Table of contents for Extraordinary animals : an encyclopedia of curious and unusual animals / by Ross Piper ; Illustrations by Mike Shanahan.

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Chapter 1
Strength In Numbers: Animal Collectives 
The Acacia Ant 
Antarctic Krill
Giant Japanese Hornet
Leafcutter Ants
The Naked Mole Rat
The New Zealand Bat-Fly
The Portuguese Man-O¿-War
Stony Corals
The Tar Baby Termite
The Trap Ant
Chapter 2
The World Is A Dangerous Place: Defensive Tactics
The Armored Shrew
The Balloon Fish
The Bombardier Beetle
The Bushy-Tailed Woodrat
The Electric Eel
The Goliath Tarantula
The Honey Badger
The Hooded Pitohui
Mimic Octopus
Sea Cucumbers
The Slow Loris
Chapter 3
The Quest For Food
The Aye-Aye
The Bee Hummingbird
Bolas Spiders
Bulldog Bat
The Candirú
The Common Chameleon
The Common Swift
Cone Shells
Cookiecutter Shark
Egg-Eating Snake
The Emperor Penguin
The European Eel
The Fat Innkeeper
Flying Dragons
The Four-Wing Flying Fish
The Gharial
Giant Anteater
Grant¿s Golden Mole
The Harpy Eagle
The Kiwis
The Leatherback Turtle
The Luminous Gnat
Mantis Shrimps
The Megamouth Shark
The Northern Bluefin Tuna
The Portia Spider
The Purse Web Spider
The Sea Lamprey
The Spitting Spider
Stenus Rove Beetles
The Stowaway False Scorpion
The Tokay Gecko
Velvet Worms
The White Worm Lizard
Chapter 4
Looking Out For The Next Generation
The Bee Wolf
The Blue Whale
Burying Beetles
Fig Wasps
The King Cobra
The Marble Gall Wasp
The Malleefowl
The Platypus
The Red-And-Blue Poison-Arrow Frog
The Sand Tiger Shark
The Ship Timber Beetle
Chapter 5
Living At The Expense of Others: Parasitism
Alcon Blue Butterfly
Ant Decapitating Flies
The Bird Fluke
The Cod Worm
The Cricket Fly
The Giant Roundworm
Gordian Worms
The Guinea Worm
The Human Bot-Fly
Leaf Wasps
The Rabbit Flea
The Red-Tailed Wasp
The Sabre Wasp
Warble Flies
Chapter 6
The Continuation of the Species: Sex And Reproduction
The Blue-Headed Wrasse
The Cockroach Wasp
Deep-Sea Angler Fish
The Green Spoon Worm
The Narwhal
Palolo Worms
Pocketbook Mussels
The Spotted Hyena
The Surinam Toad
The Taita Hills Caecilian
Tarantula Hawks
The Transvestite Rove Beetle
Chapter 7
Pushing the Boundaries: Surviving Extremes
Antarctic Toothfish
Beard Worms
The Coconut Crab
The Coelacanth
The Giant Mudskipper
The Giant Squid
The Human
The Lake Titicaca Frog
The Marine Iguana
The Olm
The Sperm Whale
Sun Spiders
Water Bears
The Water Spider
Zombie Worms
Appendix 1
Appendix 2

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