Table of contents for The Underground Railroad : an encyclopedia of people, places, and operations / Mary Ellen Snodgrass.

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Table of Contents
A-Z Entries
Abbott, George, and Ruth S. Baker Abbott
Abbott, James Burnett, and Elizabeth Ann Watrous Abbott
abolitionist newspapers
Adams, David
Adams, Elias Smith, and Susan Merritt Adams
Adams, George Willison, and Clarissa Hopkins Shaff Adams
Adams, James
Adams, John Quincy
Adams, Robert S.
Adler, Leibman
African Methodist Episcopal Church
Africanus, Edward C.
agents, Underground Railroad
Agler, Margaret Van Gundy
Agnew, Allen, and Maria Pierson Agnew
Alcott, Louisa May
Alexander, John
Allen, Abraham, and Cata Howland Allen
Allen, Nathaniel Topliff, and Caroline Swift Bassett Allen
Allen, Richard
Allen, Robert
Allen, Samuel, and Mary Gilmore Allen
Allinson, William James
Alston, John
American Anti-Slavery Society
American Revolution
Ames, Orson, Harlow Ames, and Leonard Ames, Jr.
Amos, James Ralston, and Thomas Henry Amos
Anderson, Elijah
Anderson, George
Anderson, John
Anderson, Matthew, and Caroline Virginia Still Wiley Anderson
Anderson, Osborne Perry
Anderson, William J.
Andrew, John Albion
Andrews, John H.
Anthony, Abial F.
Anthony, Mason, and Elihu Anthony
Anthony, Susan Brownell
Anti-Slavery Convention of American Women
anti-slavery fairs
Anti-Slavery Society of Canada
Archer, Thomas
Armstead, Rosetta
Arnold, Joseph, and Tacy Smith Arnold
Ashley, James Mitchell
Atcheson, George, and Margaret McClellan Atcheson
Atkinson, Abigail Oren, and Cephas Atkinson
Avery, Charles A.
Avery, Egbert, and Harriet King Avery
Avery, Frances Mehitable Stanton, and George A. Avery
Babbitt, William D., and Elizabeth H. Babbitt
Baer, William
Bailey, Gamaliel
Bailey, Josiah, and William Bailey
Baker, Thomas, and Eunice Harris Baker
Baldridge, Andrew
Baldwin, John, Sr., and Mary Baldwin
Baldwin, Roger Sherman
Baldwin, William, and Harriet Ann Hughson Baldwin
Baltimore, Priscilla, and John Baltimore
Banks, Elizabeth
Banks, George
Baquaqua, Mahommah Gardo
Barber, Amy Clark, and Joseph Barber
Bardwell, John Payne, and Cornelia C. Bishop Bardwell
Barker, David, and Pennsylvania Herendeen Barker
Barker, Jacob, and Elizabeth Hazard Barker
Barnard, Alonzo, and Sarah Philena Babcock Barnard
Barnard (Eusebius, Sarah Painter, and Sarah Marsh) Family
Barnard, Joanna Pennock, and Vincent S. Barnard
Barnard, Sarah Darlington, and Simon Barnard
Barnes, Isaac O.
Barnes, John B., and Sophronia King Barnes
Barrows, Justin Spaulding, and Adeline E. Newell Barrows
Bartlett, George, and Ruth Bartlett Bartlett
Bartley, Mordecai
Bassett, Bayless S., and Esther Eliza Crandall Bassett
Batcheldor, Joseph B., and Louisa Ann Batcheldor
Bateman, Warner Mifflin, and Ella Louise Snowbridge Bateman
Baylis, William
Bayne, Thomas
Beale, Charlotte Hoopes, and Joseph H. Beale
Beard, David, and Rebecca Brown Beard
Beard, William, and Rachel Pierson Beard
Bearse, Austin
Beasley, Alfred
Beck, Isaac M., and Cassandra Graham Lamb Beck
Beckley, Guy
Beebe, Asa, and Mary Whipple Beebe
Beecher, Henry Ward
Bell, Charles R.
Bell, David Williamson, and Charles A. Bell
Bell, James Patterson
Bell, Lavinia
Bell, Philip Alexander
Beman, Jehiel C., Nancy Scott Beman, and Amos Gerry Beman
Benedict, Aaron Lancaster, Livius Benedict, and Mordecai Benedict
Benedict, Reuben, and Anna T. Stevens Benedict
Benjamin, Jacob
Benson, Benjamin
Benson, Catharine K. Stetson, and George W. Benson
Berry, Amanda, Mariam Matthews Berry, and Samuel Berry
Beveridge, John Lowrie, and Helen Mar Judson Beveridge
Bezan, Jacob, George Bezan, and Martha Bezan
Bias, James Joshua Gould, and Eliza Bias
Bibb, Henry Walton, and Mary E. Miles Bibb
Bickerdyke, Mary Ann Ball
Bigelow, Ann Hagar, and Francis Edwin Bigelow
Bigelow, Jacob
Bigelow, Lucius, and Susan Ann Moser Bigelow
Biggs, Basil, and Mary Jackson Biggs
Bird, Harry
Birney, James Gillespie
Black, Leonard
Blackburn, Lucie, and Thornton Blackburn
black soldiers
Blanchard, Ira D., and Mary Walton Blanchard
Blanchard, Jonathan, and Mary Avery Bent Blanchard
Bliss, George Ripley, Lucy Ripley Bliss, and Mary Ann Raymond Bliss
Blockson, Charles LeRoy
Blodgett, Avis Dodge, and Israel Porter Blodgett
Bloss, William Clough, and Mary Bangs Blossom Bloss
Blue, Abner, Harriet N. Clay Blue, and Eliza N. Doolittle Blue
Bodwell, Lewis
Bogue, Stephen A., and Hannah Bonine East Bogue
Boileau, Nathaniel Brittain, Hesther Leech Boileau, and Ann Leech Boileau
Bolding, John A.
Boley, Joseph
Bond, Emily Hockett, and John H. Bond
Bondi, August, and Henrietta Einstein Bondi
Bonsall, Abraham, Mary Hinde Bonsall, Susan P. Johnson Bonsall, and Thomas Bonsall
Bonsall, Daniel, Martha W. Sharp Bonsall, and Ann Hoopes Bonsall
Booth, Griffin
Booth, Sherman Miller
Borden, Nathaniel Briggs, and Sarah Gould Buffum Borden
Boston, Peter
Bouchet, Susan Cooley, and William Francis Bouchet
Boude, Thomas, and Alice Amelia Atlee Boude
Boulware, John B.
bounty hunters
Bowditch, Henry Ingersoll
Bowditch, Sarah Rhea Higginson, and William Ingersoll Bowditch
Bowen, Abraham, and Sarah Ann Read Bowen
Bowen, Henry Chandler, and Lucy Maria Tappan Bowen
Bowers, James L., and Rebecca Bowers
Bowers, Joseph
Bowlus, Henry, Catharine Keller Bowlus, and Rebecca Catharine Williamson Bowlus
Boyd, Eliza E. Bennett, and Rufus Boyd, Jr.
Boyer, Jacob Matthias
Boynton, Charles Brandon
Bradford, Arthur Bullus, Elizabeth Wickes Bradford, Oliver Bloomfield Bradford, and Ruth Bollus Bradford
Bradford, Moses, and Mary Eleanor Van Horn Bradford
Bradley, James
Bragdon, George Lindsay, and Eliza S. Salisbury Bragdon
Brand, Joseph C.
Brewster, Silas Wadsworth, and Mary Ann Walden Brewster
Bridge, Bezaleel, Jr., and Emily Sophia Bagley Bridge
Bridge, Jonathan Davis, and Abigail Learnard Bullard Bridge
Bridgman, Edward P.
