Table of contents for Agent of change : print culture studies after Elizabeth L. Eisenstein / edited by Sabrina Alcorn Baron, Eric N. Lindquist, and Eleanor F. Shevlin.

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Part I. Agents, Agency, and Print in Early Modern Europe
1. Errata Lists and the Reader as Corrector, Ann Blair
2. Counterfeit Printing as an Agent of Diffusion and Change: The French Book-Privilege System and Its Contradictions (1498?1790), Jean-Dominique Mellot
3. On the Threshold: Architecture, Paratext, and Early Print Culture, William H. Sherman
4. Moving Pictures: Foxe?s Martyrs and Little Gidding, Margaret Aston
5. Humphrey Moseley and the Invention of English Literature, David Scott Kastan
6. ?On the Behalf of the Printers?: A Late Stuart Printer-Author and Her Causes, Paula McDowell
7. Fixity versus Flexibility in ?A Song on Tom of Danby? and Dryden?s Absalom and Achitophel, Harold Love
Part II. Exchange, Agency, and Adaptation in the Cosmopolitan World of Print
8. Reinventing Gutenberg: Woodblock and Movable-Type Printing in Europe and China, Kai-wing Chow
9. Scotland: International Politics, International Press, Arthur Williamson
10. Change and the Printing Press in Sixteenth-Century Spanish America, Antonio Rodr¡guez-Buckingham
11. The Southern Printer as Agent of Change in the American Revolution, Calhoun Winton
12. The Printing Press and Change in the Arab World, Geoffrey Roper
13. Print and the Emergence of Multiple Publics in Nineteenth-Century Punjab, Vivek Bhandari
14. ?Ki ng? pito e wh? o te ao nei? (To the four corners of this world): Maori Publishing and Writing for Nineteenth-Century Maori-language Newspapers, Jane McRae
Part III: Agency, Technology, and the New Global Media Revolution
15. ?Little Jobs?: Broadsides and the Printing Revolution, Peter Stallybrass
16. What Difference Does Colonialism Make?: Reassessing Print and Social Change in an Age of Global Imperialism, Tony Ballantyne 
17. The Laser Printer as an Agent of Change: Fixity and Fluxion in the Digital Age, Barbara A. Brannon
18. The Cultural Consequences of Printing and the Internet, James A. Dewar and Peng Hwa Ang
19. Seeing the World in Print, Robert A. Gross
20. The Printing Revolution: A Reappraisal, Roger Chartier
A Conversation with Elizabeth L. Eisenstein, Baron, Lindquist, and Shevlin
Appendix A: Publications by Elizabeth L. Eisenstein
Appendix B: Reviews of The Printing Press as an Agent of Change
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