Table of contents for Just say nu : fluent Yiddish in one little word / Michael Wex.

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Introduction: What It's All About						5
 Transliteration 						 9
		A note on Translations, References and Further Reading 12		
	I. Greeting and Meeting						13		
	Hello							13				
	Goodbye			20						
	How Are You?		21					
	Meeting			23
	Simple Conversation: The Weather	24					
	Common Courtesy		26						
[box] For-Friggin'-Giveness	27					
	Forms of Address		29					
[box] People With Whom You Use Dee	29
[box]	A Few Common Yiddish Words That Don't Fit In Anywhere Else	30		
	Five Little Words That Will Get You Through
	Any Yiddish Conversation, Part I: Noo		31			
II. Stages of Life			37							
 A Few Empty Threats		42					
	Old Age			43						
	[box] Numbers		48					
	Terms of Endearment		49					
	Emergencies			52					
[box]	Gevalt				52						
	Getting Into and Out of Trouble	53				
	Less Serious Trouble			55				
	Five Little Words That Will Get You Through
	Any Yiddish Conversation, Part II: Takeh		55		
III. Food and Drink			57							
	Whoopsing Your Cookies	58				
	Praise and Blame		60				
	Kosher and non-Kosher	61				
[box]	Strictly Kosher		62				
	Categories of Kosher		63					
[box]	Hot Stuff			64					
	Meals				65				
	Foods				67				
		Fruit				67						
		Vegetables			67					
		Baked Goods and their Toppings	68			
		Fish				69			
		Meat				69			
		Dairy				70			
		Yiddish Dishes that Have the Same Name
		in English			71			
[box]	A Mendel of Eggs			71			
		Beverages			72			
		Alcohol			73			
[box]	The Yiddish Mixed Drink		77
Five Little Words That Will Get You Through
	Any Yiddish Conversation, Part III: Nebakh		78		
IV. Family Life				80					
[box]	Little Father the Chicken		82				
	Children				83						
[box]	Bad Seeds				88						
	Relatives 90 							 
[box]	Mekhitonim and Other Close Friends 90						
	Third Parties				91
[box] More Big Shots 94					
	Keeping Quiet				96						
[box]	Shveig			 99					
[box]	To Bug and Be Bugged	 100				
V. Protective Phrases			102					
[box]	A Bit of Yiddish Baby Talk		107					
	Other Necessary Exclamations	108				
[box]	None Too Bright			111				
	Defence Mechanisms			112					
		Offence			114					
		Contempt			117					
[box]	Jesus Christ				122					
		Disparagement		123					
	It Can't Hurt				127					
[box]	Takhlis					128					
[box]	None Too Bright, part II		135					
Five Little Words That Will Get You Through
	Any Yiddish Conversation, Part IV: Epes	136			
VI. Madness, Fury, and Driving		137			
	That's All I Can Stand		139			
	Anger in Action-Driving		142			
	Simple Insults				145			
		Common Words for Fool	145			
		Words Rarely Heard Outside of Moving Cars	147		
		Simple Incompetence		146			
		Ironic Attribution of Intelligence 			147			
		Rusticity			148			
		Botanical Origins		148			
		Sightedness			149			
		Hearing			149			
		Implied Comparison with Animals			149		
		Craniology			149			
		Disease and Physical Infirmity			150			
		Too Old to Cut the Mustard				151			
		Bad Character			152			
		Male Member			154			
		Women Only			154						
	Simple Actions			156			
		Driving Instructions		156			
		Behavioral Instructions	157			
[box]	More Jesus Christ			158			
		Things that Should Come Upon You			160		
		More Things To Do					160
		Other Things That Should Happen to You		161
 Volkswagens							163	
[box]	Eight Things to Say in Germany				165
Five Little Words That Will Get You Through
	Any Yiddish Conversation, Part V: Shoyn			166
[box]	Cards and Chess Pieces		168			
VII. Health and Illness			169			
	The Body and Its Parts		169			
[box]	A Bar-Mitzvah of Behinds		172			
	Internal Organs			173			
	Some Other Things to do with your Body			175		
	Health					176			
	Illness					177			
	Cover Your Mouth			178			
	Cover Your Ass			182			
	Self-Relief				183			
	Diseases in General			186			
	Are They Good for the Jews?		188			
	Other Indispositions			190
[box] A Little More Jesus			193
	You Think You've Got Troubles	194			
	One Last Tsooreh			201			
[box]	Mob Yiddish				202			
VIII. Love and Sex				205			
[box]	Shlock					206			
 From Shmalts to Shmuts		208			
 What's Not to Like?			210			
	Flirting and Dating			212			
[box]	Fifteen Yiddish Pick-Up Lines	215			
	Making Out				219			
[box]	Tongue-Tied				222			
[box]	Some Ways of Saying Penis That We Haven't Yet
	Seen					227			
	Eleven Designations for Women's Breasts				228		
	The Main Event			232			
	Twelve Terms for Female Genitalia	235			
IX.	Happiness and Pleasure 238
Appendix: Basic Yiddish Grammar	247				
	Glossarial Index			253			

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Yiddish language -- Terms and phrases.
Yiddish language -- Social aspects.
Yiddish language -- Idioms.
Proverbs, Yiddish.
Yiddish wit and humor.