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PROLOGUE - Living a Long Life without Getting Sick 
Chapter 1 - Belief in "Common Sense" Could Be Dangerous 
Why I have not written a death certificate in the past 40 years 
 How to become a healthy 100 
year old 
 There are many misconceptions with recent dietary trends 
 Eating meat will not 
give you stamina 
 What stomach and intestinal traits/features teach you 
 The difference 
between American intestines and Japanese intestines 
 The stomach cancer rate in Japan is ten 
times that of Americans 
 The more antacids you take, the worse your stomach will be 
medicine is basically "poison" 
 You will not know the truth unless you ask your body 
key to one's health is the amount of "enzymes" 
 Everything is based on the amount of "miracle 
 Why don't anti-cancer drugs cure cancer? 
 Dietary "common sense" can be 
hazardous to your body 
 Drinking too much milk will cause osteoporosis 
 The one reason I 
question "the myth about yogurt" 
Chapter 2 - The Right Way to Eat in Order to Live a Long and Full Life 
You are what you eat 
 Why there is no relapse of cancer when you follow the Shinya Diet 
Health Regimen 
 Eat foods that have plenty of enzymes 
 Your body will become oxidized if 
you continue eating oxidized foods 
 There is no fat worse for your body than margarine 
Fried foods are not suitable for Japanese people 
 What is the best way to take in essential fatty 
 Milk sold in stores constitute "oxidized fat" 
Cow milk is primarily for calves 
 The meat of animals that have a higher body temperature 
than humans pollutes the blood 
 The key to eating "red meat fish" is eating it while it is fresh 
 An ideal meal consists of 85% vegetables 15% animals 
White rice is dead food 
 Why do humans have 32 teeth? 
 The reason "chewing well" and 
"moderation" are good for the health 
 Why do carnivores eat herbivores? 
You cannot stay healthy by eating awful tasting foods 
Chapter 3 - The Habit that Will Build a Healthy Body 
The majority of diseases are caused by habit rather than heredity 
 Habit rewrites genes 
worst lifestyle habits are "alcohol" and "tobacco" 
 The habit that can cure sleep apnea 
 Drink water one hour before meals 
 Water and miracle enzymes are good partners 
 The requirement for "good water" is strong water produced by deoxidation power 
 Drink a 
lot of "good water" to lose weight 
 Prevent overeating by taking enzymes 
groundbreaking method of improving bowel movements 
What is the lifestyle habit that will prevent the exhaustion of miracle enzymes? 
 Take five 
minute power naps diligently 
 "Too much" exercise does you no good and causes much harm 
 How Chaplin was able to have children at age 73 
 Great sex begins post-menopause 
Chapter 4- Listen Carefully to Your "Script of Life" 
It is life's plan to live a full life 
 Specialization of medicine will ruin doctors 
 Choose "to be 
healthy ten years from now" rather than "having a steak tonight" 
 Humans are able to live 
because of microorganisms 
 Providing an intestinal environment that is conducive for 
increasing good bacteria 
 The inseparable relationship between the human body and land 
There is no life energy in crops grown with agricultural chemicals 
 Love activates the immune 
 Everything is written in our "script of life" 
AFTERWORD - From Entropy to Syntropy 

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