Brillinger, Jacob, and Magdalena Brillinger
Brinton, Joshua, and Mary Emma Passmore Brinton
Brisbane, William Henry
British Methodist Episcopal Church
Broadus, Angeline, and Irvin Broadus
Brogden, Abraham
Brooke, Abraham, Elizabeth Lukens Brooke, and Samuel Brooke
Brooks, Mary Merrick, and Nathan Brooks
Brooks, Susan
Brosius, Mahlon, Mary Emma Kent Brosius, Daniel Kent Brosius, and Edwin Brosius
Brown, Abel, and Mary Ann Brigham Brown
Brown, Charles Henry
Brown, Charles Oliver, Celia Marriett Burrell Brown, and Oliver May Brown
Brown, Frances Jane Scroggins, and Thomas Arthur Brown
Brown, Henry "Box"
Brown, Isaac Holmes
Brown, James
Brown, Jeremiah, Ann Kirk Brown, Mary Kirk Brown, and Slater Brown
Brown, John
Brown, John "Fed"
Brown, John Mifflin
Brown, Levi
Brown, Moses, and Phebe Waterman Brown
Brown, Paola
Brown, Rachel Milner, and William Brown
Brown, Thomas, and Mary McClanahan Brown
Brown, William Wells
Bruce, David
Bruin, Joseph
Bryant, Abijah, and Levinia Richardson Cowdry Bryant
Buchanan, James
Buckout, Abram
Buffum, Arnold, and Rebecca Gould Buffum
Bull, Jason, Delia Matoon Bull, and Sarah Sawyer Bull
Bulla, William, and Andrew Hoover
Burghardt, Mary Eliza Jones
Burkett, Elizabeth, and Henry Burkett
Burkle, Jacob
Burleigh, Charles Callistus, and Cyrus Moses Burleigh
Burlingame, Almond A., and Jane A. Halland Burlingame
Burnett, Cornelius
Burns, Anthony
Burr, James E., George Thompson, and Alanson Work
Burrell, Robbins, Eliza Brigham Burrell, and Jabez Lyman Burrell, Jr.
Burris, Samuel D.
Burroughs, George L.
Burt, Elijah, and Deborah Colton Burt
Bush, William, and Lucinda Clark Bush
Bush, William
Bushong, Henry
Bushong, Jacob, and Margaret Hobson Bushong
Bustill, Joseph Cassey
Butler, Benjamin Franklin
Butler, Morris
Butterworth, Henry Thomas, and Nancy Irvin Wales Butterworth
Byrd, John Huntington, and Elizabeth Adelaide Lowe Byrd
Cable, Jonathan R.W., and Sarah Booth Cable
Cain, Augustus W.
Campbell, Alexander
Campbell, John, and Elizabeth Caldwell Clarke Campbell
Camper, James
Canadian Anti-Slavery Baptist Association
Cannon, Ansal
Cannon, Patty
Carleton, Edmund, and Mary Kilburn Coffin Carleton
Carlisle, Lucretia Lucas, and Samuel B. Carlisle
Carnahan, William McFarland
Carneal, Sarah Howell Stanley, and Thomas David Carneal
Carnes, Martha B. Carnes, and William Carnes
Carney, William H.
Carpenter, Joseph, and Margaret W. Cornell Carpenter
Carpenter, Philo, Sarah Forbes Bridges Carpenter, and Anne Thompson Carpenter
Carpenter, Stephen Decatur
Carrier, Richard
Carter, George Washington
Carter, Jacob, Joseph Carter, and Richard Carter
Carter, Luke, and Sarah Carter
Carver, Frances Almira Porter, and Lewis E. Carver
Cary, Mary Ann Shadd
Case, Charles G., and Mary Ann Case
Catlin, Henry, Jr., James Catlin, and Martha Van Rensselaer Catlin
Cattell, Jonas
Caulkins, Nehemiah
Chace, Elizabeth Buffum, and Samuel Buffington Chace
Chadwick, Abel, and Elizabeth Starrett Chadwick
Chadwick, Mammy
Chamberlain, John Abbot, and Mary Rogers Clough Chamberlain
Chambers, Henry, and John Chambers
Chambers, Stephen
Chandler, Elizabeth Margaret
Chandler, Zachariah, and Letitia Grace Douglas Chandler
Chapin, Titus, and Emily McKinstry Chapin
Chaplin, William Lawrence
Chapman, Maria Weston
Chase, Isaac, Jr., and Lucy Sheldon Chase
Chase, Leonard, and Susanna Shattuck Chase
Chase, Salmon Portland
Chase, Silas
Chatham Convention
Cheney, Ednah Dow Littlehale
Cheney, Moses, Abigail Morrison Cheney, Elias Hutchins Cheney, and Oren Burbank Cheney
Cheny, Charles, and Frank Woodbridge Cheny
Chester, George, Jane Marie Chester, and Thomas Morris Chester
Child, Lydia Maria Francis, and David Lee Child
Chion, Emma, and William Chion
Christian, Washington
Christiana Riot
Church, Jefferson
Cinqué, Joseph
civil disobedience
Civil War
Clark, Harriet Loomis, and Starr Clark
Clarke, Ann
Clarke, Charlotte Ambler, and Edwin W. Clarke
Clarke, Lewis Garrard
Clarke, Olive Jackson, Sidney Clarke, and John Jackson Clarke
Clarke, William Penn
Clarkson, James C.
Clay, Cassius Marcellus
Clemens, James, and Sophia Sellers Clemens
Clements, Marian, and Samuel Clements
Clemmer, John S., and Maria Miller Clemmer
Coates (Deborah T. and Lindley) Family
Coates, Edwin Howard, and Sarah Dull Coates
Coates, Mary Ann
Coburn, John P.
Cockrum, James Washington, and William Monroe Cockrum
Codding, Ichabod
code, Underground Railroad
Coffin, Alethea Flukes, Vestal M. Coffin, Addison Coffin, and Alfred V. Coffin
Coffin, Catherine White, and Levi Coffin
Coffin, Joshua
Coffin, Lorenzo Swett, and Mary Chase Coffin
Cohen, Anthony
Collins (Nancy Wilson and Nathaniel) Family
Collins, Nathan
Colman, Ezekiel Andrus, and Mary Jane Wendell Colman
Colver, Nathaniel
Comfort, Ezra, and Margaret Shoemaker Comfort
Comstock, Elizabeth Leslie Rous
Concklin, Seth
Connelly, William M.
Conrey, Anna Layman, and James D. Conrey
Converse, John Kendrick, and Sarah Allen Converse
Conway, Moncure Daniel, and Ellen Davis Dana Conway
Conwell, Martin, Miranda Wickham Conwell, and Russell Herman Conwell
Conyne, Abraham, and Matilda Parker Conyne
Cook, Eli
Cook, Harmon, Dianah Cox Cook, and Robert Cook
Coombs, Andrew, Jr., and Kitty Ann Shannon Coombs
Cooper, Caroline
Cooper, Griffith Morgan, and Elizabeth Hodgson Cooper
Copeland, John Anthony, Jr.
Copeland, Samuel, and Alice Welch Copeland
Corbet, Daniel, and Mary Brinton Corbet
Cordley, Richard, and Mary Minta Cox Cordley
Corliss, Hiram, and Susan Sheldon Corliss
Cornish (Aaron and Daffney) Family
Corse, Barney, and Mary Elizabeth Leggett Corse
Corson, George, and Martha T. Maulsby Corson
Corwin, Thomas, and Sarah Ross Corwin
Cowgill, Daniel, Sr., and Mary Naudain Cowgill
Cowles, Betsey Mix
Cowles (Horace and Mary Ann Steele Smith) Family
Cowles, Solomon, and Polly Gleason Cowles
Cowles, Thomas, and Julia Ann Cowles Cowles
Cox, Hannah Peirce, John Cox, and John William Cox
Craft, Ellen Smith, and William Craft
Crandall, Henry White, and Elizabeth H. Lockhart Crandall
Craner, Daniel
Cratty, William, and Candis Bennett Cratty
Cravath, Orin, and Betsey Northway Cravath
Crawford, James, and Mary Crawford
Crawford, John T.
Crenshaw, John Hart, and Francine Taylor Crenshaw
Crocker, Samuel Somerby, and Martha Elizabeth Putnam Crocker
Cromwell, Robert
Crooks, Abigail R. Short, and Samuel Crooks
Crosby, Uriah H.
Cross, Gideon
Cross, John, and Lucinda Hulbert Cross
Crosswhite, Adam, and Sarah Crosswhite
Cuffe, Paul
Culbertson, John Newton, Hannah McVitty Culbertson, and John McVitty Culbertson
Culver, Erastus Dean
Cumberland, Moses
Cummings, Jacob
Curry, James
Curry, Vina
Curtis, Horace, and Lydia Cole Curtis
Curtis, James
Curtis, John, Benjamin Curtis, and Harrison Curtis
Curtis, Thomas F., and Annie Fenner Curtis
Cuyler, Samuel Cornelius, and Julia Speed Cuyler
Dager, Peter
Damon, Samuel Dexter, and Harriet Matilda Frank Damon
Dana, Richard Henry, Jr.
Dangerfield, Daniel
Daniels, Amasa, and Olivia Hammond Daniels
Dannaker, James T.
