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Religion and Film: A Reader
Introduction to the Reader
Part 1. The Dawn of Cinema: Adherents and Detractors
		Introduction to Part 1
1.	Herbert Jump, from "The Religious Possibilities of the Motion Picture" (1910) 
2.	D.G. Phalke, from "The Problem of Capital Formation in the Indian Cinema" (1917)
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5.	Pope Pius XI, from Vigilanti cura (1936) 
Part 2. The Birth of Film Theory: Realism, Formalism, and Religious Vision
			Introduction to Part 2
6.	Jean Epstein, from "On Certain Characteristics of Photogénie" (1924) 
7.	Antonin Artaud, from "Sorcery and the Cinema" (1927) 
8.	Andre Bazin, from "Le Journal d'un Curé" (1951) 
9.	Stan Brakhage, from "Metaphors on Vision" (1963)
Part 3. Global Perspectives: Directors and Critics
			Introduction to Part 3
A. African and Middle-Eastern Perspectives
			Introduction to Part 3.A
10.	Amos Gitai, from "In a Harsh Light" (2000)
11.	Abbas Kiarostami, from "In Dialogue with Kiarostami" (1998)
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B. Asian and Australasian Perspectives
			Introduction to Part 3.B
18.	Rachel Dwyer, from Filming the Gods: Religion and Indian Cinema (2006) 
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C. European Perspectives
			Introduction to Part 3.C
27.	Lloyd Baugh, from "The Masterpiece: The Gospel According to St Matthew" (1997)
28.	Ingmar Bergman, from the Introduction to The Seventh Seal (1968)
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D. South and North American Perspectives 
			Introduction to Part 3.D
35.	Woody Allen, from Woody Allen on Woody Allen. (1994)
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46.	Judith Weisenfeld, from "Projecting Blackness: African-American Religion in the Hollywood Imagination" (2004)
Part 4: Theological and Biblical Approaches to Analysing Film
Introduction to Part 4
A. Theological Dialogues
47.	Roy Anker, from Catching Light: Looking for God in the Movies (2004)
48.	Christopher Deacy, from Faith in Film (2005) 
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53b. Jolyon Mitchell and S. Brent Plate, ¿Viewing and Writing on the Passion of the Christ¿
53.	Theresa Sanders, from Celluloid Saints: Images of Sanctity in Film
B. Biblical Connections:
54.	Eric Christianson, from Cinéma Divinité: Religion, Theology and the Bible in Film (2005)
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58.	Adele Reinhartz, from Scripture on the Silver Screen (2003)
59.	Erin Runions, from How Hysterical: Identification and Resistance in the Bible and Film (2003)
Part 5. Recent Reflections on the Relation between Religion and Film 
			Introduction to Part 5
60.	Michael Bird, from "Film as Hierophany" (1982)
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Acknowledgements (Probably at start of book)

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