Table of contents for We begin here : poems for Palestine and Lebanon / edited by Kamal Boullata & Kathy Engel.

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Table of Contents
Introduction					Kamal Boullata
							Kathy Engel
Part I		And Not Surrender
			The Three Magis
			Line drawing by Kamal Boullata
			Introduction			Kamal Boullata
And Not Surrender					Sara Miles
Apologies To All the People in Lebanon		June Jordan
The World That Lightning Makes			Samuel.Hazo
Letter To The Editor 					Kathy Engel
Letter From Mona Saudi				Gabrielle S. Edgcomb
Bombing of Tyre					Pablo Medina
Perhaps No Poem But All I Can Say
 And I Cannot be Silent				Denise Levertov
Blood							Naomi Shihab Nye
The Soviet Union Invades Afghanistan		James Scully
For Adnan						Chris Llewellyn
To My Unknown Sister in Beirut			D.H. Melhem
I Hold You Responsible For Everything
 You Do in My Dreams				Kathy Engel
At Fakhani, The Shoe					Sam Hamod
To Sing A Song of Palestine				June Jordan
At The Edge						Barbara Berman
The Bomb That Fell on Abdo's Farm			Gregory Orfalea
Beirut 1982						Etel Adnan
Dear Lebanon						E.Ethelbert Miller
From Bearsville To Palestine				Sara Miles
Memorandum						Yasmin Adib
A time Comes When Silence is Betrayal		Kathy Engel
Pinecones						Gregory Orfalea
Moving TowardsHome				June Jordan
Rosh Ha Shana					Gabrielle S. Edgcomb
Milagros						Jane Creighton
In Sabra						Sam Hamod
In The Middle of the Night in July			Kathy Engel
The Cedar Trees of Lebanon				June Jordan
After Sabra, After Shatila				Dennis Lee
My Humanitarian Response 
 To The War in Lebanon				Sara Miles
Life Support						Kathy Engel
The Color of Reluctance				Samuel Hazo
Part II		Speak Out
		After Guernica (1937)-Beirut, Qana, Tyre (2006)
		Line drawing by John Berger
Speak Out						Lawrence Ferlinghetti
How a Poem Begins					Grace Cavalieri
Tracks							Margaret Gibson
Qana							James Scully
Shredding Innocence					Sam Hamod
Thinking of Rasha, of Beirut				Andy Young
Letters My Prez is Not Sending			Naomi Shihab Nye
News From Beirut					Andy Young
When Earth Is						Alexis De Veaux
No Natural Disaster					Richard Schaaf
Dragon's Teeth					Lawrence Ferlinghetti
For Lebanon						E. Ethelbert Miller
At The End of a Cedar Tree				Nathalie Handal
Equinox						Joy Harjo
Libra in Times of War					Saladin Ahmed 
Here's a Poem						Susan Sherman 
[In this time]						Dennis Brutus
Sunday Outing With Yellow Leaves 			Sarah Browning
Suffer the Little Children				Samuel Hazo
The School Among the Ruins				Adrienne Rich
Between the Rockets and the Songs			Mart¿n Espada
What She Said						Lisa Suhair Majaj	
Into Our						Chris Llewellyn
Elegy to the Twenty Skiers				Naomi Lazard
Actually						Richard Schaaf
History of the Airplane				Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Circles of Lebanon					Andy Young
Burial in the East					E. Ethelbert Miller
Brooklyn, Baghdad, Beirut, Hiroshima		Gale Jackson
Yeah							Robert Bagg
For Which it Stands 					Samuel Hazo
Sunday Morning, Spring				Sarah Browning
Hammurabi, the Exalted Prince Who Made Great
 the Name of Babylon, has Words From the 
 Other Side of death for Donald Rumsfeld		Ariel Dorfman
war dead						Frank Reeve
The Coffin Maker Speaks				Lisa Suhair Majaj
Fuel							Margaret Gibson
Ibn Fadhlan, the Arab Emissary, Encounters 
 Vikings on the Volga River, 922 A.D.		John Balaban
The Blue Cat Writes to his Cousin in Baghdad	Frank Reeve
War Theater						Grace Cavalieri
[I moved as free as light]				Ammiel Alcalay
Where the Body Rests					Elmaz Abinader
Palestine						Etel Adnan
Palestine in April 2003 				Melanie Kaye Kantrowitz
In the Shadow of the Holy Heights 		Raja-e Busailah
Gift							Seema V. Atalla
Donatello's Version					James Scully
50 Years On / Stones in an Unfinished Wall 		Lisa Suhair Majaj
Jerusalem Shadow 					Melanie Kaye Kantrowitz
[Exile]							Dennis Brutus
Dadalab 						James Scully
Holy Land						Seema Atalla
In Hebron						Richard Schaaf
Unmovable						Wade Fletcher
Harvesting Strawberries				Kathy Engel
Moment						Margaret Gibson
Intifada						Samuel Hazo
In a City of Barricades, I Dream of Baghdad	Sarah Browning
Terrorist						Khaled Mattawa
From Reports						Kathryn Levy
There Are Oceans Left to Kill			E. Ethelbert Miller
break							Suheir Hammad
Boxcars (excerpts)					James Scully
Never Again						Jack Hirschman
Enemy of Civilization					Amiri Baraka
break (clustered)					Suhair Hammad
Peace							Sonia Sanchez
Mama Condi						Andy Young
break (word)						Suheir Hammad
Ash							W.S. Merwin
Cold Comfort						Seema V. Atalla
The God of the Weather-Beaten Face			Mart¿n Espada
Yesterday, Today and Next Tomorrow 		Rashidah Ismaili AbuBakr 
Country Life in Wartime				Frank Reeve
In Mosul						Richard Schaaf
Fateema						Grace Cavalieri
Eyes Wide Open					Sam Hamill
The Wall						Grace Cavalieri
Lucy							Hayan Charara
Warning						Kathy Engel
There must be Something Dangerous 
 About a Zoo in Rafah, Palestine			Sam Hamod
Cries of Animals Dying				Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Imperative 						Margaret Gibson
Boy in a Hospital					D.H. Melhem
Connecting Flight					Yasmin Adib
Blues for the Soldiers Who Told You			Mart¿n Espada
[In this our day of darkness]				Ammiel Alcalay
Beirut 2006						Becky Thompson
Beirut							Saladin Ahmed
Beirut							Nathalie Handal
ochres							Tracie Morris
Shouldering the Sky					Elmaz Abinader
Bumper Sticker Blues					Robert Bagg
Homeland Security					Sam Hamill
Questions						Becky Thompson
Optical Illusions					Seema V. Atalla 
Days of 2004						Khaled Mattawa
At La Puerta Escondida				Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Words Only						Kathy Engel
For the Christmas Dead				Frank Reeve

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American poetry -- 21st century.
Arab-Israeli conflict -- Poetry.
Palestine -- Poetry.
Lebanon -- Poetry.