Darlington, Chandler, and Hannah Monaghan Darlington
Daugherty, Sarah Bollinger
Davids, Tice
Davis, Clarissa
Davis, Daniel
Davis, Isaac, and Priscilla Rummery Davis
Davis, Jane
Davis, Sam
Day, Caleb
Dean, Luther, and Ruth Brundage Dean
DeBaptiste, George
DeGarmo, Elias, and Rhoda Rogers DeGarmo
Delany, Martin Robinson
Delavan, Edward Cornelius
Deming, Samuel, Catherine Matilda Lewis Deming, and John Deming
Demson, Samuel
Dennett, Lydia Louisa Neal, and W. Oliver Dennett
Dickinson, Anna Elizabeth
Dickson, Moses
Dillingham, Micajah, Elizabeth Williams Dillingham, and Richard Dillingham
Dimmick, John F., and Sarah Heath Dimmick
Dismal Swamp
Ditcher, James
Dix, John Porter, and Mary Jane Hay Dix
Dobbin, Matthew
Dobbins, David Porter
Dobbins, Lee Howard
Donnell, Luther A.
Doram, Catherine
Dorsey, Basil, and Louisa Dorsey
Douglas, Benjamin
Douglas, Hezekiah Ford
Douglas, Stephen Arnold
Douglass, Anna Murray
Douglass, Frederick
Dow, Neal, and Maria Cornelia Durant Maynard Dow
Downer, Lucy Ann Wilson, and Pierce Downer
Downing, George T.
Doy, John W., and Charles Doy
Doyle, Edward James
Drake, Frances Hills Wilder, and Jonathan Drake
Drayton, Daniel
Dresser, Amos
Drew, Benjamin
Driver, Blackstone, and Margaret P. Driver
Drury, Elijah
Duckett, Benjamin
Dunbar, Joshua
Dunmore, Henry
Dutton, Achas Perry
Dutton, Samuel William Southmayd, and Harriet Newell Waters Dutton
Dyer, Charles Volney, and Louisa Maria Gifford Dyer
Dyer, Edward Galusha
Early, Jordan Winston
Eastman, Charles Frederick, and Harriet E. Stephenson Eastman
Eastman, Zebina
Easton, Hosea
Eaton, Anna Ruth Webster, and Horace Eaton
Ebersole, Jacob
Edmondson, Emily, and Mary Catherine Edmondson
Edwards, John B., and Lydia M. Hall Edwards
Eells, Erastus
Eells, Richard, and Jane Bestor Eells
Eleutherian College
Elgin Settlement
Ellis, William, and Mercy Cox Ellis
Ellyson, Zachariah, and Esther Chaffin Talbot Ellyson
Ely, Enoch Selden, and Ezra Sterling Ely
Emerson, Ralph Waldo, and Lydia Jackson Emerson
Ennets, Maria, and Stephen Ennets
Ennis, Mary
Eshleman, Jacob K.
Estabrook, Henry
Evans, Nathan, Zillah Maule Evans, and David Evans
Evans, Thomas, and Josiah Bispham Evans
Evans, Wilson Bruce, and Henry Evans
Fairbank, Calvin
Fairfield, John
Fairies, Robert
Falls, William S.
Farmer, Hannah Shapleigh Tobey, and Moses Gerrish Farmer
Farnham, Elisha, and Mary Ring Farnham
Fatal, John J.
Fayerweather, George, III, and Sarah Ann Harris Fayerweather
Fee, Arthur, and Sarah Miller Fee
Fee, John Gregg, and Matilda Hamilton Fee
Fee, Oliver Perry Spencer
Fee, Robert E., Thomas Fee, Sr., and Thomas Fee, Jr.
female anti-slavery societies
Fessenden (Samuel and Deborah Chandler) Family
Fidget, Isaac
Fields, Henry
Filer, Thomas, and Permelia Barnes Filer
Fillmore, Millard
Finney, John, and Elenor Marshal Finney
Finney, Seymour
Fish, Benjamin, and Sarah Davids Bills Fish
Fisher, John
Fisher, Robert
Fitzhugh, Claggett
Flanders, Cyrus Nathan, and Joanna Jones Flanders
Fleming, Benjamin Bass
Flint, Samuel H.
Foote, Eliza M. Becker, and Hiram Foote
Ford, Barney Launcelot, and Julia Lyons Ford
Ford, Cyrus, and Darius Ford
Ford, Sheridan
Forsyth, William, Sr., Isaac Brock Forsyth, and Nelson Forsyth
Forten (James, Sr., and Charlotte Vandine) Family
Fossett, Peter Farley, and Sarah Mayrant Walker Fossett
Foster, Abigail "Abby" Kelley, and Stephen Symons Foster
Foster, Amanda, and Henry Foster
Foster, Theodore
Fountain, Alfred
Fox, Isaac B., and Mary Ann Gregory Fox
Fox, Jeremiah
Frazier, Anna Joy, and Stephen Frazier
Frederick, Francis
free labor store
Freeman, Amos Noah
French, Rodney
French, William Henry, Amelia Whitney French, and Ermina Emily Byington French
Frisbie, William, and Elizabeth Davidson Frisbie
Frost, George H., and Zerviah Sherman Frost
Fugitive Slave Law of 1793
Fugitive Slave Law of 1850
Fuller, Albert
Fuller, James Canning, Lydia Charleton Fuller, James Canning Fuller, Jr., and Sumner Fuller
Fulton, James, Jr.
Fulton, Joseph, and Mary Ann Fulton
Furber, James Adams, Hannah Hough Harris Furber, and James Hough Harris
Furniss, Oliver
Fussell, Bartholomew, Lydia Morris Fussell, and Rebecca Churchman Hewes Fussell
Fussell, Edwin
Gage, Matilda Joslyn
Gale, George Washington
Galloway, Abraham H.
Gansey, Isaac, and Edward Smith
Gant, Nelson Tolbert, and Anna Maria Hughes Gant
Gardner, Joseph, and Eliza Gardner
Gardner, Ozem, and Mary Ann Price Gardner
Garlick, Charles A.
Garner (Margaret) Family
Garnet, Henry Highland
Garrett, Thomas, and Rachel Mendenhall Garrett
Garrison, William Lloyd
Garvey, Edward Christie Kerr
Gaskins, Jacob
Gass, Benjamin, and Elizabeth McCluer Gass
Gaston, George B.
Gay, Sydney Howard, and Elizabeth J. Neall Gay
Gibbons, Abigail Hopper, and James Sloan Gibbons
Gibbons, Daniel, and Hannah Wierman Gibbons
Gibbons, Joseph, and Phebe Earle Gibbons
Gibbs, Jonathan C.
Gibbs, Leonard, and Mary Ann Beckwith Gibbs
Gibbs, Mifflin Wistar
Gibson, John
Giddings, Joshua Reed, and Laura Waters Giddings
Gilbert, Almira M. Reed, and Warren Gilbert
Gilbert, Amos
Gilbert, Hiram, and Lucy Harrington Gilbert
Gilbert, Mary Wetherbee, and Timothy Gilbert
Gillette, Francis, and Elizabeth Daggett Hooker Gillette
Gilliland, James, and Frances Baird Gilliland
Gillingham, James, and Sarah Wood Gillingham
Gist Settlement
Glass, John
Gloucester, James A.
Glover, Joshua
Goodell, William, and Clarissa C. Cady Goodell
Goodnow, Lyman
Goodrich, Joseph, and Nancy Maxson Goodrich
Goodridge, William C., and Emily Wallace Goodridge
Goodwin, Abigail, and Elizabeth Goodwin
Goodwin, Edwin Weyburn
Gorham, Charles T.
Gragston, Arnold
Grandy, Moses
Grant, Marie, and Tudor E. Grant
grapevine telegraphy
Graue, Frederick
Gray, Greenburg
Gray, Jim
Gray, William
Greeley, Horace
Green, Ann Maria, Christopher Green, and Nathan Green
Green, Beriah
Green, Lear
Green, Samuel, Jr.
Green, Shields
Green, Wesley
Greene, Jacob D.
Greenebaum, Michael G., and Sarah Spiegel Greenebaum
Grew, Mary
Grey, Emily Goodridge
Griest, Amos, and Margaret Garretson Griest
Griffin, Enerals, and Priscilla Griffin
Griffing, Josephine Sophie White, and Charles Stockman Spooner Griffing
Griffith, Stephen, and Rhoda Griffith
Grimes, John
Grimes, Leonard Andrew
Grimes, William
Grimké, Angelina Emily, and Sarah Moore Grimké
Grimké, Charlotte Lottie Forten
Grinnell, Josiah Bushnell, and Julia Ann Chapin Grinnell
Gross, Albert
Grover, Emily Jane Hunt, and Joel Grover
Grummond, Levi, and Elizabeth Wilson Findley Grummond
Gue, Catherine Gurney, John Gue, and Benjamin F. Gue
Guthrie, Abelard A., and Quindaro Nancy Brown Guthrie
Hackett, Nelson
Hagarty, Sir John Hawkins
Haines, George, and Andrew Eckard Budd
Haines, Jacob A., Jesse Haines, and Rachel Ellis Haines
Haines, Jonathan Ridgeway, Sarah Grant Haines, and John Columbus Haines
Haines, Timothy, and Sarah Brown Haines
Haines, William (1817-1846)
Haines, William (fl. 1850s)
Hall, Abigail Shelton, and Harvey Hall
Hall, Charles
Hall, David A.
