Table of contents for Pandora's senses : the feminine character of the ancient text / Vered Lev Kenaan.

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Preface		000
Introduction		000
Chapter One: Pandora's Light
1. Pandora, Once Again		000
2. The Genealogy of Pandora		000
3. Misogynist Responses to Pandora		000
4. Pandora's Wonder		000
a. Pandora as the Theogony's center		000
b. Feminine beauty and the beauty of the universe		000
c. Thauma Idesthai		000
d. Pandora vs. Typhoeus		000
e. Pandora's bright light vs. Zeus's blinding lightning		000
f. Pandora's enlightenment and Hesiod's initiation		000
Chapter Two: Pandora and the Myth of Otherness
1. From Mount Helicon to a Poetics of Otherness		000
2. The Fantasy of Symbiosis between Men and Gods		000
3. Ambiguities of Identity: The Case of Brothers		000
4. The Loss of Sameness and the Birth of Eros		000
5. The Didactic Imperative: Learn the Other		000
Chapter Three: The Socratic Pandora
1. Woman is the Ideal Listener		000
2. The Naked Truth and the Adorned Lie		000
a. The winter maiden		000
b. The dressed woman		000
3. The Seductions of Pandora		000
4. Socrates and Theodote		000
5. Socrates and Pandora		000
a. Socrates's body		000
b. Socrates's beauty		000
c. Socrates's eros		000
Chapter Four: Pandora's Voice and the Emergence of Ovid's Poetic Persona
1. Pandora's Voice		000
a. Clytemnestra's Kratos		000
b. Silencing Penelope		000
c. Pandora's comic voice		000
2. From the Effeminate Elegy to the Feminine Text		000
3. The Erotodidactic Persona		000
4. Sappho's Lasciviousness		000
5. The Lascivious Text		000
a. Ovidius Utroque Lascivior		000
b. Musa Proterva mea est		000
Chapter Five: Feminine Subjectivity and the Self-Contradicting Text
1.The Ars and the Remedia: meta-discourse, language games and the problem of sincerity		000
2.The Palinodic Structure		000
3. Palinode and Narrative		000
4. Pandora's Lie		000
5. A Girl's Rape and the Birth of Feminine Subjectivity		000
Chapter Six: Pandora's Tears
1. Feminine Weaving: Text, Textile, Body, Pain		000
2. Helen's Web		000
3. Listening as a Woman: Penelope's Tears		000
4. Odysseus Weeps as a Woman		000
5. Xanthippe's Tears		000
Epilogue		000
Notes			000
Bibliography		000
Index		000

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Pandora (Greek mythology) in literature.
Femininity in literature.
Classical literature -- History and criticism.