Table of contents for Andy Roddick beat me with a frying pan : taking the field with pro athletes and olympic legends to answer sports fans' burning questions / Todd Gallagher.

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A Note on the Questions
Question 1	Could a morbidly obese goalie change the sport of hockey as we know it? 
Question 2	Could an Olympic swimmer beat a regular guy simply by doggie-paddling?
Question 3 	How many tough men could a young Mike Tyson defeat in one night?
Question 4	Would a major league batting champion dominate in wiffle ball?
Question 5	How easy is it for pro athletes to get laid? And how easy is it for a groupie to bag a pro athlete?
Question 6	How big of a head start would an average guy need to beat an Olympic sprinter in the 100 meters? And what if he's running on a moving sidewalk? 
Question 7	Would sumo wrestlers make great NFL linemen?
Question 8	Are dart professionals great beer pong players?
Question 9	Can basketball players really "make change" off the top of the backboard?
Question 10	How would a psychic do in a Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament?
Question 11	Are there pro athletes who clip coupons? 
Question 12	Could any moderately coordinated fan hit better than a pitcher?
Question 13	Do pro athletes really play high?
Question 14	How big is the gap between male and female athletes?
Question 15	What's the deal with all these supposedly great players who never got a shot at the pros?
Question 16	How would a pro bowler do at skee-ball?
Question 17	How many Tampa Bay Devil Rays could a major league player name?
Question 18	Are pro golfers good at miniature golf?
Question 19	Are any celebrities actually as good at sports as we hear?
Question 20	Could a pro billiards player beat an amateur playing one-handed?	
Question 21	Are those guys really athletes? 
Question 22	Do athletes think about their statistics while they're playing?
Question 23	Is ____ really that hard? If I practiced, couldn't I be as good as the pros?
Question 24	Does a six-fingered pitcher have an unfair advantage? 
Question 25	How easy is the transition from soccer player to NFL kicker?
Question 26	What would happen if the NBA raised the basket to 12 feet?
Question 27	Is it as easy to cheat at poker as they made it look in Rounders?
Question 28	Could a total non-athlete beat an NBA player in a free-throw-shooting contest? 
Question 29	Could a computer-controlled (driverless) racecar compete with NASCAR vets? 
Question 30	Could Andy Roddick beat me with a frying pan?
Question 31	Would a team of midgets be the greatest offense in baseball history?

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