Hall, Henrietta, Jacob Hall, and Charles H. Hall
Hall, Jim "Jimmy Bow-Legs"
Hall, John, and Mary Weaver Hall
Hall, John "Daddy"
Hall, William A.
Hallam, John, and Aurelia Stillman Woodruff Hallam
Hallock, Horace, and Elizabeth Raymond Hallock
Hallowell, Mary H. Post, and William R. Hallowell
Hambleton, Thomas, and Alice Eliza Betts Hambleton
Hamilton, Elsie, and Willis Hamilton
Hamilton, Saul
Hamlet, James
Hammond, Caroline Berry
Hanby, Benjamin Russell, and William Hanby
Hance, Mark, and Susan Crop Hance
Hanna, Mary, and Robert Hanna
Hanover, John T.
Hanway, Castner
Happy, Jesse
Harding, Stephen Selwyn, and Avaline Spraut Harding
Harding, William
Harmon, David Porter, and Almira Sargent Harmon
Harper, Frances Ellen Watkins
Harper, Mary E. Goodwin, and William Smith Harper
Harris, Catherine Dickes
Harris, Chapman
Harris, Eliza
Harris, Hazzard
Harris, James L.
Harris, Philip
Harris, Rachel
Harrison, Thomas, and Isabella Benton Harrison
Hart, Thomas
Harvey, John S.
Hatch, Jeremiah, Jr., and Lucy Ann Rigdon Hatch
Hatfield, Alexander
Hatfield, John
Hathaway, Joseph Comstock
Haviland, Laura Smith
Hawkins, Emeline, and Samuel Hawkins
Hawkins, Walter
Hayden, Lewis, and Harriet Bell Hayden
Haydock, Hannah Thompson
Hayes, Mordecai, Esther Logue Hayes, and Jacob Hayes
Hayes, Phebe Cooley, and Titus Hayes
Hayes, Rutherford Birchard, and Lucy Ware Webb Hayes
Hayes, William James, and Anna Johnston Hayes
Hazlett, Hugh
Head, Sir Francis Bond
Heaton, Jacob, and Elizabeth P. Weaver Heaton
Heineman, Emil S., and Fanny Butzel Heineman
Heise, Charles
Helper, Hinton Rowan
Hemings, Frank
Henderson, Benjamin
Henderson, Richard, Ann Henderson, and Mary Ann Harris Henderson
Henning, Thomas
Henry, Frank
Henry, Joseph
Henson, James
Henson, Josiah
Hesdra, Edward D., and Cynthia Hesdra
Hiatt, Henry
Hicklin, Thomas
Hickman, Robert Thomas
Hickok, William Alonzo, Polly Butler Hickok, and James Butler ("Wild Bill") Hickok
Hicks, Charles, and Lamira Henry Hicks
Hicks, Rachel Seaman
Hicks, Robert, Mary Underhill Mott Hicks, and Valentine Hicks
Hiestand, Abraham S., and Ann Fitz Hiestand
Higginson, Thomas Wentworth, and Mary Elizabeth Channing Higginson
Higley, Erastus, Esther Anna Guernsey Higley, and Hervey Owen Higley
Hill, James Wesley
Hill, John Henry
Hillard, George Stillman, and Susan Tracy Howe Hillard
Hilles, Samuel, and Margaret Hill Hilles
Himrod, William
Hinton, Richard Josiah
Hise, Daniel Howell, and Margaret Hise
Hitchcock, George Beckwith, and Carolyn Grossman Hitchcock
Hitchcock, Samuel
Hoag, Abigail Robinson, and Nathan Case Hoag
Hockley, Benjamin, and Susan Hockley
Holley, Sallie
Holmes, David
Holmes, George Young, Sr., and Elizabeth Snodgrass Holmes
Holt, Horace, and Melinda Bellows Holt
Holyoke, John, II, and Miriam Tibbetts Holyoke
Hood, Caleb C., and Joseph Hood
Hopkins, Charles Fern, Ann Wilson Hopkins, Nathan Hopkins, and Ellen Reilly King Hopkins
Hopkins, Erastus, and Charlotte Freylinghuysen Allen Hopkins
Hopkins, Henry C.
Hopkins, Thomas
Hopper, Isaac Tatem, Sarah Tatum Hopper, and Abigail Hopper
Horne, Daniel H., and Maria Louisa Hovey Horne
Horse, John
Hosea, William
Hosmer, William, and Martha Matilde Gamage Hosmer
Hossack, John, and Martha Lens Hossack
Houghton, George Hendric
Houston, Thomas Jefferson
Howe, Julia Ward, and Samuel Gridley Howe
Howland, Emily, Slocum Howland, and Hannah Tallcot Howland
Hoyt, Lyman, Aseneth Whipple Hoyt, and Lois L. Hoyt
Hubbard, Catherine Hulbert, and William Hubbard
Huber, Charles Boerstler
Hudson, David, and David Hudson, Jr.
Hudson, Jesse
Hudson, John D., and Sally Hudson
Huggins, Robert Henderson, William D. Huggins, Milton Huggins, and William Huggins
Hughes, Daniel
Humphrey, Harvey, and Elizabeth Rogers Perkins Humphrey
Hunn (John, Sr.) Family
Hunt, Jane Clothier Master, and Richard Pell Hunt
Hunt, Seth
Hunter, Charles W.
Hunter, Moses
Huntoon, Josiah Parmerley
Hurd, Edward B., and Harvey Bostwick Hurd
Hussey, Sylvanus Erastus Fuller, Sarah E. Bowen Hussey, and Susan T. Hussey
Hutchinson, Titus
Hyde, Udney Hay, and Amanda Hyde
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl (1861)
Irish, David, and Martha Titus Irish
Isaacs, Tucker, and Elizabeth-Ann Fossett Isaacs
Jackson, Elizabeth Underhill, and George Jackson
Jackson, James Caleb, and Lucretia Edgerton Brewster Jackson
Jackson, Mattie Jane
Jackson, William, and Francis Jackson
Jacobs, Harriet Ann
Jacobs, John
James, Edwin
James, Thomas
Jamison, John
Jay (Allen) Family
Jay, John, Jr., and William Jay, Jr.
Jay, William
Jenkins, David
Jenkins, Mary Saltmarsh Farnham, and William Jenkins
Jewett, George Anson
Jocelyn, Nathaniel, and Simeon Smith Jocelyn
Johns, Robert, and Sue Ann Johns
Johnson, Abraham
Johnson, Ann
Johnson, Benjamin
Johnson, Eliza Jane
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, Isaac
Johnson, Jane
Johnson, John (1821-1862)
Johnson, John (1829-1850)
Johnson, John Lewis
Johnson, Levi
Johnson, Moses
Johnson, Nathan, and Mary J. Mingo Durfree Johnson
Johnson, Oliver, and Leonard Johnson
Johnson, Perry
Johnson, Samuel, Israel Johnson, Jennet Rowland Johnson, and Rowland Johnson
Johnson, William Henry (1811-1896)
Johnson, William Henry (1833-1918)
Jones, Augustine
Jones, Benjamin
Jones, John, and Mary Jane Richardson Jones
Jones, John Albert, and Ann Marie Shipp Major Jones
Jones, John C., and Sarah A. Jones
Jones, John Tecumseh
Jones, John W., and Rachel Swailes Jones
Jones, Rhoda
Jones, Thomas H.
Jones, William M., and Mary Jones
Jordan, James Cunningham, and Cynthia Desire Adams Jordan
Judson, Ann J. Burnham, and Samuel P. Judson
Kagi, John Henry
Kane, Thomas Leiper, and Elizabeth Dennistoun Wood Kane
Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854
Kaufman, Daniel, and Catharine Fortenbaugh Kaufman
Keese, Catherine Robinson, John Keese, and Samuel Keese
Kelker, Rudolf Frederich
Kelley, Isaac
Kelley, J.W.B.
Kelley, John J.
