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Part I.	History, Socioeconomic Impact, and Epidemiology of Sexually Transmitted 
1.	Historical Perspectives on Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Challenges for 
Prevention & Control - Laura McGough, PhD 
2.	An Economic Perspective on Sexually Transmitted Infections Including 
HIV in Developing Countries - Stefano Bertozzi, Marjorie Opuni 
3.	The Transmission Dynamics of Sexually Transmitted Infections - Geoff P. 
4.	The Global Epidemiology of HIV and AIDS - Karen Steinecke, Hein 
5.	Social and Behavioral Determinants of the Epidemiology of STIs: 
Industrialized and Developing Countries. - Sevgi O. Aral, King K. 
Part II 	Social and Psychological Demensions of Sexuality
6.	Social Dimensions of Adolescent Sexuality - Kate Stovel, Hannah 
Brueckner, Megan Moreno
7.	Sexual Networks, Concurrency, and STD/HIV - Martina Morris, Steven 
Goodreau, James Moody 
8.	Sexual Partnership Effects on STIs/HIV Transmission - Pamina M. 
Gorbach, King K. Holmes 
9.	Psychological Perspectives On Sexuality and Sexually Transmissible 
Diseases And HIV Infection - Michael W. Ross 
Part III.	Profiles of Vulnerable Populations - [JW]
10.	Gender and Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Ann Buve, Catherine 
Gourbin, Marie Laga
11.	Adolescents and STD/HIV Infection - Stuart M. Berman (Jonathon 
Ellen, Donald Orr, Susan Rosenthal, Judith N. Wasserheit) 
