Table of contents for Gesture and the dynamic dimension of language : essays in honor of David McNeill / edited by Susan D. Duncan, Justine Cassell, Elena Levy.

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I. Introduction 
1 Introduction: The Dynamic Dimension of Language 
Elena Levy, Susan Duncan, and Justine Cassell 
2 On the Origins of Modern Gesture Studies 
Adam Kendon 
II. Language and Cognition 
3 Gesture with Speech and Without it 
Susan Goldin-Meadow 
4 From Gestures to Signs in the Acquisition of Sign Language 
Nini Hoiting & Dan Slobin 
5 How does Spoken Language Shape Iconic Gestures?
Kita Sotaro & Asli Özyürek 
6 Forgetful or Strategic? The Mystery of the Systematic Avoidance of 
Reference in the Cartoon Story Narrative 
Nobuhiro Furuyama and Kazuki Sekine 
7 Metagesture: An Analysis of Theoretical Discourse about Multimodal 
Fey Parrill 
8 Potential Cognitive Universals: Evidence from Head Movements in 
Evelyn McClave 
9 Blending in Deception: Tracing Output Back to its Source 
Amy Franklin 
10 A Dynamic View of Metaphor, Gesture and Thought 
Cornelia Müller 
11 Second Language Acquisition from a McNeillian Perspective 
Gale Stam 
III. Environmental Context and Sociality 
12 Face-to-face Dialogue as a Micro-social Context: The Example of Motor 
Janet Bavelas 
13 Master Speakers, Master Gesturers: A String Quarter Master Class 
John Haviland 
14 Constructing Spatial Conceptualizations from Limited Input: Evidence 
from Norwegian Sign Language 
Scott Liddell & Marit Vogt-Svendsen 
15 Environmentally Coupled Gestures 
Charles Goodwin 
16 Indexing Locations in Gesture: Recalled Stimulus Image and 
Interspeaker Coordination as Factors Influencing Gesture Form 
Irene Kimbara 
17 The Role of Iconic Gesture in Semantic Communication and its 
Theoretical and Practical Implications 
Geoff Beattie & Heather Shovelton 
18 Intersubjectivity in Gestures: The Speaker¿s Perspective toward the 
Mika Ishino 
19 An Integrated Approach to the Study of Convention, Conflict, and 
Compliance in Interaction 
Starkey Duncan 
IV. Atypical Minds and Bodies 
20 Discourse Focus, Gesture, and Disfluent Aphasia 
Susan Duncan & Laura Pedelty 
21 The Construction of a Temporally Coherent Narrative by an Autistic 
Adolescent: Co-contributions of Speech, Enactment and Gesture 
Elena Levy 
22 The Body in Communication: Lessons from the Near-Human 
Justine Cassell 

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