Table of contents for Voltaire's tormented soul : a psychobiographic inquiry / Alexander J. Nemeth.

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Part I: Innate Disposition and Mental Power
1. The Dionysian Extrovert
	Frantically Active from Cradle to Grave
	Speculator and Entrepreneur
	Inexhaustible Energy
2. Intellect and Emotions--Inseparably Intertwined
	Cognitive Faculties
	The Emotional Factor
	"Free-Floating Ideation"
3. Genesis of a Freethinker
	Early Environment
	School Years: Le College Louis-le-Grand
	Introduction to Adulthood at le Societe du Temple
	The English Interlude
Part II: Scars of Early Injuries
4. Chere Maman
	The Wife of the Notary
	The "Bastard" of Rochebrune
	"Always Ill"
	A Socially Licensed Outlet: The Stage
	The Art of Circumventing Subconscious Defenses
5. Inflated Self-Esteem
	Vanitatum vanitas
	"Marginal Man"
	Egocentric Impulse in Conflict with Ideology
6. Affair Incomplete: Impaired Masculine Self-Image
	First Puppy Love, Then Gallantry
	Discomfort with "Passionate" Love
	Preference for "Simple Friendship"
	Missing: Proper Role Models
Part III: Motivational Forces
7. A Conflict Never Resolved: Father and Son
	The Tug of War
	Guerrilla Skirmishes by the Pen
	The Supernatural Father
	The Archetypal Father
8. Le Petit Volontaire ("Master Willful>)--Young and Old
	Manipulator Par Excellence
	Choice of a Pseudonym
9. The Calas Case
	Miscarriage of Justice
	Voltaire in Action
Part IV: Relationships of Adulthood: Their Dynamics
10. 	"Divine Emilie"
	Idyll in the Life of a Restless Soul
	A Defaulted Friendship
11. The Poet and the King: Alike, Yet So Different
	A Paradise Shattered
	Doctor Akakia
	Core-Conflict Highlighted by the Maupertuis Affair
	An Enduring Bond
12. Curious Attachments
	Friend or Parasite?
	The Magic of Vicarious Need-fulfillment
	The Niece: Incest and Avarice
Part V: Moral Censor and the Core
13. Fluidity of Conscience
	Morality--An Inborn Property?
	Voltaire's Code of Ethics
	The Issue of Hypocrisy
14. A Truly "Happy" Man?
	The Optimism-Pessimism Dimension
	The Narcissistic Shield
	Unmet Affectional Needs
	When Defenses Falter
	"Sad Thoughts" and Resilience
15. A Clinical Overview: Life on the Outer Edge of Consciousness
	Vagaries of the Aggressive Impulse
	Regressive Features: Stunted Emotional Growth
	Paradoxical Voltaire: "Monsieur le Multiform"
	Rescue Operations--Real and Imaginary
Appendix A: The "Splendid Isolation" of the Humanities
Appendix B: Psychobiography Today
Appendix C: Behavioral Clues as Used in Depth Psychology

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Voltaire, 1694-1778.
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