12.	Sex Workers and Their Clients in the Epidemiology and Control of STD 
and HIV Infection - Jamie Blanchard, Stephen Moses 
13.	Homosexual and Bisexual Behavior in Men in Relation to STD and HIV 
Infection- Ken Mayer, Carballo-Diguez 
14. 	Lesbian Sexual Behavior and STD/HIV - Jeanne Marrazzo 
15.	Drug Users and STD/HIV - Don DesJarlais (Rouel Coutinho, Casia 
16.	STDs, HIV/AIDS and Migrant Populations - Chris Beyrer, Stefan Baral, 
Jonathan Zenilman 
Part IV.	Host Immunity and Molecular Pathogenesis and STD 
17.	Genitourinary Mucosal Defenses - Deborah Anderson, Myron S. Cohen 
18.	Normal Genital Flora - Sharon L. Hillier 
19.	Molecular Pathogenesis of STD - Stan Lemon, Fred Sparling
Part V.	Sexually Transmitted Viral Pathogens 
20.	The Biology of HIV, SIV, and Other Lentiviruses - Patrick Harrington, 
Ronald Swanstrom
21.	Immunology and Pathogenesis of Human Immunodeficiency Virus 
Infection - Susan Moir, Tae Wook Chun, Anthony S. Fauci 
22.	Human T-cell lymphotropic viruses - William A. Blattner, Manhattan 
23.	Biology of Herpesviruses - Peter Pertel, Patrica G. Spear 
24.	Genital Herpes - Lawrence Corey, Anna Wald 
25.	Cytomegalovirus - Adam Geballe, Morgan Hakki 
26.	Ebstein-Barr Virus Infection- John W. Sixbey 
27.	Biology of Genital Human Papillomaviruses - Erin M. Egelkrout, Denise 
A. Galloway 
28.	Genital Human Papillomavirus Infection - Laura A. Koutsky 
29.	Viral Hepatitis - Stan M. Lemon 
30.	Molluscum Contagiosum - John M Douglas, Jr. 
PartVI.	Sexually Transmitted Bacterial Pathogens
31.	Biology of Chlamydia trachomatis - Julius Schachter and Richard S. 
32.	Chlamydia trachomatis Infection in the Adult - Walter E. Stamm 
33.	Lymphogranuloma Venereum - Walter E. Stamm 
34.	Biology of Neisseria gonorrhoeae - P. Frederick Sparling 
35.	Gonococcal Infection in the Adult - Edward W. Hook III and H. Hunter 
36.	Biology of the Treponemes - Sheila Lukehart
37.	Clinical Manifestations of Syphilis -P. Fredrick Sparling, Daniel M. 
Musher, Morton N. Swartz, Bernadine P. Healy 
38.	Endemic Treponematoses - Andre Meheus, Francis Ndowa
39.	Chancroid and Hemophilus ducreyi - Stanley M. Spinola 
40.	Donovanosis - Nigel O'Farrell
41.	Genital Mycoplasma - Pat Totten, Jorgen Jensen, David Taylor-
42.	Bacterial Vaginosis - Sharon Hillier, King K. Holmes
Part VII.	Sexually Transmitted Protozoa, Fungi, and Ectoparasites 
43.	Trichomonas vaginalis and Trichomoniasis - Marcia Hobbs, Heidi 
Swygard, Arlene Sena, Jane Schwebke 
44.	Intestinal protozoa: Giardia lamblia, Entamoeba histolytica, 
Cryptosporidium, and new and emerging protozoal infections - Cirle 
Alcantara Warren, Richard L. Guerrant 
45.	Vulvovaginal Candidiasis - Jack D. Sobel 
46.	Pubic Lice and Scabies - Ann Rompalo, Peter Leone 
Part VIII.	Overview of STD Care Management
47.	STI Care Management - Caroline A. Ryan, Mary Kamb, King K. 
48.	Individual-Level Risk Assessment for Sexually Transmitted Infections, 
Including HIV - Ann E. Kurth, Freya Spielberg
49.	Anatomy and Physical Examination of the Female Genital Tract - Daniel 
O. Graney, Claire C. Yang, M.D 
50.	Clinical Anatomy, Histology, and Physical Examination of the Male 
Genital Tract - John N. Krieger, Daniel O. Graney
51.	Principles of Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases - H. Hunter 
52.	Principles of Laboratory Diagnosis of STIs - Jane Kuypers, Ph.D., 
Charlotte A. Gaydos, M.S., M.P.H, Dr.P.H., Rosanna W. Peeling, 
53.	Individual, Couple, and Small-Group Interventions to Reduce HIV and 
STI Acquisition - Tom Coates 
54.	Partner Notification for Sexually Transmitted Diseases Including HIV 
infection: An Evidence-Based Assessment - Matthew R. Golden MD, 
MPH, Elisabeth Faxelid, RNM, Nicola Low, MRCP MFPH 
Part IX.	Management of STD Syndromes in Women
55.	Lower Genital Tract Infection Syndromes in Women - King K. Holmes, 
Walter E. Stamm, and Jack Sobel
56.	Pelvic Inflammatory Disease - Jorma Paavonen, David Eschenbach 
57.	Cervical Neoplasia and Other STD-related Genital Neoplasias - Akhila 
Balasubramanian, Laura A. Koutsky, Joel Palevsky
58.	Screening for Cervical Cancer - Nancy Kiviat, Stephen Hawes
Part X.	Management of STD Syndromes in Men 
59.	Urethritis in Males - David H. Martin
60.	Epididymitis - William Geisler, John N. Krieger 
61.		Prostatitis Syndromes: Causes, Differential Diagnosis and Clinical 
Management - John N. Krieger
Part XI.	Management of Dermatologic and Extragenital Manifestations of 
STD and HIV Infection
62.	Generalized Cutaneous Manifestations of STD and HIV Infection: Typical 
Presentations, Differential Diagnosis, and Management -Roy Colven 
63.	Genital Ulcer Adenopathy Syndrome - Ronald C. Ballard 
64.	Genital Dermatoses - Rochelle Torgerson, Libby Edwards
65.	Ocular Infections Associated With Sexually Transmitted Diseases and 
HIV/AIDS - William Lynn, Susan Lightman 
66.	Treatment of Chronic Viral Hepatitis - Mark W. Russo, Ian Grimm 
67.	Arthritis Associated with Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Peter A. Rice, 
H. Hunter Handsfield 
68.	Intestinal Syndromes with STD and HIV Infection - Janice R. Verley, 
Thomas C. Quinn 
Part XII.	Clinical Management of HIV Infection
69.	Counseling and Testing for HIV Infection - Freya Spielberg, Ann Kurth 
70.	Laboratory Diagnosis and Monitoring of HIV Infection - Robert W. 
71.	Psychosocial Aspects of HIV Infection - Carol E. Golin, Anna Scheyett, 
Andrew H. Kaplan
72.	 	HIV Transmission Prevention in the Context of Care - Samuel Dooley, 
Mark Thrun 
73.	Antiviral Therapy of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection - Joseph 
J. Eron, Jr., Martin S. Hirsch 
74.	Preventing Opportunistic Infections Among HIV-Infected Persons - 
Jonathan E. Kaplan, Henry Masur
75.	Clinical Management of HIV Infection: Management of Opportunistic 
Infections - Catherine F. Decker, Henry Masur
76.	AIDS-Related Malignancies - Patricia A. Cornett, Paul Volberding 
77.	Management of Neurological Disease in HIV-1 Infection - Kevin R. 
Robertson, Colin D. Hall 
Part XIII.	STI/HIV in Reproductive Health and Pediatrics 
78.	Contraception, contraceptive technology, and STDs - Charles S. 
Morrison, Willard Cates, Jr. 