Kellogg, Josiah
Kelso, Lucy Sawyer, and William R. Kelso
Kelton, Fernando Cortez, and Sophia Langdon Stone Kelton
Kemble, Fanny
Kemp, John
Kennedy, Robert
Kent, Benjamin, Hannah Simmons Kent, and Elizabeth Kent
A Key to Uncle Tom's Cabin (1853)
Kilbourne, David
Kilgore, Elizabeth Stewart, and James Kilgore
Kimber, Emmor, Susannah Jackson Kimber, Abigail Kimber, and Gertrude Kimber
Kimberly, William, and Phebe Drake Kimberly
King, Cyrus
King, Hannah Clendenon, and John King
King, William
Kirk, John, and Susan Bingham Kirk
Kirkwood, Samuel Jordan
Knapp, Chauncey Langdon
Knapp, William
Knoefel, August
Knowlton, Dexter Asa, Sr.
Ladd, Dudley, III, Charlotte Eastman Ladd, and Amanda Palmer Ladd
Lambdin, William H.
Lambert, William
Lane, Hester
Lane, James Henry
Lane, Lunsford
Langdon, Jervis
Langley, Louden Shubael, and Jane Maria Langley
Langston, Charles Henry
Langston, George R.
Langston, John Mercer, and Caroline Matilda Wall Langston
Lanphear, Ethan
Lansing, Wendell, and Eliza Harrington Allen Lansing
Latimer, George W., and Rebecca Latimer
Laughead, David, Rebecca A. Laughead, David Mitchell Laughead, and Elizabeth Kyle Laughead
Lay, Benjamin
Leary, Lewis Sheridan
Leavitt, Chloe Maxwell, and Roger Leavitt
Leavitt, Joshua
Lee, Amanda Jane Barker
Lee, Archy
Lee, Ishmael, Miriam Marmon Lee, and Sallie East Lee
Lee, Luther
Leggett, Joseph, and Fanny B. Leggett
LeMoyne, Francis Julius, and Madeleine Romaine Bureau LeMoyne
Leonard, Jane, and Thomas Leonard
Lewelling, Henderson W., and Jane Elizabeth Presnall Lewelling
Lewey, Henry
Lewis, Elijah, and Martha Lewis
Lewis, Enoch
Lewis (Esther Fussell and John, Jr.) Family
Lewis, James
Lewis, Pompey
Lewis, Thomas
Liberty League
Liberty Tree
Lincoln, Abraham
Lind, Sylvester
Lindley, Jacob, and Hannah Miller Lindley
Little, Sophia Louisa Robbins
Littlefield, Hamilton B., and Rhoda Littlefield
Livermore, Mary Ashton Rice
Lockhart, Jesse
Logan, John Wesley
Loguen, Jermaine Wesley, and Caroline E. Storum Loguen
Loney, Cordelia
Long, Henry
Loring, Ellis Gray, and Louisa Gilman Loring
Lott (Hendrick I. and Mary Brownjohn) Family
Lovejoy, Elijah Parish
Lovejoy, Owen Glendower, and Eunice Storrs Lovejoy
Lucas, Charles Peyton
Lucas, George W.C.
Lucas, Marcus F.
Lucas, Martha West
Lundy, Benjamin
Luse, A.B.
Lyons, Albro, Mary Marshall Lyons, and Maritcha Remond Lyons
Mabbett, Anna Griffin, and Lorenzo Mabbett
MacMillan, Joel, and Sarah M. Norris MacMillan
Magill, Jonathan Paxson, Edward Hicks Magill, and Watson P. Magill
Magoffin, James, Jr., and Grace Elizabeth Mitcheltree Magoffin
Mahan, John Bennington, and William Jacob Mahan
Mahoney, Charles, and Mary Jane Steward Mahoney
Mahoney, Matilda
Malcolm, Howard, and Ruth Dyer Malcolm
Mallory, Maria
Maltby, Roger
Malvin, John, and Harriet Dorsey Malvin
Mann, John S., Mary Williams King Mann, Joseph Mann, and Eloisa Adaline Dutton Mann
Manoka, Charles
Maris, Norris, and Ann Davis Maris
Markey, Joseph, and Jonas Markey
Marks, William, and Emily Catherine Holcomb Marks
maroon settlements
Marriott, Charles, and Sarah White Marriott
Mars, John N.
Marsh, Gravner, Hannah Marsh, and Sarah Marsh
Marshall, Harriet McClintock, and Elijah Marshall
Marshall, Samuel, and Mary Gilliland Marshall
Mason, Amos, and Hannah Seward Mason
Mason, Isaac
Mason, John
Mathews, Edward, and Annie Mathews
Mathews, Peter
Matthews, Josiah
Maudlin, Wright
Maulsby, Samuel, and Susan Thomas Maulsby
Maxson, Darwin Eldridge
Maxson, Delilah Bowland, William Maxson, and Hannah Keislar Maxson
Maxwell, Susannah Augusta Stokes
May, Samuel Joseph
Mayhew, Allen B., and Barbara A. Kagi Mayhew
Mayo, Ephraim, and Sally Laughton Mayo
McAndrew, Helen Walker, and William McAndrew
McCague, Catherine Platter, and Thomas McCague
McClain, Mary Miller, and William Wylie McClain
McClew, Charles, and Anna Maria McClew
McCluer, Samuel, Sarah Allen McCluer, and Nancy Rutan McCluer
McCoy, Alexander, James McCoy, and William McCoy
McCoy, Jane Brownlee, and Kenneth McCoy
McCoy, John, and Sabra Clark McCoy
McCoy, Robert, and Eliza McCoy
McCrummell, James, and Sarah McCrummell
McDonald, Seth
McHenry, William "Jerry"
McIntosh, Henson
McKay, Jean Gray, and Robert McKay
McKeever, William, Jane Campbell McKeever, Matthew McKeever, and Thomas Campbell McKeever
McKenzie, Harriet, and John McKenzie
McKim, James Miller, and Sarah Allibone Speakman McKim
McKinney, Mordecai, and Rachel Graydon McKinney
McLean, Alexander, Catherine Boyd McLean, and John McLean
M'Clintock, Mary Ann Wilson, and Thomas M'Clintock
McMahon, Sarah
McNeely, Cyrus, and Jane Donaldson McNeely
McQuerry, George Washington
McWhorter (Francis and Lucy) Family
Meachum, Mary, and John Berry Meachum
Mendenhall, Dinah Hannum, and Isaac Mendenhall
Mendenhall, George C., and Richard Mendenhall
Meredith, Isaac, and Thamosin Pennock Meredith
Merriam, Francis Jackson
Merrick, Charles, Montgomery Merrick, Sylvanus Merrick, and Chloe Merrick
Merritt, William Hamilton
Middleton, Enoch, and Hannah Middleton
Mifflin, Samuel Wright, Elizabeth Brown Martin Mifflin, and Hannah Wright Mifflin
Mihills, Uriah Dimond, and Caroline Partridge Mihills
Miller, Cynthia Catlin
Miller, Hiram Barlow, and Mariah Deming Miller
Miller, John
Miller, Jonathan Peckham, and Sarah Arms Miller
Miller, Josiah
Miller, Samuel, and Sarah Orwig Miller
Miner, Ovid
Minkins, Fredric "Shadrach"
Missouri Compromise of 1820
Mitchell, Jane Clark, and Robert Mitchell
Mitchell, William, and Mary A. Mitchell
Mitchell, William H.
Modlin, Wright, and Mary Wickersham Modlin
Monroe, David, and Barbara Monroe
Monroe, James, and Elizabeth Maxwell Monroe
Monroe, Robert
Monroe, William Charles
Montague, Henry, and Mary Elizabeth Sinclair Montague
Monteith, John, and Abigail Harris Monteith
Montgomery, James
Moore, Caroline Mattocks, and Noadiah Moore
Moore, Jeremiah, and Elizabeth W. Ely Moore
Moore, Joseph
Moore, Richard, and Sarah Foulke Moore
Moore, Samuel Asbury
Morehead, Henry, and Malinda Morehead
Morris, Abel H., and Martha R. Morris
Morris, Edward
Morris, Jane Warrington, and Joseph Morris
Morris, Robert
Morris, Shelton, and Horace Morris
Morrison, Hannah, and Susan Richardson
Moseby, Solomon
Mosher, Lucinda Richardson, and Robert Mosher
Mott, Abigail, and Lydia Mott
Mott, James, and Mary Underhill Mott
Mott, Lucretia Coffin, and James Mott, Jr.
Mott, Peter, and Elizabeth Ann Thomas Mott
Mott, Samuel, and Richard Mott
Mowry, Angelina Gifford, and William H. Mowry
Mudge, Benjamin Franklin, and Mary Eusebia Armstrong Beckford Mudge
Murray, Charles L.
