Table of contents for The origin, persistence, and failings of HIV/AIDS theory / Henry H. Bauer.

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Acknowledgments	v
List of Figures	xi
List of Tables	xiii
Preface	1
A Note on Sources and the Structure of the Book	9
Part I: Does HIV Cause AIDS?	
1.	Males and Females	13
Males and females-inconclusive	16
2.	Uniform Trends	000
Sexually transmitted diseases and sexual behavior	000
HIV is unlike a sexually transmitted infection	000
Clinching data	000
3.	False Positives or Contaminated Samples?	000
4.	HIV Is Not an Infection	000
Interlude: ethics in clinical HIV/AIDS research	000
5.	HIV Discriminates by Race	000
6.	What Is It About Race?	000
Statistics: global and misleading?	000
Racial correlates of F(HIV)	000
Geographic distribution of HIV explained	000
Further corroboration: Hispanics	000
The global picture	000
 7.	Racism	000
Stereotypical mistakes	000
 8.	What Do HIV Tests Detect?	000
HIV-positive is not specific to HIV	000
Interpreting incidence of new HIV-positives	000
Deficiencies of HIV tests	000
HIV-positive does not necessarily lead to AIDS	000
HIV-positive may be only temporary	000
Correlation of F(HIV) with race	000
Does "non-specific" mask specificities?	000
 9.	HIV and AIDS Are Not Correlated	000
AIDS without HIV	000
HIV without illness	000
Males and females	000
Black and white	000
Changes over time	000
HIV and venereal diseases	000
Geography	000
Why any semblance of a correlation?	000
More "AIDS-defining" diseases	000
Inventing new epidemics	000
10.	AIDS	000
Non-African AIDS	000
Nocebo	000
Part II: Lessons from History	
11.	Missteps in Modern Medical Science	000
Ulcers and bacteria	000
Gene therapy and the central dogma of molecular biology	000
Magic bullets	000
Kuru and lentiviruses	000
Heart disease	000
Mistakenly inferring an infectious cause	000
Some other deficiencies of medical science	000
Relevance to HIV/AIDS	000
12.	How Science Progresses	000
The scientific method	000
Thomas Kuhn and scientific revolutions	000
Resistance and prematurity in science	000
Karl Popper and falsifiability	000
Progressive and regressive research	000
Ad hockery	000
Alternative theories	000
13.	Research Cartels and Knowledge Monopolies	000
Part III: How HIV/AIDS Theory Took and Kept Hold	
14.	It's a Virus	000
Misguided classifications	000
Wishful thinking and its consequences	000
Discovering the virus	000
Viral consequences	000
The dissidents	000
Guesstimates-getting the desired numbers	000
15.	Maintaining the Monopoly	000
Vested interests	000
Controlling the data	000
Censoring	000
Evading, misrepresenting, and ad hominem attacks	000
Ignorance of how science works	000
Shibboleths and urban legends	000
Media	000
16.	The End of the Beginning	000
HIV/AIDS theory has failed	000
Practical matters	000
Needed knowledge	000
The larger picture	000

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AIDS (Disease) -- Etiology.
AIDS (Disease) -- Pathogenesis.
HIV infections -- Pathogenesis.
HIV (Viruses).
HIV -- pathogenicity.
HIV Infections.
Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome -- etiology.
Biomedical Research -- methods.
Biomedical Research -- trends.
Dissent and Disputes.
Health Policy -- trends.