Table of contents for The everything World War II book / David White and Daniel P. Murphy.

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Part One: Setting the Stage
Chapter 1: Prelude to War
Hitler¿s Rise to Power
Germany in Disarray
Fascism Takes Hold of Italy
Japanese Aggression
American Isolationism
Isolationism Following the First World War
Chapter 2: Fanning the Flames
Germany Rearms
Hitler Takes Austria
Czechoslovakia Divided and Conquered
Hitler Pushes East
Hitler Takes Denmark and Norway
The Fall of France
Mussolini Joins the Fray
Japan Extends Its Military Might
Chapter 3: The United States Enters the War
The Attack on Pearl Harbor
A Well-Planned Attack
Pearl Harbor Investigations
The American Response
Hawaii under Martial Law
The American Internment Camps
Part Two: The Major Battles
Chapter 4: Europe
The Battle of the Atlantic
The Battle of Britain
Germany¿s Soviet Campaign
The Italian Campaign
The Normandy Invasion
The Battle of the Bulge
The Soviet Offensive
Chapter 5: North Africa
Germany Enters the African War
Great Britain Reorganizes
The Northwest Africa Campaign
The North African Assault
Allied Forces Work Together
Chapter 6: The Pacific
The Battle of the Coral Sea
Wake Island
The Philippines
The Battle of Guadalcanal
The Battle of Iwo Jima
The Battle of Okinawa
Part Three: The Major Players
Chapter 7: The Political Leaders
Adolf Hitler
Benito Mussolini
Winston Churchill
Emperor Hirohito
Hideki Tojo
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Charles de Gaulle
Joseph Stalin
Harry S Truman 
Chapter 8: The Military Leaders
Isoroku Yamamoto
Erwin Rommel
Dwight Eisenhower
Bernard Montgomery
George Patton
Douglas MacArthur
Chester Nimitz
Masaharu Homma
Karl Dönitz
George Marshall
William Halsey
Chapter 9: Other Prominent Figures
Adolf Eichmann
Joseph Goebbels
Heinrich Himmler
Rudolf Hess
Eleanor Roosevelt
Chiang Kai-shek
Marshal Philippe Petain
Henry L. Stimson
Anne Frank
Oskar Schindler
Part Four: On the Battlefront
Chapter 10: Ground Weapons
Personal Guns
Antiaircraft Weapons
Land Mines
Other Land Weapons
Chapter 11: Air Weapons
Fighter Planes
Guided Missiles and Rockets
Chapter 12: Weapons and Vessels at Sea
Aircraft Carriers
Other Sea Weapons
Liberty Ships
Chapter 13: The Horrors of War
Battlefield Conditions
Suffer the Children
Prisoners of War
Battlefield Injuries and Medicine
Chapter 14: The Axis Giants Fall
Germany Surrenders
Japan Surrenders
Part Five: Nazism and the Holocaust
Chapter 15: German Anti-Semitism
The Need for a Scapegoat
Legislated Genocide
Jews in German-Occupied Lands
The Final Solution
Concentration Camps
Secrets and Propaganda
Chapter 16: The War Crimes Trials
The Nuremberg Trials
Nazi Loyalists
Trial Results
The Tokyo Trials
The Doctors¿ Trial
Part Six: America During the War Years
Chapter 17: Life at Home
Hard Times on the Home Soil
War Bonds
The Role of Propaganda
Chapter 18: The Roles of Women During the War
Women Called to Morale Duty
Women at Work
Women at War
Chapter 19: The War in the Media¿During and After
On the Big Screen
Chronicling the War
The Influence of Comic Art
Chapter 20: Rebuilding the World
The Yalta Conference
Brief Friends
The United Nations
The Postwar Pacific
Appendix A: Resources
Appendix B: The Holocaust in Numbers
Appendix C: World War II Timeline
Appendix D: Awards and Decorations

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World War, 1939-1945.