Murray, Samuel, and Sarah Murray
Murrow, Andrew Caldwell
Myers, Elizabeth Parks, and Josiah Myers
Myers, Harriet, and Stephen Myers
Myers, Michael
Myers, Susanna, Nancy Robinson Myers, and Samuel Myers
Nalle, Charles
Nason, Bartholomew, and Hannah Craig Nason
Nell, William Cooper
Nelson, David, and Frances Amanda Deaderick Nelson
Nelson, John Mathews, Mary Lewis Trimble Nelson, James Nelson, and Marshall Telfair Nelson
Newby, Dangerfield
Nicholls, Edward
Nichols, Clarina Irene Howard
Nicholson, Jane Finley Wales, and Valentine Nicholson
Nickens, David, and Serena Carter Nickens
Nickum, Thomas Jeff, Sr., and Hannah M. Rogers Nickum
North Star
North Star
Northup, Solomon
Norton, Jo
"Notes on Canada West" (1852)
Nourse, James, and Sarah North Harvey Nourse
Nute, Ephraim
Oberlin College
Odell, Eli, and Asenath Parcher Odell
Oliver, Thomas Clement
O'Neall, Abijah, Jr., and Ellen Hall O'Neall
O'Reilly, John A.
Oren, Elihu, and Jane Newcomb Oren
Osborn, Charles Worth, and Sarah Newman Osborn
Osborn, Josiah, and Mary Barnard Osborn
Owen, William, and Olive Augusta Packard Owen
Packard, Cyrus, and Sarah Barrows Packard
Paine, Byron
Paine, Halbert Eleazer
Paine, Lewis W.
Painter, John H., and Edith Dean Painter
Painter, Samuel Marshall, and Ann Vickers Painter
Palm, Margaret
Palmer, John Edgerton, and Elizabeth Ward Palmer
Parish, Francis Drake, and Mary Abbott Parish
Parker, Byrd
Parker, Henry
Parker, John P.
Parker, Mary
Parker, Theodore
Parker, William
Parkhurst, Jabez, and Sarah Alexander Parkhurst
Parks, Lydia Ann
Parmelee, Ashbel
Parrish, Isaac, and Dolly Root Parrish
Parsons, Samuel Bowne, Susan Howland Parsons, Robert Bowne Parsons, and Mary E. Mitchell Parsons
Patterson, Robert J.
Patterson, Samuel, and Hannah Nettleton Patterson
Paul, Nathaniel
Paxson, Jacob Longstreth, and Caroline Shoemaker Paxson
Paxton, James Alexander, and Maria Keith Marshall Paxton
Payne, Daniel Alexander
Payne, Jane Miller, and Mortimer G. Payne
Payne, John, and Letitia Whiteman Payne
Pearson, Benjamin Franklin
Pearsons, John H.
Peart, Lewis
Pease, Daniel, and Miriam Rice Pease
Pease, Hiram Abif, and Lydia Remmele Pease
Pease, Leavitt Thaxter, and Nancy Fee Pease
Peck, Henry Everard, and Martha Farley Peck
Peck, John C., and Sarah Peck
Peck, Sheldon, and Marie T.C. Peck
Penn, Lorenzo
Pennington, James William Charles
Pennock, Abraham Liddon, Sr., and Elizabeth Sellers Pennock
Pennock, Moses, Mary Jones Lamborn Pennock, and Samuel Pennock
Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Society
Pennypacker, Elijah Funk, Sarah W. Coates Pennypacker, and Hannah Adamson Pennypacker
Peoria, Baptiste
Perry, Charles, and Temperance Foster Perry
Perry, Levi
Pettibone, Amos, and Nancy Grant Pettibone
Pettijohn Family
Pettit, Eber M., and James Pettit
Phelps, William Joshua, and Olivia B. Johnson Phelps
Philbrick, Samuel, and Mary Philbrick
Phillips, Hannah, and Herman Phillips
Phillips, Micajah
Phillips, Wendell Addison, and Ann Terry Greene Phillips
Piatt, Elizabeth Barnett, and Benjamin McCullough Piatt
Pierce, Franklin
Pierce, Gideon
Pierce, James, and Joseph Pierce
Pierce, Lukens
Pilgrim's Pathway
Pillsbury, Parker, and Sarah H. Sargent Pillsbury
Pinkerton, Allan, and Joan Carfrae Pinkerton
Pinkney, Helen S., and Theodore A. Pinkney
Pinks, George, Thomas McGee, and Henry McLothlin
Pinner, Moritz
Pipkin, Jefferson, and Louisa Pipkin
Pitts, Gideon, Jr., and Jane Wells Pitts
Plato, Burr Lockhart
Platt, Elvira Gaston, and Lester Ward Platt
Pleasant, Mary Ellen
Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims
Poindexter, James Preston
Pokepatch, Ohio
Poland, Joseph, and Mary A. Rowell Poland
Pond, James Burton, Clarissa Woodford Pond, and Willard Elmer Pond
Porter, Jeremiah, and Eliza Emily Chappell Porter
Porter, Maria G.
Porter, Noah, and Mehitable Meigs Porter
Porter, Samuel Drummond, and Susan Farley Porter
Posey, John Wesley
Post, Amy Kirby, and Isaac Post
Pouder, Samuel John, and Hannah Giffin Pouder
Powell, Harriet
Powell, Thomas Howells, Mary Ann Starker Powell, and Edwin Powell
Powell, William Peter, and Mercy O. Haskins Powell
Pownall, Levi, and Sarah Henderson Pownall
Pownall, Thomas
Pratt, Jacob, and Avis Wilbur Pratt
Pratt, Julia Catlin, and Linus Humphrey Pratt
Predo, Henry
Preston, Amos, Mahlon Preston, Amy Coates Preston, and Margaret Smith Preston
Preston, Edwin Thomas, and Mary Jane Chambers Preston
Preston, Richard
Price Family
Price, John
Prigg v. Pennsylvania (1842)
Prindle, Cyrus
Pritchett, Edward Corrie, and Sophia Lawson Pritchett
Prudden, Eliza Ann Johnson, George Peter Prudden, Henry Johnson Prudden, and Theophil Mitchell Prudden
Pugh, Achilles, and Anna Maria Davis Pugh
Pugh, Sarah
Purnell, Charles
Purvis, Robert, and Harriet Forten Purvis
Putnam, David, Jr., and Hannah M. Munson Putnam
Putnam, Enos, and Sybil Daily Putnam
Pyle, Mary Jane Wilson
Quarrels, Caroline
Quiggs, Hannah
Quinby, Henry, and Sarah Lovina Turner Quinby
Quinn, William Paul
Raddin, George Washington, and Martha Ann Curtis Raddin
Rakestraw, William H.
Randall, Darius Hewitt, and Abbie P. Frink Randall
Randolph, John
Randolph, Peter
Rankin (John and Jean Lowry) Family
Rawn, Charles Coatesworth
Ray, Charles Bennett
Ray, Isaiah Coffin, and Anna Swain Ray
Read, George, and Sally Web Read
Read, Sarah Corson, and Thomas Read
Reckless, Hester
Reed, Charles Manning, and Harriet Gilson Reed
Reeve, Hezekiah Arnold, and Lamira Peck Reeve
Refugee Home Society
Remond, Charles Lenox
Remond, Sarah Parker
Reynolds, Norton
Rhodes, John, and Rhuann Maria Rhodes
Rice, Benjamin H., and Elizabeth Swing Rice
Rice, Isaac, and Sarah Ann Casey Rice
Rice, Julius H., and Rowena Rice
Rice, Mark
Rich, William
Richardson, David H.
Richie, Grant
Ricketson, Gilbert
Ricketson, Joseph, and Sarah Beard Ricketson
Righter, John
Riley, Gerrard Policarp
Ringgold, Charles
Ripley, Martha George Rogers
Ritchie, John, and Mary Jane Ritchie
Roberts, Emory
Roberts, John M., and Mary Burbons Roberts
Robertson, James R.
Robeson, Andrew, and Anna Rodman Robeson
Robeson, William Drew
Robinson, Aunt Betsy
Robinson, George
Robinson, John
Robinson, Marius R.
Robinson, Rachel Gilpin, Rowland Thomas Robinson, Rowland Evans Robinson, and Thomas Robinson
Robinson, William H.
Rock, John Swett
Rodman, Samuel, Jr.
