Table of contents for Modern paints uncovered : proceedings from the modern paints uncovered symposium / organized by the Getty Conservation Institute, Tate, and the National Gallery of Art, Tate Modern, London, May 16-19, 2006 ; edited by Thomas J. S. Learner ...[et al.].

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Earl A. Powell III, Nicholas Serota, and Timothy P. Whalen
PART ONE: Keynote Presentations
Modern Paints: Uncovering the Choices
Thomas J. S. Learner
Overview of Developments in the Paint Industry since 1930 
Stuart Croll
Modern Paints, Conservation of
James Coddington
PART TWO: Paint Formulations and History
Eternity Is in Love with the Productions of Time: Joaquim Rodrigo's Classical Palette in a Vinyl Synthetic Medium 
Joana Lia Ferreira, Maria João Melo, Ana Maria Ramos, and Maria Jesús Ávila
The Performance and Properties of Artisan Water-Mixable Oil Colour Compared with Other Oil-Based Paints by Winsor & Newton 
Alun Foster
From Formulation to Finished Product: Causes and Potential Cures for Conservation Concerns in Acrylic Emulsion Paints 
James Hayes, Mark Golden, and Gregory D. Smith
Adapting Military Camouflage Paint for Matte Outdoor Sculpture
Abigail Mack, Shelley Sturman, and John A. Escarsega
Cover the Earth: A History of the Manufacture of Household Gloss Paints in Britain and the United States from the 1920s to the 1950s 
Harriet Standeven
PART THREE: Analysis and Characterization
Mass Spectrometry of Modern Paints 
Jaap J. Boon, Frank G. Hoogland and Jerre van de Horst
The Macro- and Microassessment of Physical and Aging Properties in Modern Paints 
Oscar Chiantore and Dominique Scalarone
The Identification of Synthetic Organic Pigments by FTIR and DTMS
Suzanne Quillen Lomax, Michael R. Schilling, and Thomas J. S. Learner
Modern White Pigments: Their Identification by Means of Noninvasive Ultraviolet, Visible, and Infrared Fiber Optic Reflectance Spectroscopy
Marcello Picollo, Mauro Bacci, Donata Magrini, Bruno Radicati, Giorgio Trumpy, Masahiko Tsukada, and Diane Kunzelman
Studies of Modern Oil-Based Artists' Paint Media by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry
Michael R. Schilling, Joy Mazurek, and Thomas J. S. Learner
PART FOUR: Treatments
Unforgiving Surfaces: Treatment of Cracks in Contemporary Paintings
Mary H. Gridley and Dana Cranmer
Restoring the Immaterial: Study and Treatment of Yves Klein's Blue Monochrome (IKB 42)
Christa Haiml
The Re-restoration of Donald Judd's Untitled, 1965
Narayan Khandekar, Eleonora Nagy, Julian Miller, Pia Gottschaller, and Carol Mancusi-Ungaro
A History of the Treatment of Acrylic Paintings 
Patricia Smithen
PART FIVE: Cleaning Issues
An Investigation of Water-Sensitive Oil Paints in Twentieth-Century Paintings 
Aviva Burnstock, Klaas Jan van den Berg, Suzan de Groot, and Louise Wijnberg
Wet-Cleaning Acrylic Emulsion Paint Films: An Evaluation of Physical, Chemical, and Optical Changes 
Bronwyn A. Ormsby, Thomas J. S. Learner, Gary Foster, James R. Druzik, and Michael R. Schilling
Morphological Changes and Rates of Leaching of Water-Soluble Material from Artists' Acrylic Paint Films during Aqueous Immersions 
Rebecca Ploeger, Alison Murray, Simon Hesp and Dominique Scalarone
Laser Cleaning of a Study Painting by Ad Reinhardt and the Analysis/Assessment of the Surface After Treatment 
Carol Stringari, Christopher W. McGlinchey, Kristalia Melessanaki, Sjoerd Postma, and Corey D'Augustine
