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The Context of 2 Corinthians
Corinth: The City	
Paul's Mission to Corinth
	The Literary Integrity of 2 Corinthians: A Survey of Hypotheses
		The Argument for Literary Unity
		The Two-letter Hypothesis
		The Three-letter Hypothesis
		The Five-letter Hypothesis
Occasion: What Went Wrong at Corinth? Source(s) of the Conflict
	A Theological Postscript
(Note: This commentary follows my reconstruction of the sequence of the letters that 
make up the canonical 2 Corinthians. See the Introduction, pp. )
	A Letter of Appeal for the Offering (8:1-24)
		An Appeal for Generosity (8:1-15)
			Macedonian Generosity Example of Generosity (8:1-7)
			Paul's Appeal (8:8-9)
			Advice to Complete the Offering (8:10-12)
Gifting between Equals (8:13-15)
		Recommendation of the Envoys (8:16-24)
	First Letter in Defense of Paul's Ministry (2:14¿7:4)
		Multiform Defense of Ministry (2:14¿6:10)
			Introductory Section (2:14¿3:6)
God's Triumphal Procession (2:14-17)
				Paul's Defense of the Sufficiency of His Ministry (3:1-6)
			His New Covenant Ministry (3:7¿4:6)
				Glory Compared with Glory, a Reflection (3:7¿11)
				Veiling and Unveiling (3:12-18)
				Conclusion of Apologetic Unit (4:1-6)
			God's Treasure in Mortal Bodies in Paul's Ministry (4:7-15)
			Paul's Ministry Validated in Affliction (4:16¿5:10)
			Paul's Ministry of Reconciliation (5:11¿6:10)
Concluding Appeal (6:11-13; [6:14¿7:1]; 7:2-4)
			An Appeal for an Open-armed Welcome (6:11-13)
			A Non-Pauline Insertion (6:14¿7:1)
			Final Appeal and Defense (7:2-4)
Second Letter of Defense: The "Letter of Tears" (10:1¿13:10)
Paul's Defense and Criticism of his Antagonists (10:1¿13:10)
Appeal through Assurance of Tenderness and Threats (10:1-11)
			Good and Bad Boasting (10:12-18)
			Paul Plays the Fool (11:1¿12:13)
				Plea for Tolerance and Rebuke of Rival Apostles (11:1-15)	
				A Boasting Contest (11:16¿12:13)				
					Introduction to the Speech (11:16-21a)
The Fool's Speech and Paradoxical Boast of 
Weakness (11:21b¿12:10)
Postscript to the Fool's Speech (12:11-13)
Letter Closing, Final Appeal and Warnings (12:14¿13:10)	
Apostolic Parousia and Final Defense (12:14-18)
				Hopes and Fears of the Parousia (12:19-21)
				Final Warnings and Admonitions (13:1-10)
Reconciling Letter (1:1¿2:13; 7:5-16; 13:11-13)
The Salutation (1:1-2)
The Blessing/Thanksgiving (1:3-11)
The Body of the Letter (1:12¿2:13; 7:5-16)
Introduction to the Body of the Letter (1:12-14)
Recollecting and Reconstructing a Painful Past (1:15¿2:4)
Reflections on Their Discipline of the Offender (2:5-11)
Paul's Anguished Wait on the Outcome of Titus's Reconciling
Mission (2:12-13)
Paul and Titus Rendezvous (7:5-16) 
Titus Brings Good News (7:5-7)
Good Grief Wrought by the "Letter of Tears" (7:8-13a)
Titus's Consolation and Paul's Confidence in the 
Corinthians (7:13b-16)
Paul's Concluding Injunctions and Grace (13:11-13)
Offering Letter to Churches in Achaia (9:1-15)
The Offering Campaign's Final Phase (9:1-5)
God as the Source of Generous Sowing and Reaping (9:6-10)
Results to Come from Receiving and Scene Shift (9:11-15)
A Postscript
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