Roe, Joseph, and Jane Woods Roe
Rogers, Joseph
Rogers, Timothy
Root, Aaron
Root, Thomas, and Martha Brown Orton Root
Roots, Benajah Guernsey, and Martha S. Roots
Rose, John Nicholas, and Jane Eliza Macomb Rose
Ross, Alexander Milton
Ross, Austin A., and Fidelia Rindge Ross
Ross, Jacob
Rotch, Charity Rodman, and Thomas Rotch
Rotch, William, Jr., and Elizabeth Rodman Rotch
routes, Underground Railroad
Ruby, Reuben, and Jeannette C. Pear Ruby
Rugg, Abel, and Catharine Rugg Rugg
Ruggles, David
Rusby, Abigail E. Holmes, and John B. Rusby
Rusho, Peter
Russell, Harriet, and Samuel Russell
Russell, John Neal, and Amelia Kirk Russell
Rutherford, Hiram
Rutherford (Samuel Schultz and Mary Ann) Family
Rutherford, William Wilson
Ryman, Theodore
Salmon, William Lyman
Salter, William, and Mary Ann Mackintire Salter
Sampson, Ashley S., and Emma Gregory Sampson
Sanborn, Franklin Benjamin, and Sarah Elizabeth Sanborn
Sanford, Sheldon, and Phoebe Narisa Nash Sanford
Sardou, Charles, and Josephine Sardou
Saunders, Ellen
Savage, Benjamin
Sawyer, Moses, and Rebecca B. Morrell Sawyer
Sayre, Baxter, and Elizabeth Kitchell Sayre
Scales, Caroline
Scarlett, Joseph P., Elizabeth Scarlett, and Amanda E. Cain Scarlett
Scates, Charles Woodman, and Hannah Scates
Schmucker, Samuel David, Samuel Simon Schmucker, and Mary Catherine Steenbergen Schmucker
Scholes, Thomas Coggin, and Harriet C. Happing Scholes
Scoble, John
Scott, Anna, and Sam Scott
Scott, Anthony
Scott, Dred, and Harriet Robinson Scott
Scott, John Bentley, and Mary Elizabeth Rissler Scott
Scott, John Witherspoon, and Mary Potts Neal Scott
Second Presbyterian Church, New Albany, Indiana
Seeton, Lucius, and Rosey Weatherby Seeton
Servos, Peter Claus
Settles, Joseph, and Mary Alice Settles
Sewall, Samuel Edmund
Seward, William Henry, and Frances Adeline Miller Seward
Sexton, Pliny, and Pliny Titus Sexton, Jr.
Shadd, Abraham Doras, and Harriet Parnell Shadd
Sharper, Jubilee
Shaw, John, and Zachariah Shaw
Shaw, Nace
Shaw, Thomas, Nicolas Stott Shaw, and Anna Howard Shaw
Shearman, Silas, and Mary Hunt Shearman
Shelledy, Amanda, and Carey Dayton Shelledy
Shelton, Wallace
Shephard, Harriet
Sheridan, Daniel
Shipherd, Fayette, Catharine Schermerhorn Shipherd, and John Jay Shipherd
Shipherd, Jacob Rudd
Shipman, Charles
Shockey, Samuel, and Nancy Ward Shockey
Shugart, Zachariah
Siebert, Wilbur Henry
Simcoe, John Graves
Simmons, William James
Sims, Marcus
Sims, Thomas M.
Sinnett, Joseph
Skinner, Thomas
Slade, Albion K., and Mary Bridges Canedy Slade
Slater, Med
slave recovery
slave tokens
slaves, runaway
Sleeper, Buddell, and Elizabeth Welch Sleeper
Sleet, Will
Sloane, Rush Richard, and Sarah Elizabeth Morrison Sloane
Sloman, Mark
Sly, Eliza
Small, Edward, and Mary Ann Hanna Small
Smalls, Robert
Smallwood, Elizabeth Beedon, and Michael Smallwood
Smallwood, Thomas
Smedley, Robert Clemens
Smith (Adam and Maria) Family
Smith, Benjamin, Elizabeth Keese Smith, Stephen Keese Smith, and Jane Keese Smith
Smith, Channing, and Eliza Beebe Smith
Smith, Charles, and Flora Ann Smith
Smith, Eliza Colton, and Marsh Smith
Smith, Gerrit, and Ann Carroll Fitzhugh Smith
Smith, James, and Margaret Smith
Smith, James Lawrence, and Cordelia Goodrich Smith
Smith, James McCune
Smith, John J.
Smith, John Wesley
Smith, Joseph, Tacy Shoemaker Smith, and Rachael Smith
Smith, Joseph R.
Smith, Joshua Bowen
Smith, Laura Ann
Smith, Lydia Hamilton
Smith, Samuel A.
Smith, Stephen
Snow, Benjamin, Jr., and Mary Baldwin Boutolle Snow
Snow, Loum
Snyder, Otho
Some Recollections of Our Antislavery Conflict (1869)
Somerset, James
Sortore, Effie Ann Brundage, and Elisha Sortore
Sortore, William M., Sr., and Cynthia Diana Clark Sortore
Soule, Amasa R., Silas Stillman Soule, and William Lloyd Garrison Soule
Spalding, Lyman Austin, and Amy Pound Spalding
Speakman, Micajah, Phebe Smith Speakman, and William Allibone Speakman
Spear, John Murray
Speer, Robert West, and Sarah Jamison Speer
Spencer, Nathan Holly, Louisa Barhite Spencer, and Christiana Torrence Spencer
Spencer, Persis Warren Duty, and Platt Rogers Spencer
Spencer, Peter
Sperry, Anna Case, and Ira Sperry
Spradling, Washington, Sr.
Stanford, Algy
Stanton, Benjamin
Starkweather, Haynes Kingsley, and Almira Lucinda Merrick Starkweather
Stauffer, Daniel, and Elizabeth Bardonne Stauffer
Staunton, Green
Stearns, George Luther, and Mary Elizabeth Preston Stearns
Steel, William, Sr., and Elizabeth Lowry Steel
Stephens, Sarah Morton, Lemuel Stephens, and Phoebe Stephens
Stevens, James
Stevens, Thaddeus
Stevenson, James Findley, and Elizabeth Waters Stevenson
Steward, Austin
Stewart, Alvan
Stewart, John E.
Stewart, John N.
Stewart, Peter
Stiles, Ransom, and Hannah Proudfit Stiles
Still, Peter Friedman, and Lavinia Still
Still, William
Stoddard, Noah
Stone, John, and Charlotte Putnam Loring Stone
Stoneman, Joseph, and Grace Whitlock Stoneman
Stormont, David, and Mary Ann Clark Stormont
Storum, Sarah, and William Storum
Stout, Ephraim, and Mary J. Beals Stout
Stowe, Harriet Beecher, and Calvin Ellis Stowe
Stowell, Martin
Street, John, and Ann Ogden Street
Strong, Carolyn Blodgett, and William Jagger Strong
Stuart, Charles
Stubbs (Joel Henry and Margaret Alma Robbins) Family
Sturge, Joseph
Subterranean Pass Way
Sumner, Charles
Swan, Benjamin Chestnut, and Hannah Cowgill Swan
Swisshelm, Jane Grey Cannon
Taber, William
Taber, William Congdon
Tabor, Joseph
Tait, Samuel, and Amelia Calvin Tait
Tallman, William Morrison, and Emeline Dexter Tallman
Tappan, Arthur, and Lewis Tappan
Tappan, Samuel Forster, Jr.
Tappan, Sarah Jackson
Taylor, Adeline, and William Taylor
Taylor, David, and Charles B. Taylor
Taylor, James N.
Taylor, Joseph C., and Jane M. White Taylor
Taylor (Mary Ann and Owen) Family
Taylor, Oscar, and Martha Malvina Snow Taylor
Teagarden, Isaac, and Sarah Ann Parker Teagarden
Teamoh, George
Teesdale, John
Tefft, Joseph, and Chloe Heath Tefft
Teller, Henry, and Rosalinda Porter Teller
Tetirick, Elias, and Sarah Ford Tetirick
Thacher (Otis and Hannah Kennedy Graves) Family
Thomas, Avis Stanton, and Jesse Thomas, Jr.
Thomas, John
Thomas, John, and Smithey Newsom Thomas
Thomas, Joseph Stanton, and Minerva A. Robb Thomas
Thomas, Nathan Muncie, and Pamela Smith Brown Thomas
Thomas, William
Thomas, Zebulon, and Mercy Baldwin Thomas
Thome, Arthur, and James Armstrong Thome
Thompson, George
Thompson, James Levi, and Sally Thompson
Thompson, John
Thompson, William Eberle
Thoreau, Henry David, Cynthia Dunbar Thoreau, Helen Thoreau, and Sophia Thoreau
Thorne, J. Williams
Thorne, William J., and Mary Charles Thorne
Throop, Horatio Nelson, and Ledyard Throop
Thurman, Fountain
Thurston, Brown
Tibbets, John Coombs, and Sarah Ann Nelson Tibbets
Tibbets, Samuel, Susanna Coombs Tibbets, and Isabel Tibbets
Tilton, Theodore
Todd, John, and Martha Atkins Todd
Toogood, Mary
Topp, William H., and Eliza Topp
Torrey, Charles Turner, and Mary Ide Torrey
Touro Synagogue
Townsend, Henry
Townsend, Ruth Mosher, and Thomas Townsend
Towt, John W.
