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Series Foreword
Introduction: Take Off Your Mask; It¿s OK to like Fantasy
Chapter One: Story
Down the Rabbit Hole: the Way from Here to Fantasyland
Never Mind the Acne, I¿m Here to Save the World: Coming-of-Age Stories
Magic 101: Memorable Systems of Magic
Dizzy Spells: When Magic Goes Awry
Domestic Disputes: Fantasy¿s Fickle Family Values
End-Djinn Trouble: When Magic Meets Technology
Fabulous: the Best Fantasy Derived from Familiar Fables
Holy Grail, Batman! Amazing Quests for Magical Objects
There and Back Again: Fantasy Where the Journey is the Story
Games of Thrones: Fantasy¿s Most Devious Royal Intrigues
Wander Lust: The Great Love Affairs and Romantic Pursuits of Fantasy
Why Does This Baby Have a Tattoo? Prophecy and Fate in Fantasy
¿You Killed My Father, Prepare to Die!¿ The Fantasy of Revenge
It¿s Not Nice to Fool with Mother Nature: Ecological Fantasy
Poor, Poor Powerful Me: Accepting One¿s Power and Otherness
Barbarians at the Gate: Invasion Fantasy
Armageddon Out of Here: Fantasy¿s Furious Final Battles
Sailing Into the West: Dying Lands and Races
Once Upon a Time: Fantasy¿s Love Affair with Books and Storytelling
Dangerous Minds: Marvelous Mental Powers
Speak Softly and Carry a Big Sword: Fantasy¿s Memorable Weapons
Riddle Me This: Fantasy¿s Fascination with Brainteasers
To Hell and Back: Necromancy and the Afterworld in Fantasy
Lyres and Lutes and Fiddles and Flutes: Music in Fantasy
Curses (Foiled Again): the Making and Breaking of Fantasy¿s Worst Curses
At an All You Can Eat Buffet, Don¿t Eat All that You Can: Great Books in So-So Series
Down the Generations: Epic Family Sagas of Fantasy
Chapter Two: Character
The Fellowship is the Thing: Companions on a Quest
Bosom Buddies, Odd Couples, and Dynamic Duos
Chivalry in Flower: Fantasy¿s Most Noble Knights
Developing Damsels, Not Distressed: Feisty Princesses and Tomboy Treasures
Damsels Who Deal Distress: Women Warriors
Conans for Librarians: Fantasy¿s Strongest Barbarian Warriors
Wizards and Warlocks: the Wise, the Wily, and the Wacky
Witches: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Among Fantasy¿s Women of Magic
Absolutely the Worst: Fantasy¿s Most Detestable Villains
Rogues¿ Gallery: Thieves, Assassins, and Other Charismatic Scoundrels
Life in the Hood: Monks and Other Religious Figures in Fantasy
Finding Courage: Fantasy Heroes Look Deep Within
Animal Attractions: Fantasy Characters to Bring Out Your Wild Side
The Care and Feeding of Magical Creatures: A Fantastic Menagerie
Smaug Gets in Your Eyes: Fantasy¿s Formidable Dragons
Just Off the Turnip Cart: Country Folk Who Make Good
Bastards! And Other Returns of the King
The Ancient Races: the Best Fantasy Featuring Dwarves and Elves
The Long and Short of It: Giants and Little Folk
. . .And Some Visits with Even Stranger Peoples and Races
Ye Gods! Deities in Fantasy
Rainbow Warriors: Cultural Diversity in Fantasy
Looking for Some Hard-Headed Women: Fantastic Female Characters
If They Hit You in the Head, Keep Your Wits Gathered about You: Resourceful Lead Characters
Whiny, Self-Interested, and Undependable. . .I Can Relate to That: Fantasy¿s Antiheroes
Chapter Three: Setting
What a Wonderful World: Fantasy Settings You¿ll Long to Visit
It Seems Like Old Times: the Best Fantasy of the Ancient World
Eric the Well-Read: The Best of Viking Fantasy
