Table of contents for The everything kids' magical science experiments book / Tom Robinson and Beth L. Blair.

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Chapter 1: Try It, You¿ll Like It!
Try This: The Killer Straw
Try This: Changing Salt to Sugar
Kids¿ Lab Lessons: Invisible Ink
Try This: Swimming Raisins
Kids¿ Lab Lessons: A Milky Way to Paint
Science Fair: Soda Fountain
Chapter 2: Running Hot and Cold
Try This: Exploding Water
Try This: Hanging by a Thread
Kids¿ Lab Lessons: Floating Water
Try This: Jumping Coins
Try This: Collapsing Bottles
Kids¿ Lab Lessons: String Knife
Science Fair: Now You¿re Cooking
Simple Bread Recipe
Chapter 3: Life in a Fun House
Try This: Racing Toothpicks
Try This: Personal Water Fountain
Kids¿ Lab Lessons: Ironing Out Your Cereal
Try This: Blowing Out Candles
Kids¿ Lab Lessons: Burning at Both Ends
Science Fair: More Bounce to the Ounce
Chapter 4: Water, Water Everywhere
Try This: The Amazing Leaking Bottle
Try This: Floating Metal
Kids¿ Lab Lessons: Sinking Oranges
Try This: Water Genie
Kids¿ Lab Lessons: Disappearing Water
Science Fair: Changing Water Colors
Chapter 5: The Incredible Machine
Try This: Acquiring a Taste
Try This: Blue, Black, and Yellow Patriotism
Kids¿ Lab Lessons: Stomach Acid
Try This: Magical Hands
Kids¿ Lab Lessons: Magic Breath
Science Fair: Making Magical Music
Chapter 6: Bubble, Bubble, Toil, and Trouble
Try This: Crystals in a Pan
Try This: Hand of Magic
Kids¿ Lab Lessons: Plastic in a Pot
Try This: Fog Chamber
Kids¿ Lab Lessons: Making Slime
Science Fair: Candle in the Wind
Chapter 7: Get Physical!
Try This: Spinning Eggs
Try This: Not So Sip-ple Straw
Kids¿ Lab Lessons: Which Way?
Try This: Disappearing Glass
Kids¿ Lab Lessons: Removing the Ground Floor
Science Fair: Finding a Balance
Chapter 8: Wind and Weather
Try This: Air Cannon
Try This: Floating Cereal
Kids¿ Lab Lessons: The Uninflating Balloon
Kids¿ Lab Lessons: Balloon Cents
Kids¿ Lab Lessons: Peeling a Banana
Science Fair: Canned Water
Chapter 9: It¿s Alive!
Try This: Planting a Dye Job
Try This: Pocket Garden
Kids¿ Lab Lessons: Spicy Seeds
Try This: Rotting Food
Kids¿ Lab Lessons: No Crying over Spoiled Milk
Science Fair: How Does Your Garden Grow?
Appendix A: Resources
Appendix B: Puzzle Answers

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