Travis, Richard
Trowbridge, Theron, and Annis Chappel Case Trowbridge
Trumbull, John, and Laura Dunbar Trumbull
Truth, Sojourner
Tryon, Amos S., and Josiah Tryon
Tubman, Harriet Ross
Turner, Asa, Jr.
Turner, Augustus, and Josephina Turner
Turner, Jonathan Baldwin, and Rhodolphia S. Kibbe Turner
Tuttle, Isaiah, and Ruth Wilson Tuttle
Tuttle, Lucy Livermore Burpee, and Uriel Tuttle
Uncle Tom's Cabin: or, Life Among the Lowly (1852)
Underground Railroad
The Underground Railroad (book, 1872)
The Underground Railroad (sculpture, 1993)
Underhill, Ann Carpenter, and Samuel Underhill
Updegraff (Thomas and Elizabeth Rothrock) Family
Van Emburgh, Albert, Annetje Zabriskie Van Emburgh, and Cornelia Blauvelt Van Emburgh
Van Hoesen, Garret S., Jr., and Lana Van Buskirk Van Hoesen
Van Lew, Elizabeth
Van Pelt, Lucretia
Van Rensselaer, Thomas
Van Zandt, John, and Nancy Northcott Van Zandt
Varick, James
Vashon, John Baton, George Boyer Vashon, and Susan Paul Smith Vashon
Vickers (John and Abigail Paxson) Family
vigilance committees
Vincent, James, and Mary Sheldon Vincent
Viney, Moses
Vosburgh, Robert, and Abigail Vosburgh
Wade, Benjamin Franklin
Wadsworth, Timothy, and Mary Gillette Wadsworth
Wagoner, Henry O., and Susan M. Lyons Wagoner
Wainer, Thomas
Wakeman, William, and Polly Hurlbutt Wakeman
Wales, Thomas Montgomery, and Harriet R. Fallis Wales
Walker, David
Walker, Jonathan
Wall, Orindatus Simon Bolivar, and Amanda A. Thomas Wall
Wallace, Howard
Wallace, William
Wallcut, Robert F.
Walls, John Freeman, and Jane King Walls
Walter, Albert G., and Frances Ann Butler Walter
Walton, Asa, and Mary Taylor Walton
Wanzer, Frank, and Emily Foster Wanzer
Ward, Anthony A., and Mary Jane Foster Ward
Ward, Joshua
Ward, Matilda, and Samuel Ward
Ward, Samuel Ringgold, William Ward, and Anne Ward
Ware, Jacob Reed, and Almira Wallace Ware
Warrant, Thomas
Washington, Charles, and Harry Washington
Washington, Lewis
Waters, Asa, II, and Susan Holman Waters
Waters, Hamilton E.
Watkins, James
Watkins, Levi, and Lucina D. Kibbee Watkins
Watkins, William
Watson, Eliza, and Henry Watson
Watson, Jack, and Nannie Watson
Watson, James Henry
Way, Henry H., and Rachel Manlove Way
Webber, Amos
Webber, Charles T.
Webber, George Enoch, and Jane Ann Woodruff Webber
Webster, David, and Hannah Post Webster
Webster, Delia Ann
Weed, Edward Thurlow, and Catherine Ostrander Weed
Weeks, Edward, and Hannah Diamond Weeks
Weeks, Israel Simpson
Weems, Ann Maria
Weisselberg, Maria Anna Von Groos
Weld, Theodore Dwight
Weldon, Bridget Mead, and John Weldon
Wells (John Howard and Julia Ward) Family
Wells, Randal S.
Wert, John, Peter Wert, and Lydia McClasky Wert
Wertz, David, Elizabeth Emerick Wertz, Hiram Wertz, and Elizabeth Hess Middour Wertz
West, Augustus, and Harriet Peyton West
West, David, Sarah Chapin West, and Lucinda Rose Wells West
Weymouth, Susan Marshall, and William Henry Weymouth
Wheaton, Charles Augustus, and Ellen Douglas Birdseye Wheaton
Wheaton, Jesse Childs, Orinda Gary Wheaton, Harriet E. Record Wheaton, and Warren Lyon Wheaton
Wheeler, James Taylor, and Jerusha A. Young Wheeler
Wheeler, John Brooks, Sarah Ann Worthington Hopkins Wheeler, and Mary Constance Rignall Wheeler
Whinery, Harriet Burson, and John Carroll Whinery
Whipper, William J., and Harriet Lee Smith Whipper
White, Armenia Smith Aldrich, and Nathaniel White
White, Ellen Gould Harmon
White, Horace, Clara Dickson White, Hamilton White, and Sarah Randolph Rich White
White, Isabella
White, Jacob C., Sr., and Elizabeth White
White, Stephen Van Culen, and Eliza Matilda Chandler White
Whitmore, Zolva, and Cynthia Ann Bartlett Whitmore
Whitson, Cyrus
Whitson, Moses, and Elizabeth Taylor Whitson
Whitson, Thomas, and Martha Hobson Whitson
Whittier, John Greenleaf
Wiener, Theodore
Wiggins, James
Wigglesworth, Fanny
Wilbur, Esther Nichols, and Job Wilbur
Wild Cat
Wilkerson, Milly, and Tom Wilkerson
Wilkins, James Andy, Lucinda Wright Wilkins, and Charles Wilkins
Wilkinson, Perry
Willard, Julius Alphonso, Almira Cady Willard, and Samuel Guild Willard
Williams, Austin Franklin, and Jennet Cowles Williams
Williams, Emma Wightman, and Marcellus Alphonso Williams
Williams, Harrison
Williams, Henry (1806-?)
Williams, Henry (fl. 1830s)
Williams, Isaac D.
Williams, James
Williams, Reuel, and Sarah Lowell Cony Williams
Williams, Wesley
Williams, Wolcott Bigelow
Williamson, Passmore, and Mercy Knowles Taylor Williamson
Williamson, Seymour C.
Willis, Samuel
Williston, John Payson, Sr., and Cecilia Lyman Williston
Wilson, David Morrison, and Joseph Gardner Wilson
Wilson, Hiram K.
Wilson, James (ca. 1798-?)
Wilson, James (fl. 1850s)
Wilson, John T.
Wilson, Robert
Wilson, Samuel, Mary Cunningham Wilson, and Harriet Nesmith Wilson
Wing, Asa Sylvester, and Caroline M. Mitchell Wing
Winslow, Comfort Hussey, Nathan Winslow, Isaac Winslow, and Sarah Hussey Winslow
Winters, William
Wires, Salmon P.
Wise, Harry
Wolff, John H., and Abbie Wolff
Wood, Day, and Eliza Jackson Wood
Wood, William P.
Woodmansee, Thomas, Mary Taylor Woodmansee, George Woodmansee, and James Woodmansee
Woods, William Wood, and Martha Jane Thomson Woods
Woodson, Lewis W., and Caroline Robinson Woodson
Woodward, Maris D., and Margaretta A. O'Daniel Woodward
Woolman, John
Worcester, James McRoberts, and Sarah Adaline Hill Worcester
Work, Alanson, Amelia A. Forbes Work, and Henry Clay Work
Wright, Alexander, Jr., Margaret Porter Wright, Margaret Bevington Wright, and Margaret Young Wright
Wright, Erastus, Jane Gardner Wright, and Lucy Barrows Wright
Wright, Hepsibah Coats, and John Prior Wright
Wright, Isaac
Wright, Jonathan, and Mary Bateman Wright
Wright, Leeds
Wright, Martha Coffin Pelham, and David Wright
Wright, Oswell
Wright, Phebe Wierman, and William Wright
Wright, Samuel Guild, and Minerva Hart Wright
Wright, Theodore Sedgwick
Young, John
Young, Joshua, and Mary Elizabeth Plympton Young
Young, Loyal, and Margaret P. Johnston Young
Zimmerman, John Dimond, and Julia Ann Zimmerman
Appendix A: Genealogies
Appendix B: Passengers of the Underground Railroad
Appendix C: Underground Railroad Operatives by State and Province
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