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1.	Maize and Mississippians in the American Midwest: Twenty 
Years Later 000
	Della Collins Cook
2.	Health and Lifestyle in Georgia and Florida: Agricultural 
Origins and Intensification in Regional Perspective 000
	Clark Spencer Larsen, Dale L. Hutchinson, Christopher M. 
Stojanowski, Matthew A. Williamson, Mark C. Griffin, Scott W. 
Simpson, Christopher B. Ruff, Margaret J. Schoeninger, Lynette 
Norr, Mark F. Teaford, Elizabeth Monahan Driscoll, Christopher 
W. Schmidt, and Tiffiny A. Tung
3.	A Brief Continental View from Windover 000
	Glen H. Doran
4.	Outer Coast Foragers and Inner Coast Farmers in Late 
Prehistoric North Carolina 000
	Dale L. Hutchinson, Lynette Norr, and Mark F. Teaford
5.	Health and the Transition to Horticulture in the South-
Central United States 000
	Marie Elaine Danforth, Keith P. Jacobi, Gabriel D. Wrobel, 
and Sara Glassman
6.	From Early Village to Regional Center in Mesoamerica: An 
Investigation of Lifestyles and Health 000
	Lourdes M¿rquez Morf¿n and Rebecca Storey
7.	Skeletal Biology of the Central Peruvian Coast: 
Consequences of Changing Population Density and Progressive 
Dependence on Maize Agriculture 000
	Ekaterina A. Pechenkina, Joseph A. Vradenburg, Robert A. 
Benfer Jr., and Julie F. Farnum
8.	The Adoption of Agriculture among Northern Chile 
Populations in the Azapa Valley, 9000-1000 BP 000
	Marta P. Alfonso, Vivien G. Standen, and M. Victoria Castro
9.	Population Plasticity in Southern Scandinavia: From Oysters 
and Fish to Gruel and Meat 000
	Pia Bennike and Verner Alexandersen
10.	The Impact of Economic Intensification and Social 
Complexity on Human Health in Britain from 6000 BP (Neolithic) 
and the Introduction of Farming to the Mid-Nineteenth Century AD 
	Charlotte Roberts and Margaret Cox
11.	What Can Pathology Say about the Mesolithic and Late 
Neolithic/Chalcolithic Communities? The Portuguese Case 000
	Eug¿nia Cunha, Cl¿udia Umbelino, Ana Maria Silva, and 
Francisca Cardoso
12.	Ecology, Politics, and Health in Bahrain 000
	Judith Littleton
13.	Skeletal and Dental Health and Subsistence Change in the 
United Arab Emirates 000
	Soren Blau
14.	Ancestors and Inheritors: A Bioanthropological Perspective 
on the Transition to Agropastoralism in the Southern Levant 
	Patricia Smith and Liora Kolska Horwitz
15.	The Health of Foragers: People of the Later Stone Age, 
Southern Africa 000
	Susan Pfeiffer
16.	Climate, Subsistence, and Health in Prehistoric India: The 
Biological Impact of a Short-Term Subsistence Shift 000
	John R. Lukacs
17.	Iron-Deficiency Anemia in Early Mongolian Nomads 000
	Naran Bazarsad
18.	Diet and Health in the Neolithic of the Wei and Middle 
Yellow River Basins, Northern China 000
	Ekaterina A. Pechenkina, Robert A. Benfer Jr., and Ma 
19.	Prehistoric Dietary Transitions in Tropical Southeast Asia: 
Stable Isotope and Dental Caries Evidence from Two Sites in 
Malaysia 000
	John Krigbaum
20.	Population Health from the Bronze to the Iron Age in the 
Mun River Valley, Northeastern Thailand 000
	Kate Domett and Nancy Tayles
21.	Biological Consequences of Sedentism: Agricultural 
Intensification in Northeastern Thailand 000
	Michele Toomay Douglas and Michael Pietrusewsky
22.	Editors' Summation 000
	Mark Nathan Cohen and Gillian Crane-Kramer
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Human remains (Archaeology).
Human skeleton -- Analysis.
Agriculture -- Origins.
Prehistoric peoples -- Health and hygiene.