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Chapter 1: The Earth and Environment
The Momentum of Earth Day
The World Today
Global Climate Change
The Chemicals of Concern
Degradation of Natural Resources 
Word of the Day - Sustainability
Chapter 2: Greening the Grid
Traditional Energy and Its Impact
Solar Power
Wind Power
Biomass and Methane
Geothermal Power
Nuclear Power
Chapter 3: Building or Buying Your Green House
Green Cities and States
Finding Your Own Green City
Finding a Green Location in Any Town
Home Design
Construction Materials
Energy Sources
Heating and Cooling
Windows and Doors
Chapter 4: Green House Furnishings
Conserving Power and Water
The Energy Star Symbol
Let There Be Light
Chapter 5: Keeping a Green Home and Yard
Cleaning House and Product Alternatives
Doing the Dishes
Washing and Drying Clothes
Mowing the Lawn or Not
Lawn Care and Pesticides
Checking on the Air Inside
Chapter 6: Eating Green
The Organic Option
Home Grown
Where to Shop
Going Vegetarian or Vegan
The Dish on Meats
Genetically Modified Foods
Hidden Ingredients
Eating Out
In Your Kitchen
Chapter 7: Drinking Green
It¿s in the Water
Coffee, Tea, and Juice
Wine and Beer
Chapter 8: Transportation
Other Alternatives
Motor Free
Increasing Occupancy
Improving Mileage and Reducing Emissions
Chapter 9: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle
Are You Being a Good Consumer?
The Recycling Market
E-Waste, Garbage of the Future
Trash, What a Waste
Chapter 10: Earth-Friendly Clothes and Fashion
What Goes into Clothes
The Materials
Turning the Fiber into Fabric
Reusing and Recycling
Shoes and Accessories
Chapter 11: Personal Care
Chemical Concerns
Skin Care
Hair Care
Make Up
Just for Women
Chapter 12: Raising a Green Family
Setting an Example
Bedding and Blankets
Snack Options and Brown Bags
Arts and Crafts
Getting Educated on Healthcare Alternatives
Chapter 13: Vacations and Travel
How to Go
Souvenirs and Where They Come From
Take in a Festival or Expo
The Backyard Adventure
Chapter 14: Pets
A Place for Pets
Picking One Out
Pet Food and Treats
Bedding and Other Gear
The Scoop on Poop
Options for Flea Control
Letting them Go
Chapter 15: Green and Jolly Holidays and Celebrations
The Planet¿s Very Own Holiday
Greening Up Your Holidays
Greeting Cards
Birthdays Year Round
Chapter 16: Green Learning and Working
Green Fields of Study
Environmental Professions
Environmental Regulators
Environmental Research
Working for a Non-Profit
Local Environmental Programs
Chapter 17: The Green Office
Your Company ¿ Your Image
Employee Buy In
Reducing Waste in the Office
Energy Audit
Reducing Paper and Ink
Cutting Back on Travel
Buying and Operating Green
Start a Recycling Program
Chapter 18: Making the ¿Green¿ in Your Wallet Count
Corporations Get Greener
Government Grading
Spending with Environmentally Friendly Companies
Social Investing
Money or Time
Checking on Charities
Chapter 19: Political, Consumer, and Religious Causes
People Make a Difference
Contacting Law Makers and Regulators
Communicating with the Media
Communicating with Companies
Join a Movement
Spearhead a Cause
Chapter 20: In the End
Make a Plan
Organ, Tissue, and Whole Body Donation
Common Funeral Practices
Natural Preparation
Green Caskets and Other Alternatives
The Final Resting Place
What¿s Left Behind
Appendix A: Green Resources
Appendix B: Glossary
Appendix C: A Quiz ¿ Just How Green Are You?

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Human ecology.