Table of contents for The overman in the marketplace : Nietzschean heroism in popular culture / Ishay Landa.

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 The Overman in the Marketplace
Nietzschean Heroism in Popular Culture
Introduction: The Hero as Social Metaphor	
Part I
1. Nietzsche, the Popular and the 'Grand Economy'	 
Nietzsche's Essence: Inessentiality?							Liberal Nietzsche; Nietzschean Liberalism				 	
Nietzsche's Essence and Popular Culture				 
2. How to Tame a Bulldog: the Social Mission of the Nietzschean Hero 
Nietzsche in the Maze of Modern Individualism				 
Nietzsche and the New Bourgeois Ethos					 
From Nietzsche to Ayn Rand 						 
Capitalism as Artist-God						 
Market Heroism 							 	 
Nietzsche Crosses the Atlantic						 
3. Popular Nietzscheanism: Aesthetics for Everyone and No One 	 	 
1. Capitalism and Popular Culture						 
Use Value as a Locus of Dissent						 
Bourdieu's Aesthetical Theory: 'Critical Populism'			 
Bourdieu's Anti-Kantian Aesthetic: the Taste of Necessity		 	 
2. The Politics of Pleasure: Nietzsche between Elitism and Populism		 
	The False Consciousness of the Bourgeoisie 				 
		The Taste of Necessity Refuted						 
	Nietzscheanism and Popular Ethics: Gut und Böse, Gut und Schlecht 
		An Aesthetic for Winners (and Losers)					 
Part II
4. Realism, Romanticism, Byronism: the Genealogy of the Nietzschean Hero 
	Narrative and the Classless Society					 
	Nietzscheanism and Realism: the Adventurer vs. the Anti-Hero		 
	Odysseus, the Hero, Replaced by Graeculus, the Slave		 
	From Byron to Nietzsche						 
	The 19th-Century Transition to 'Competitive Individualism'		 
	From Captain Nemo to Doctor No					 
	Conan Doyle's Defense of Cowardice					 
5. The Bourgeois Renaissance of Aristocratic Heroism			 
 1. Tarzan: the Blond Beast Meets the Noble Savage				 
	Animal-critique: a Double-Edged Weapon				 
 2. The Nietzschean Hero as a Natural Aristocrat				 
	James Bond: a Nietzschean for the Cold War				 
	The Common Man Fighting the Übermensch?				 
	King Rat: The Invisible Paw of the Market			 
 3. Tales of Ressentiment						 	 
6. 'The Joy of the Knife': Nietzschean Glorification of Crime			 
	From Stirner to Nietzsche					 	 
	The Individual as Criminal						 
	The Disembodied Criminal						 
Vautrin as a Byronic Criminal 						 
	Prison as Haven								 
	Thrill vs. Self-Preservation						 
	M: Distinction in Obsession						 
	Individualism and the Serial Killer					 
	Hannibal Lecter: The Nietzschean as Sadist				 
	Pulp Fiction: Ezekiel in the Service of the Übermensch			 
 A significant exception: American Psycho			 	 
 'Living means killing'							 
Epilogue: A Hero of Our Time

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Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm, 1844-1900.
Hero worship.
Popular culture.