Table of contents for Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler : the age of social catastrophe / by Robert Gellately.

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Part I: Lenin¿s Communist Dictatorship
Chapter 1: First World War and the Russian Revolution
Chapter 2: The ¿October¿ Revolution Becomes a Dictatorship 
Chapter 3: Civil Wars in the Soviet Union
Part II: Rise of German National Socialism
Chapter 4: Nazism and Threat of Bolshevism
Chapter 5: First Nazi Attempt to Seize Power
Chapter 6: Hitler Starts Over
Part III: Stalin Triumphs Over Political Rivals 
Chapter 7: Battle for Communist Utopia
Chapter 8: Lenin¿s Passing, Stalin¿s Victory
Chapter 9: Stalin¿s New Initiatives
Chapter 10: Stalin Solidifies his Grip
Part IV:Germans Make Pact with Hitler
Chapter 11: Nazi Party as Social Movement
Chapter 12: Nazism Exploits Economic Distress
Chapter 13: ¿All Power¿ for Hitler
Part V: Stalin¿s Reign of Terror 
Chapter 14: Fight Against the Countryside
Chapter 15: Terror as Political Practice
Chapter 16: ¿Mass Operations¿
Chapter 17: ¿Cleansing¿ the Soviet Elite
Part VI: Hitler¿s War Against Democracy
Chapter 18: Winning Over the Nation
Chapter 19: Dictatorship by Consent
Chapter 20: Persecution of the Jews in the Pre-War Years
Chapter 21: ¿Cleansing¿ the German Body Politic
Part VII: Stalin and Hitler: Into the Social Catastrophe
Chapter 22: Rival Visions of World Conquest
Chapter 23: German Racial Persecution Begins in Poland
Chapter 24: Hitler and Western Europe
Chapter 25: The Soviet Response
Chapter 26: The War Spreads
Part VIII: Hitler¿s War on ¿Jewish-Bolshevism¿ 
Chapter 27: War of Extermination as Nazi Crusade 
Chapter 28: War against the Communists: Operation Barbarossa 
Chapter 29: War against the Jews: Death Squads in the East 
Chapter 30: Mass Murder and Nazi Death Camps
Part IX: Defeating Hitlerism and the Communist Agenda
Chapter 31: Greatest Crisis in Stalin¿s Career
Chapter 32: Between Surrender and Defiance
Chapter 33: Soviets Hold on, Hitler Grows Vicious
Chapter 34: Ethnic Cleansing in Wartime Soviet Union
Part X: Final Struggle
Chapter 35: From Stalingrad to Berlin
Chapter 36: Stalin Takes the Upper Hand
Chapter 37: End of the Third Reich

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Dictatorship -- History -- 21st century.
Dictatorship -- Case studies.
Lenin, Vladimir Ilich, 1870-1924.
Stalin, Joseph, 1879-1953.
Hitler, Adolf, 1889-1945.
Soviet Union -- Politics and government -- 1917-1936.
Soviet Union -- Politics and government -- 1936-1953.
Germany -- Politics and government -- 1933-1945.