Table of contents for Zoo animal and wildlife immobilization and anesthesia / [edited by] Gary West, Darryl J. Heard, Nigel Caulkett.

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$a$ Contents
I.	Pharmacology and drug delivery	
 1.	Clinical Pharmacology, Kurt A. Grimm and Leigh A. 			Lamont
 2.	Euthanasia, Murray Woodbury 
 3.	Wildlife Analgesia, Karen L. Machin
 4.	Remote Drug Delivery, Ramiro Isaza
5.	Mobile Inhalent Anesthesia Techniques, Bruce Heath
II.	Supportive care, monitoring and complications
6.	Monitoring, Darryl Heard
7.	Cardiovascular and pulmonary support, Craig Mosely and Cornelia Gunkel
 8.	Stress, Jon M. Arnemo and Nigel A. Caulkett
 9.	Thermoregulation, Jeff C.H. Ko and Gary West
10.	Capture Myopathy, Jessica Paterson
 11.	Human Safety during Wildlife Capture, Nigel Caulkett 			and Todd Shury 
III.	Physical restraint
 12.	Capture and Physical Restraint of Zoo and Wild 				Animals, Todd Shury
IV.	Invertebrate, fish, amphibian and reptile anesthesia
 13.	Invertebrates, Cornelia Gunkel and Gregory A. Lewbart
14.	Boney Fish (Lungfish, Sturgeon, and Teleosts), Donald L. Neiffer
15.	Elasmobranchs (Sharks, Rays, and Skates), M. Andrew Stamper
 16.	Amphibians, Mark Stetter
17.	Crocodilian Capture and Restraint, Kent A. Vliet 
 18.	Crocodilians (Crocodiles, Alligators, Caiman, 				Gharial), Gregory J. Fleming
 19.	Squamates (Snakes and Lizards), Mads F. Bertelsen
 20.	Venomous Reptile Restraint and Handling, Frederick B. 			Antonio
21.	Chelonians (Turtles, Tortoises, and Terrapins), Juergen Schumacher
V.	Bird anesthesia
22.	Cagebirds, Michelle G Hawkins and Peter J Pascoe
 23.	Free-Living Waterfowl and Shorebirds, Daniel M. 				Mulcahy
 24.	Ratites, Jessica Siegal-Willott
VI.	Mammal anesthesia
 25.	Monotremes (Echidnas and Platypus), Peter Holz
 26.	Marsupials, Peter Holz
 27.	Insectivores(Hedgehogs, Moles, and Tenrecs), Darryl 			Heard 
 28.	Edentates (Xenartha), Gary West, Tracy Carter, and Jim 		Shaw 
	29.	Tubulidentata and Pholidota, Jennifer Langan
 30.	Chiropterans (Bats), Darryl Heard
 31.	Prosimians, Cathy V. Williams and Randall E. Junge
 32.	Monkeys and Gibbons, Rolf-Arne Øldberg
 33.	Great Apes, Jonathan Sleeman
 34.	Canids, R. Scott Larsen and Terry J. Kreeger
 35.	Bears, Nigel Caulkett
36.	Procyonids and Mustelids, George Kollias and 
Noha Abou-Mahdi
 37.	Viverrids, Anneke Moresco and R. Scott Larsen
38.	Hyenas, Nina Hahn, John M. Parker, Gregory Timmel, Mary Weldele, and Gary West
 39.	Felids, Conny Gunkel and Maud LaFortune
 40.	Phocid Seals, Michael Lynch and Kate Bodley
 41.	Otariid Seals, Martin Haulena
 42.	Walrus, David B. Brunson
 43.	Cetaceans, Chris Dold and Samuel Ridgway
44.	Sirenians (Manatees and Dugongs), Elizabeth J. Chittick and Michael T. Walsh
 45.	Elephants and Hyrax, William A. Horne and Michael R. 			Loomis
46.	Non-Domestic Equids, Chris Walzer
47.	Tapirs, Sonia M. Hernandez-Divers and James Bailey
48.	Rhinoceroses, Robin W. Radcliffe and Peter vdB. Morkel
 49.	Pigs, Luis R. Padilla and Jeff C. H. Ko
 50.	Hippopotami, Michele Miller
 51.	Camelids, Khursheed R Mama
 52.	Giraffidae, Scott B. Citino and Mitchell Bush
 53.	Deer (Cervids), Nigel A. Caulkett and Jerry C. Haigh
	54.	Antelope, Ray L. Ball
	55.	Gazelles, Gary West
	56.	Wild Sheep and Goats, Nigel Caulkett and Jerry C. 			Haigh
	57.	Cattle, Tom Curro
	58.	Bison, Nigel Caulkett and Jerry C. Haigh
 59.	Lagomorphs (Rabbits, Hares, and Pikas), Darryl Heard
 60.	Rodents, Darryl Heard

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Veterinary anesthesia.
Animal immobilization.
Anesthesia -- veterinary.
Animals, Wild.
Animals, Zoo.
Immobilization -- veterinary.