Table of contents for A head start on science : encouraging a sense of wonder / edited by William C. Ritz.

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About the Editor
	Our Theme
	Our Beliefs About Science Education and Young Children
	The Role of Questioning in Science
	The Importance of Science Processes
	Using the Activities
	Respect for Living Things
	Children With Special Needs Can Do Science
	Safely Doing Science With Young Children
	Simple Graphing for Young Childre
	Science Teaching Boards
	Basic Materials List
The Activities [There are 88 activities.]											
The Five Senses								
	Useful Hand Lenses							
	Looking at Me								
	Prism Play									
	Color Walk									
	Shape Walk									
	Light to See									
	Scavenger Hunt								
	Smelly Cans									
	Smelling Flowers								
	Sound: Shake, Rattle, and Roll						
	A Sound Walk								
	Noise Makers								
	A Touch Collage								
	Matching by Touch							
	A Wind Walk								
	A Windy Day								
	Air That Moves								
	My Shadow									
	Shadows on my Playground						
	Where Did the Shadows Go?						
	What Is the Weather Like Today?					
	Snow Tracks and Traces							
	Snow on the Go								
	Keeping Warm: Coats							
Physical Science								
	Whatøs Magnetic?								
	Magnetic Scavenger Hunt						
	Magnetic Force through Objects					
Magnetic Mazes								
	The Magnet Contest ø Which Magnet is Stronger?			
	My Favorite Rock								
	All Kinds of Rocks							
	Balancing Me								
	Building with Blocks							
	Will it Roll?									
	Roller Coasters								
	Marble Painting								
	Bubbles Raising Raisins							
	Critters: Roly-Poly Sow Bugs						
	Critters: Meal Worms							
	Critters: Observing Earthworms						
	Critters: Jumping Crickets						
	Critters: Swimming Fish							
	Critter Camouflage							
	Spider Web Collecting							
	Making a Giant Spider Web						
	Looking for Birds								
	Feeding the Birds								
	Building Bird Nests							
Water and Water Mixtures						
	Looking Through Water							
	Water Painting								
	Absorbing Water								
	Absorbing Colors								
	Water Mixtures								
	Water Drops									
	Water Magic								
	Bubble Makers								
Bubble Bugs								
Sand Sculptures								
Mixing Colors								
Color Designs								
Water Drops as Art							
Making Oobleck								
	Seeds in Our Food								
	Where do Seeds come From?						
	Sorting Seeds								
	How are Seeds Alike?							
	Soaking Seeds								
Seeds to Plants								
	An Ear of Corn								
	What can we do with Our Corn						
	Popping Up Some Change						
	Seeds as Food								
	Seed Wreath									
	Pondering Pumpkins: The Outsides					
	Pondering Pumpkins: The Insides					
Nature Walks									
	Nature Bracelets								
	Observing Weeds								
	Pet Walk									
	Adopting a Tree								
	Visit to a Nursery								
	Branch Puzzles								
	Leaves: Falling for You	

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