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Part A Foundations of Nursing
Unit 1 The Nature of Nursing
1 The Origins of Nursing
2 Beginning Your Nursing Career
3 The Healthcare Delivery System
4 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Nursing
Unit 2 Personal and Environmental Health
5 Basic Human Needs
6 Health and Wellness
7 Community Health
8 Transcultural Healthcare
Unit 3 Development Throughout the Life Cycle
9 The Family
10 Infancy and Childhood
11 Adolescence
12 Early and Middle Adulthood
13 Older Adulthood and Aging
14 Death and Dying
Unit 4 Structure and Function
15 Organization of the Human Body
16 The Integumentary System
17 Fluid and Electrolyte Balance
18 The Musculoskeletal System
19 The Nervous System
20 The Endocrine System
21 The Sensory System
22 The Cardiovascular System
23 The Hematologic and Lymphatic Systems
24 The Immune System
25 The Respiratory System
26 The Digestive System
27 The Urinary System
28 The Male Reproductive System
29 The Female Reproductive System
Unit 5 Nutrition and Diet Therapy
30 Basic Nutrition
31 Transcultural and Social Aspects of Nutrition 
32 Diet Therapy and Special Diets
Part B Nursing Care Skills
Unit 6 The Nursing Process
33 Introduction to the Nursing Process
34 Nursing Assessment
35 Nursing Diagnosis and Planning
36 Implementing and Evaluating Care
37 Documenting and Reporting
Unit 7 Safety in the Healthcare Facility 
38 The Healthcare Facility Environment
39 Emergency Preparedness
40 Introduction to Microbiology 
41 Medical Asepsis
42 Infection Control
43 Emergency Care and First Aid
Unit 8 Client Care
44 Therapeutic Communication Skills
45 Admission, Transfer, and Discharge 
46 Vital Signs
47 Data Collection in Client Care
48 Body Mechanics and Positioning
49 Beds and Bed Making
50 Personal Hygiene and Skin Care 
51 Elimination
52 Specimen Collection
53 Bandages and Binders
54 Heat and Cold Applications
55 Client Comfort and Pain Management
56 Preoperative and Postoperative Care
57 Surgical Asepsis
58 Wound Care
59 End-of-Life Care
Unit 9 Pharmacology and Administration of Medications
60 Review of Mathematics
61 Introduction to Pharmacology
62 Classification of Medications
63 Administration of Medications
Part C Nursing Throughout the Life Cycle
Unit 10 Maternal and Newborn Nursing
64 Normal Pregnancy
65 Normal Labor, Delivery, and Postpartum Care
66 Care of the Normal Newborn
67 High-Risk Pregnancy and Childbirth
68 The High-Risk Newborn
69 Sexuality, Fertility, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Unit 11 Pediatric Nursing
70 Fundamentals of Pediatric Nursing
71 Care of the Infant, Toddler, or Preschooler
72 Care of the School-Age Child or Adolescent
73 The Child or Adolescent With Special Needs
Unit 12 Adult Care Nursing
74 Skin Disorders
75 Disorders in Fluid and Electrolyte Balance
76 Musculoskeletal Disorders
77 Nervous System Disorders
78 Endocrine Disorders
79 Sensory System Disorders
80 Cardiovascular Disorders
81 Blood and Lymph Disorders
82 Cancer
83 Allergic, Immune, and Autoimmune Disorders
84 HIV and AIDS
85 Respiratory Disorders
86 Oxygen Therapy and Respiratory Care
87 Digestive Disorders
88 Urinary Disorders
89 Male Reproductive Disorders
90 Female Reproductive Disorders
Unit 13 Gerontological Nursing
91 Gerontology: The Aging Adult
92 Dementias and Related Disorders
Unit 14 Mental Health Nursing
93 Psychiatric Nursing
94 Substance Abuse
Unit 15 Nursing in a Variety of Settings 
95 Extended Care
96 Rehabilitation Nursing
97 Ambulatory Nursing
98 Home Care Nursing
99 Hospice Nursing
Part D Your Career
Unit 16 The Transition to Practicing Nurse
100 From Students to Graduate Nurse
101 Career Opportunities and Job-Seeking Skills
102 Advancement and Leadership in Nursing
Appendix A: Key English-to-Spanish Healthcare Phrases
Appendix B: Key Abbreviations and Acronyms Used in Healthcare
Appendix C: Normal Values and Reference Tables
Appendix D: Medical Terminology
Appendix E: Examples of Documentation Forms and Formats
Answers to NCLEX-Style Review Questions

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