Cam-a-lot: The Many Faces of Arthurian Fantasy
Medieval-Doers: Fantasy¿s Favorite Setting
Celtic-kle Your Fancy: Fantasy in the Celtic Tradition
London Calling: the Grand Tradition of Fantasy in an English Setting
Easterns: Fantasy with the Flavor of Asia
Steampunk: Forward Looking Fantasy in Victorian Settings
Alternate America: Finding Fantasy in a New World
Contemporary Style is Not Just for Furniture: Modern Worlds with Fantastic Spins
Battle-Tested: Fantasy That Puts You in the Middle of the War
Borderline: the Weirdest, Most Whimsical Trips into Fantasy Realms
Fan-to-Sea: The Best of Nautical Fantasy
In Forest Deep: Fantasy Journeys Into the Woods
Urban Developments: Big City Fantasy
Fantasy Underground: Dark Trips Into Dungeons and Deep Places
Running Hot and Cold: Fantasy Thrills on the Thermometer
It¿s All Academic: Fantasy School Books are Fun to Read
Rated RPG: the Best Fantasy for Gamers
Chapter Four: Mood
Fantasy for Fantasy Lovers: Right Down the Middle of Genre Conventions
Reinventing the Genre: the New Weird
Smashing of Bone, Spurting of Blood: High Violence Fantasy
Washing of Face, Breaking of Nail: Low Violence Fantasy
Passing Fancies: the Best Fantasy to Pass Around to the Whole Family
Tickle Your Fancy: Fantasy to Make You Giggle, Smirk, and Guffaw
So Bad They¿re Good: Villains for Days When You¿d Rather Join in the Evil Laughter
Bad-Ass Fantasy: Heroes Who Don¿t Take Anything from Anyone
Flights of Fantasy: High-Flying Fantasy to Read on an Airplane
Magic Between Two People: Fantasy for Romance Readers
Steaming Up the Looking Glass: When Romance is Nice, but Sex is Better
It Was the Dark Lord in the Conservatory with the Candlestick: Fantasy for Mystery Readers
The Dark Fantasy Tradition: Spine-Chilling Fantasy for Horror Readers
The Mythic Past: Great Fantasy for Historical Fiction Lovers
Rocket Ship or Dragon Sticker? Fantasy for Science Fiction Fans
Seriously Fantastic: Fantasy for Literary Fiction Readers
Tiptoeing Hesitantly Into the Real World: Literary Fiction for Fantasy Readers
Picture This: Graphic Novels of Fantasy for the Visually Inclined
Fantasy Behind the Films: For Those Who Like to Compare Books with Movies
Chapter Five: Language
Magic Words: Fantasy Writers with a Gift for Language
Worth an Epic Effort: Complex Fantasy to Challenge the Reader
Frothy Fun: Lighter-Than-Air, Easy-Reading Fantasy
Repartee Animals: Dialogue-Driven Fantasy
Elevated Muses: High-Tone, Genteel Fantasy
The Slangs and Argots of Misfortune: Gritty, Low-Tone Fantasy
Details of Sound and Fury: High Description Fantasy Signifies Everything
It¿s All About Me: Fantasy in the First Person
When Groan Men Scry: Puns as a Fantasy Tradition
Reading Aloud Allowed
Slow Build to a Big Finish: Fantasy for Four A.M. Finales
Fast-Paced, Can¿t-Put-¿Em-Down Fantasies
Never-Ending Stories: Lots of Pages but Worth the Weight
Never Toss a Dwarf: Fantastic Fantasies with a Low Page Count
Appendix 1: Suggested Trilogies and Other Series
The Magic of Threes: Fantasy¿s Best Trilogies
Let¿s Make the Magic Last: Series that Hold Up from First Book to Finish
Appendix 2: Award-Winning Fantasies
World Fantasy Awards for Best Novel
Locus Award for Fantasy Novel
Mythopoeic Award Winners¿Adult Novel
Mythopoeic Award Winners¿Children¿s Literature
Fantasy Novels that Won the Hugo Award
Fantasy Novels that Won the Nebula Award

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