Table of contents for Faith, reason, and the war against jihadism : a call to action / by George Weigel.

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Introduction: Deadly Serious Business
Part I: Understanding the Enemy
Lesson 1: The great human questions, including the great questions of public life, are ultimately theological. 
Lesson 2: To speak of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as the ¿three Abrahamic faiths,¿ the ¿three religions of the Book,¿ or the ¿three monotheisms¿ obscures rather than illuminates. These familiar tropes ought to be retired.
Lesson 3: Jihadism is the enemy in the multi-front war that has been declared upon us.
Lesson 4: Jihadism has a complex intellectual history, the chief points of which must be grasped in order to understand the nature of the threat jihadism poses to the West.
Lesson 5: Jihadists read history and politics through the prism of their distinctive theological convictions, not through the lens of western assumptions about the progressive dynamic of history.
Lesson 6: It is not ¿Islamophobic¿ to note the historical connection between conquest and Muslim expansion, or between contemporary jihadism and terrorism. Truth-telling is the essential pre-requisite to genuine inter-religious dialogue, which can only be based on the claims of reason.
Lesson 7: The war against jihadism is a contest for the human future that will endure for generations. 
Part II: Rethinking Realism
Lesson 8: Genuine realism in foreign policy takes wickedness seriously, yet avoids premature closure in its thinking about the possibilities of positive change in world politics. 
Lesson 9: In the war against jihadism, the political objective in the Middle East and throughout the Islamic world is the evolution of responsible and responsive government, which will take different forms given different historical and cultural circumstances.
	Lesson 10: In the war against global jihadism, deterrence strategies are unlikely to be effective, because it is almost impossible to deter those who are committed to their own martyrdom. 
Part III: Deserving Victory 
	Lesson 11: Cultural self-confidence is indispensable to victory in the long-term struggle against jihadism.
	Lesson 12: Islamist salami tactics must be resisted, for small concessions in the name of a false idea of tolerance inevitably lead to further concessions, and then to further erosions of liberty and security.
	Lesson 13: We cannot, and will not, deserve victory (much less achieve it) if we continue to finance those who attack us. Therefore, a program to de-fund jihadism by developing alternatives to petroleum-based energy is a crucial component of the current struggle.
	Lesson 14: Victory in the war against global jihadism requires a new domestic political coalition that is proof against the confusions caused by the Unhinged Left and the Unhinged Right.
	Lesson 15: There is no escape from U.S. leadership.

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