79.	Sexually Transmitted Infections and Infertility - Harold Weissenfeld, 
Willard Cates, Jr. 
80.	Pregnancy and Bacterial STI and HIV Infection- Jane Hitti, D. Heather 
81.	Pregnancy and Viral Sexually Transmitted Infections - D. Heather 
Watts, MD 
82.	Congenital Syphilis - Pablo J. Sanchez and Marlene Temerman
83.	Gonococcal and Chlamydial Infections in Infants and Children - Stephan 
Kohlhoff, Margaret R. Hammerschlag 
84.	Herpesvirus Infections in Neonates and Children: Cytomegalovirus and 
Herpes Simplex Virus - Russell Bradford, Richard J. Whitley, Sergio 
 85.	Pregnancy and Perinatal Transmission of HIV Infection - Lynne M. 
Mofenson, M.D. 
86.	Pediatric HIV infection: Epidemiology, Treatment and 
Complications in the United States and Internationally - Mary 
Glenn Fowler MD, MPH, Ed Handelsman MD, and Mark F. Cotton 
M.B., Ch.B, M.Med, FCPaed(SA), DCH(SA), DTM&H, PhD 
87.	Child Sexual Abuse and STD and HIV Infection - 
Amanda J. Thomas MB BS, DCH, MMedSci, MA, FRCPCH 
88.	The Role of Primary Care Clinicians in STD, HIV, and Hepatitis 
Pevention and Care - Gale Burstein, MD, MPH, FAAP, Zsakeba 
Henderson, MD, Nidhi Jain, MD, MPH, Kathleen Irwin, MD, MPH 
Part XIV.	Prevention and Control of STI and HIV Infection
89.	Multilevel and Structural Approaches to STD/HIV Prevention - Sevgi O. 
Aral, Lisa Manhart, King K. Holmes 
90.	STI/HIV Prevention Efforts/Programs in Industrialized Countries - John 
Douglas, Fenton Jaffe 
91.	Integration of HIV and STD Services - Matthew R. Golden, Allan 
92.	STD-Related Health Care-Seeking and Health Service Delivery - Sevgi O. 
Aral, Matthew Golden 
93.	Condoms and Other Barrier Methods for Prevention of STD/HIV 
Infection, and Pregnancy - Markus Steiner, Lee Warner, Katherine M. 
Stone, Willard Cates Jr.
94	Topical Microbicides and Other Chemical Barriers for Prevention of 
STD/HIV Infection, and Pregnancy - Zeda Rosenberg, Sharon Hiller, 
Ward Cates 
95.	Behavioral Interventions for Prevention of STD and HIV Infection at the 
Community Level- Jeffrey A. Kelly, Kathleen J. Sikkema, David R. 
96.	Marketing, Communication, and Advocacy for Large-Scale STD/HIV 
Prevention and Control - William A. Smith, Robert Hornik 
97.	Innovations in Public Health Surveillance for HIV/AIDS and Other STDs: 
Guideposts for Prevention and Care - Patrick Sullivan, Bill Levine, 
Matthew McKenna, Hillard Weinstock 
98.	Monitoring and Evaluation of Prevention and ControlPrograms for 
HIV/AIDS and STD- Ties Boerma, Michel Carael, Bernhad 
99.	STD Vaccines - Michael Rekart, Robert Brunham 
100.	HIV Vaccines -Ann Duerr, Judith N. Wasserheit, Larry Corey 
Part XV.	Special Aspects of STI/HIV Prevention and Control in Developing 
101.	Prevention and Control of STD and HIV Infection in Developing 
Countries - Gina Dallabetta, Teodora Wi 
102.	Approach to the Management of HIV/AIDS in Developing Countries - 
Mauro Schechter, Robin Wood 
103.	Approach to Management of STDs in Developing Countries - Marie 
Laga, Bea Vuylsteke 
104.	The Laboratory in Management of STD, HIV Infection, and Opportunistic 
Infections in Developing Countries - Rosanna Peeling 
Part XVI.	Special Medical, Legal, and Social Issues 
105.	Sexual Assault and STD - Carole Jenny, Amy P. Goldberg 
106.	Legal and Political Aspects of STI Prevention in the United States: Public 
Duties and Private Rights - Edward P. Richards, Donald C. Bross 
107. 	Ethical Challenges of the Global AIDS Epidemic - Ronald Bayer 
Epilogue - Future Directions - Editors 
Appendix	A.	Clinically Significant Drug Interactions With Medications for STD 
and HIV - Alice K. Pau 
Appendix	B.	Internet Resources: Guidelines and Curricula - Ronald Nelson 
Appendix	C.	2006 Sexually Transmitted Diseases Treatment Guidelines - Kim 

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