Table of contents for Mastering online research : a comprehensive guide to effective and efficient search strategies / by Maura Shaw.

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Chapter One: The Internet Defined
	What Can You Find Out There?
Where to Start?
Terms to Know
	Working on the Web
The Secrets of URLs
Structure of a URL
Understanding URLs and Domain Names
Domain Levels
URL Suffixes
Dynamically Generated URLs
Keeping Track of Valuable Resources
Browser Bookmarks
Toolbar Bookmarks
Installing Toolbars
Social Bookmarks
More Tips for Online Researchers
Chapter Two: Conducting Basic Searches
	Introduction to Search Engines
	How to Use Queries to Get Results
		The Basics on Basic Word Searches
		Single Keyword Searches
		Tips on Using Keywords in Basic Searches
		More Notes on Basic Searches
	Moving Beyond Basic Queries
		Phrase Searches
		Common or "Stop" Words
		Using Boolean Operators
		Proximity Searches
		Other Special Operators
Chapter Three: Conducting Advanced Searches
	Advanced Search Features
		Find Results
		File Format
		Numeric Range
		Usage Rights
		Page-Specific Search
		Topic-Specific Searches
	Advanced Searches Using Other Search Engines
	How to Use the Metasearch Engines
Chapter Four: Evaluating Websites
	Domain Names
	The Website Home Page
		Website Sponsors
		Timeliness of the Information
		Gauging Objectivity
		Verifying the Reliability of Sources
	Websites That Require Registration
		Logging In to a Site
		Secure and Nonsecure Sites
Chapter Five: The World of Hyperlinks
	Subject Directories
Commercial Subject Directories
Hyperlink Identification Shortcut
Academic Subject Directories
Chapter Six: Digging In: The Best Websites to Begin Your Research
	A Note about Libraries
	Suggested Online Resources
		Searchable Databases
		Libraries and Archives
		Reference Sources
		Government Websites
		Health and Medicine
		News Sources
		Religion and Spirituality
	Researching Primary Sources
		Historical Maps
Chapter Seven: Searching for People and Places
	Searching for People 
		Specialty Searches
		Paid-Search Websites
	Searching Public Records
	Finding Experts
	Searching Blogs
	Researching Places
		Maps as Research
		Travel Sites
		Virtual Tours
		Other Sources
Chapter Eight: Accessing Special Search Areas
	Researching Current Events	
News Resources
		Online News
	RSS Feeds
		Feed Readers
Subscribing to Individual RSS Feeds
Subject Directory Feeds
News Aggregator RSS Feeds
Online Newsletters and Ezines
	Online Groups
	The Future of Current Events
	Accessing Academic Scholarship
	Accessing the Deep Web
		What Makes Up the Deep Web
		How to Use the Deep Web
Chapter Nine: Searching for Images, Audio Files, and Video Files
	Introduction to Online Images
Image Clarity: PPI and BBP
File Size: Kb and MB
	Searching for Images
		How to Interpret Image Search Results
		Saving Online Images
		Copyrights and Fees
	Where to Look
		Search Engines That Handle Images
		Google and Yahoo! Advanced Image Search
		Commercial Websites for Online Image Searches
		Low- or No-Cost Online Image Searches
	Resources in the Online Audio and Video World
		Searching Online Archives and Collections
		Using Search Engines to Find Audio and Video Files
Chapter Ten: Research Skills for Writers
	How to Do Market Research
		Market Research for a Book Proposal
Market Research for Magazine Articles
	Publications for Writers and Publishers
	Organization and Association Resources
	Helpful Websites for Writers and Freelancers
Background Research Tips for Writers
	Bringing People to Life
Historical Background
Chapter Eleven: Permissions and Copyright Issues
	The Doctrine of "Fair Use"
		How Fair Use Helps You
		Publishers' Generally Accepted Guidelines Regarding Fair Use
	Introduction to U.S. Copyright Law
		How Copyright Law Works
		Examples of Online Material and Copyright Status
	Permissions and How to Obtain Them
		How to Conduct an Informal Search for Copyright Status
		Locating the Copyright Owner and Requesting Permission
		Information You Need to Provide
		Specific Concerns
	Permissions for Images
How to Cite Online Sources
Chapter Twelve: Concluding Your Research 
	How Do You Know When You Have Enough Research?
	How Long Should Research Take?
		Research Phases
		Tips for Tight Deadlines
	Ever Onward

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