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Historical Claims	
Puzzles and Cautions	
The Priority of Public Monitoring	
Variations among States	
Variations within States	
National Styles of Stealth Torture	
Torture and Democracy	
Does Torture Work?	
Who Cares?	
Part I 		Torture and Democracy	
Chapter 1. Modern Torture and Its Observers	
Defining Torture	
Monitoring Torture	
Chapter 2. Torture and Democracy	
The National Security Model	
The Juridical Model	
The Civic Discipline Model	
Hell Is in the Details	
Part II 		Remembering Stalinism and Nazism
Chapter 3	 Lights, Heat, and Sweat	
Sweating and Stealth in America	
British Psychological Techniques	
Interrogation Elsewhere in Europe	
Sweating and Stealth in Russia	
The Spread of the Russian Style	
Remembering Pavlov	
Chapter 4	 Whips and Water	
Labussiere's List	
Documenting Nazi Torture	
Torture in Germany	
Torture in Nazi-Occupied Europe	
Remembering the War	
Chapter 5	 Bathtubs	
Masuy's Bathtub	
Marty's Magneto	
The French Gestapo and Electric Torture	
The Decline of Sweating and Stealth	
The German Gestapo and Modern Torture	
Remembering Nuremberg	
The Search for Electric Torture	
Part III 	A History of Electric Stealth	
Chapter 6	Shock	
The AC/DC Controversy and the Electric Chair	
The Mystery of Electric Death	
Early Police Devices	
The Mystery of Shock	
Early Medical Devices	
Transmitting Shock	
Later Medical Devices	
Remembering the Animals	
Chapter 7	 Magnetos	
What Is a Magneto?	
Indochina, 1931	
Out of Indochina	
Korea, 1931	
Out of Korea	
The Lost History of the Magneto	
French and British Electrotorture after World War II	
The Colonial Police and Wuillaume's List	
The Triumph of the Gegene	
Algeria, 1960	
Remembering the Gestapo	
Chapter 8	 Currents	
South Vietnamese Torture	
Vietnam, 1968
Bell Telephone Hour	
Out of Vietnam Again	
Variation within the French Style	
Cattle Prods	
The Electric Cornucopia	
Remembering Vietnam	
Chapter 9	 Singing the World Electric	
When Electrotorture Was New	
Explaining Clean Electrotorture	
Crafting Electrotorture	
Surging Forward	
The Americas	
Middle East and North Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa	
Europe and Central Asia	
Explaining the Surge	
Remembering the Cold War	
Chapter 10	 Prods, Tasers, and Stun Guns	
Electric Utopia	
Electric-Free Protest	
Stun Technology	
Covering America	
Remembering Eutopia	
Chapter 11	 Stun City	
Magneto Torture in Chicago	
Stun and Torture	
Tasers and Torture	
Burning Issues	
Stun and Democracy	
But No One Died	
Civic Shock	
Welcome to Stun City	
Part IV 	Other Stealth Traditions
Chapter 12	Sticks and Bones	
Clean Whipping	
Beating Feet	
Remembering Slaves and Sailors	
Chapter 13	 Water, Sleep, and Spice	
Showers and Ice	
Salt and Spice	
Deprivation of Sleep	
Remembering the Inquisition
Chapter 14	 Stress and Duress	
Great and Lesser Stress Traditions	
British Stress Tortures	
French Stress Tortures	
American Stress Tortures	
Authoritarian Adaptations	
Remembering the Eighteenth Century	
Chapter 15	 Forced Standing and Other Positions
Old Users after the War	
Positional Tortures in the Communist World	
Positional Tortures in the Non-Communist World
The Universal Distributor Hypothesis Revisited	
Remembering the Hooded Men	
Chapter 16	 Fists and Exercises	
Clean Beating	
Adapting "the Necktie"	
Exhaustion Exercises	
Remembering the Grunts and the Cops	
Chapter 17	Old and New Restraints	
Bucking (the Parrot's Perch)	
The Crapaudine	
Standing Handcuffs	
Adapting Old Restraints	
The Shabeh	
Remembering the Allied POWs	
Chapter 18	Noise	
Low-Technology Noise	
High-Technology Noise	
The CIA and Sensory Deprivation Boxes	
Beyond the Laboratory	
Principles and Guinea pigs	
Remembering Evil	
Chapter 19	Drugs and Doctors	
Police and Drugs	
The CIA and Drugs	
The Decline of Pharmacological Torture	
Soviet Pharmacological Torture	
Communist Pyschoprisons	
Lines of Defense	
Remembering the Prison Doctors	
Part V	 Politics and Memory	
Chapter 20	 Supply and Demand for Clean Torture	
Historical Claims	
The Priority of Public Monitoring	
Variations among and within States	
National Styles of Stealth Torture	
The Strength of Low Technology	
The Power of Whispers	
Why Styles Change	
Disciplinary Interventions	
The Demand for Torture	
Chapter 21	 Does Torture Work?	
Can Torture Be Scientific?	
Can Torture Be Restrained?	
Does Technology Help?	
Can Torture Be Professionally Conducted?	
Works Better Than What?	
Is Anything Better Than Nothing?	
How Well Do Interrogators Spot the Truth?	
How Well Do Cooperative Prisoners Remember?	
How Good Is the Intelligence Overall?	
Even When Time Is Short?	
Remembering the Questions	
Chapter 22	 What the Apologists Say	
Remembering the Battle of Algiers	
Information in the Battle of Algiers	
French Interrogation Units	
Coerced Information in the Algerian War	
Saving Innocents, Losing Wars	
Gestapo Stories	
Stories from the Resistance	
CIA Stories	
The Interrogation of Al Qaeda	
Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo	
Testimonial Literature from Other Conflicts	
Remembering Abu Ghraib	
Chapter 23	 Why Governments Don't Learn	
How Knowledge Does Not Accumulate	
How Knowledge Is Not Analyzed	
How Torture Warrants Might Help	
Regulating Torture	
Variations in Regulative Failure	
Stealth and the Regulation of Torture
How Knowledge Does Not Matter	
Remembering the Soldiers	
Chapter 24	 The Great Age of Torture in Modern Memory	
The Great Rift	
The Architecture of Amnesia	
The Designs of Genius	
Demons in the City	
Algerian Souvenirs	
Caring for the Memories	
Appendix A 	A List of Clean Tortures	
Appendix B 	 Issues of Method	
Appendix C 	Organization and Explanations	
Appendix D 	A Note on Sources for American Torture during the Vietnam War	
Selected Bibliography		

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