapter 4 helps you to get trail ready by introducing information on getting to the trailhead, planning a route, and navigating once you are on the trail. Chapter 5 introduces safety considerations related to hiking and backpacking as well as considerations in confronting emergency and survival situations while on the trail. Chapter 6 introduces basic hiking techniques such as the rest-step, rhythmic breathing, hiking on trail and off trail, ascending and descending steep terrain, and making stream crossings. Chapter 7 covers day hiking considerations such as hiking with children, hiking with dogs, hiking in various types of terrain, and engaging in various types of hikes. Chapter 8 provides information on preparing for the overnight experience, such as rules and regulations for camping, selecting a campsite, and minimizing impact on a campsite. Chapter 9 describes how to plan safe, enjoyable, and environmentally sound wilderness trips of various lengths.
In each of the chapters you will find chapter-opening quotes and consumer, safety, technique, and trail tips. The chapter-opening quotes reflect the essence of the information covered in each of the chapters. The book concludes with success checks and lists of references directing you to additional sources of information (such as additional readings and Web sites) on each of the topics covered in this book. You can use the success checks to test your retention of the information covered in the chapters.
We hope that you find Hiking and Backpacking to be useful and enjoyable. We also wish you safe and happy adventures on the trail!

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