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Table of Contents
1. On Ethics as First Philosophy
2. On Interpreting Aristotle: Epistêmê as First Philosophy?
2.1 Difficulties of Knowledge
2.2 Other Readers
2.3 Phenomenal Wisdom
2.4 Hodos
Prelude. Before Ethics: Metaphysics A and Posterior Analytics B.19
1. Metaphysics A: On "Metaphysics" and Desire
1.1 "Physiology" of Intellection
1.2 Experiencing and Knowing
1.3 Knowing Why
1.4 Practical Genealogy of Wisdom
2. Posterior Analytics: On Nous and Aisthêsis
2.1 Epagôgê, or: What Introduces Itself into Me
2.2 Thinking by Sensing
2.3 Singularity Making a Stand
2.4 The Truth of the Things Themselves
2.5 Lateness of Discursive Knowing
3. Architecture as First Philosophy
3.1 Terminology
3.1.1 The Discipline "Architectonic" and "Authoritative" in the Highest Degree
3.1.2 "Authoritativeness" of First Principles or Being
3.1.3 "Authoritativeness" of Choice or Desire
3.2 First Philosophy and the Life Chosen
3.3 Ethics as Fulfillment of First Philosophy
3.4 The Perfection of Imprecision
3.5 "Physical" Character of First Philosophy and "Metaphysical" Character of
Main Section. Êthikôn Nikomakheiôn Alpha-Eta
1. Human Initiative and its Orientation to the good
1.1 Theme and Performance of the Ethical Discourse: Implied Ethics
1.2 Ethics as Politics
1.3 On Ethics
1.3.1 Imprecision of Ethics
1.3.2 The Always Already of Life
1.3.3 Dialectical ground
1.3.4 Ethics as a Making
2. On Happiness
2.1 Happiness: The Beyond-Human Perfection of Human Beings
2.2 Belonging of Human Life to Happiness
2.3 Ways of Living
2.4 A More Complete Definition of Happiness
2.5 Happiness as "Being-at-Work" and "Action"
2.6 Addenda to the Question of Happiness
2.6.1 Inseparability of Ends and Means
2.6.2 The Place and Time of the Individual
2.6.3 Critique of the good of the Platonists
2.6.4 Further Questions (On Convention and Nature)
3. On the Soul
3.1 Living
3.2 Excellences
3.2.1 Acquisition
3.2.2 Virtue Before Virtue
3.2.3 Seeing the End
3.2.4 More Remarks on the Virtues
3.3 Excellences of Logos
3.3.1 The "Power" of Logos
3.3.2 Logos and Polis
3.4 Volition
3.4.1 Willing the Virtues
3.4.2 Ignorance and Evil
3.4.3 Qualified Willing
4. On Justice
4.1 The Manifold Meaning of Justice
4.1.1 Justice as Legality
4.1.2 Justice as Fairness
4.2 "What is Just Without Qualification"
4.2.1 Political Justice Between Law and Nature
4.2.2 The Aporia of Justice
4.3 The Place of Justice
5. The Virtues of the Intellect
5.1 The "Most Authoritative and Architectonic" of the "Sciences or Faculties"
5.2 The Abode of Logos
5.2.1 Desiring Principle
5.2.2 Divisions
5.3 The Aporetic Order of the "Intellectual Virtues"
5.3.1 Tekhnê
5.3.2 Epistêmê
5.3.3 Nous
5.3.4 Phronêsis
5.3.5 Sophia
5.4 Marginalia on Continence and Psychoanalysis
5.5 Concluding Remarks and Open Questions
Interlude. Metaphysics Gamma
1. Aporiai of the Science of "Being qua Being"
2. The Principle "By Nature"
2.1 Principle as Being
2.2 Principle as Thinking
2.3 The Ethics of First Principle(s)
2.3.1 Indemonstrability
2.3.2 Meaning
2.4 Principle as the Good
2.5 Teleology and Life
2.6 Anti-Cartesianism
3. Reiterations
4. Teleology, Indefinable and Indubitable
5. The Phenomenon of Truth and the Action of Thinking
Concluding Section. Êthikôn Nikomakheiôn Theta-Kappa
1. Friendship and Justice: Inceptive Remarks
1.1 Digression: Friendship and the Problem of Cosmopolitanism
2. Perfection of Friendship
2.1 Similarity and Reciprocity Beyond Measure
2.2 The First Friend
2.3 Finite Conditions of an Infinite Thrust
2.4 Loving
3. Again on Friendship and Justice
3.1 Beyond Perfection and Imperfection
3.2 Friendship with the Gods
3.3 Interdependence
4. On Happiness or the Good
4.1 Pleasure
4.2 Contemplation
4.3 Self-Transcendence
5. Again on Logos and Praxis
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