Penetration of Liquid Water through Waterborne Acrylic Coatings 
Paul M. Whitmore, Hannah R. Morris, and Val G. Colaluca
PART SIX: Behavior and Properties
Factors Affecting the Mechanical Properties of Modern Paints 
Eric Hagan, Maria Charalambides, Thomas J. S. Learner, Alison Murray and Christina Young
Aging Characteristics of a Contemporary Acrylic Emulsion Used in Artists' Paints 
Gregory D. Smith
Interfacial Interactions of Modern Paint Layers 
Christina Young
Solvent Action on Dispersion Paint Systems and the Influence on the Morphology-Changes and Destruction of the Latex Microstructure 
Stefan Zumbühl, Francesca Attanasio, Nadim Scherrer, Wolfgang Müller, Nicolai Fenners, and Walter Caseri
The Effects of Ultraviolet Light Aging on the Mechanical and Physical Properties of Artists' Acrylic Paints
Judith Bannerman
Art in Bad Times 
Eva Brachert
Cleaning The Cafe Balzac Mural 
Anne Carter
The Identification of Some of the Painting Materials at Museo d'Arte Contemporanea all'Aperto di Maglione
Oscar Chiantore, Rebecca Ploeger, and Antonio Rava
The Complexities of Woman in a Courtyard by Julian Trevelyan (1910-1988) 
Maureen Cross
Study of the Influence of Synthetic Organic Pigments on the Thermal and Photodegradation of Linseed Oil by FTIR/ATR Spectroscopy
Julio M. del Hoyo-Meléndez and María Teresa Doménech-Carbó
What Makes the Color Field? A Technical Examination of Magna Paint 
Glenn Gates, Tatiana Ausema, and Susan Lake
Modern Standards for Modern Paints: The Activities of ASTM D01.57 
Mark Gottsegen and Ross Merrill
Analyzing Visual Change in a Painting by Josef Albers 
James Hamm, Gregory D. Smith, and Aniko Bezúr
A Painter's Paradise 
Sarah Hillary and Thomas J. S. Learner
Liquefying Oil Paint in some Late-Twentieth-Century Paintings 
Frank G. Hoogland, Jerre van der Horst, and Jaap J. Boon
Dictated by Media: Conservation and Technical Analysis of a 1938 Joan Miró Canvas Painting 
Ashley M. Johnson, Elma O'Donoghue, and Marc S. Walton
Paints and Coatings Used in Outdoor Murals 
Jessica Keister, Joyce Hill Stoner, and Joseph Weber
Squeeze Up Close 
Kathrin Kinseher
A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem: The Consolidation of Joan Miró's Portrait of a Young Girl 
Christina Milton O'Connell
Conservation Treatment of Ultramarine Oil Paint on Michael Craig-Martin's Full Life
Julia Nagle and Miguel d'Almeida
Eugène Leroy's Painting: A Moving Matter
Grazia Nicosia
Tate AXA Modern Paints Project: Evaluating the Effects of Cleaning Acrylic Paintings 
Bronwyn Ormsby, Thomas J. S. Learner, Patricia Smithen, and Thomas Wessel
Alterations in Unvarnished Contemporary Paint in Spain: A Visual Approach
Maria Teresa Pastor Valls and Maria del Carmen Pérez García
Julião Sarmento, a Portuguese Artist at Work: Study of Just a Skin Affair (1988) 
Ana Isabel Pereira, Stephan Schäfer, and Maria João Melo
Fluor-S-Art, Northern Lites, Day-Glo: Daylight Fluorescent Pigments: Their Development, Use, and Performance 
Sarah Eleni Pinchi and Jia-sun Tsang
RPM!-Rescue Public Murals
William Shank and Timothy Drescher
The Art Materials Collection and Study Center 
Michael Skalka
Materials, Techniques, and Artist's Intention in the Geometric Works of José María Yturralde
Ioseba I. Soraluze Herrera and Rosario Llamas Pacheco
Problems with the Cleaning of Textured Modern Paintings 
Iwona Szmelter, Andrzej Koss, Jan Marczak, and Marek Strzelec
Symposium Participants
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