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Chapter 1 Introduction 
 Scott E. Foss and Donald R. Prothero
Chapter 2 Molecular phylogeny of terrestrial artiodactyls: conflicts and resolution
 Jonathan D. Marcot
Chapter 3 Phylogenetic relationships of cetaceans to terrestrial artiodactyls
 Jonathan H. Geisler, Jessica M. Theodor, Mark D. Uhen, Scott E. Foss
Chapter 4 The earliest artiodactyls: Diacodexidae,
Dichobunidae, Homacodontidae, Leptochoeridae, and Raoellidae
 Jessica Theodor, J¿rg Erfurt and Gr¿goire M¿tais
Chapter 5 Endemic European artiodactyls: Cebochoeridae,
Choeropotamidae, Mixtotheriidae, Cainotheriidae, Anoplotheriidae,
Xiphodontidae and Amphimerycidae
 J¿rg Erfurt and Gr¿goire M¿tais
Chapter 6 Family Helohyidae
 Scott E. Foss
Chapter 7 Family Anthracotheriidae
 Fabrice Lihoreau and St¿phane Ducrocq
Chapter 8 Family Hippopotamidae
 Jean-Renaud Boisserie
Chapter 9 Family Entelodontidae
 Scott E. Foss
Chapter 10 The Suoidea: Suidae, Tayassuidae and Sanitheriidae
 John M. Harris and Liu Li-Ping
Chapter 11 Family Agriochoeridae
 Joshua A. Ludtke
Chapter 12 Family Merycoidodontidae 
 Margaret S. Stevens and James B. Stevens
Chapter 13 Family Protoceratidae
 Donald R. Prothero and Joshua A. Ludtke
Chapter 14 Family Camelidae
 James G. Honey
Chapter 15 Early Ruminants
 Gr¿goire M¿tais and Inessa Vislobokova
Chapter 16 Family Tragulidae
 Gertrude R¿ssner
Chapter 17 Family Moschidae 
 Donald R. Prothero 
Chapter 18 Family Antilocapridae
 Edward B. Davis
Chapter 19 Family Palaeomerycidae
 Donald R. Prothero and Matthew R. Liter
Chapter 20 Family Cervidae
 Colin Groves
Chapter 21 Family Giraffidae
 Nikos Solounias
Chapter 22 Family Bovidae
 Nikos Solounias
Chapter 23 Artiodactyl paleoecology and evolutionary trends
 Christine M. Janis
Chapter 24 Summary 
 Donald R. Prothero and Scott E. Foss
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Artiodactyla, Fossil -- Evolution.