Table of contents for Biomedical ethics for engineers: ethics and decision making in biomedical and biosystem engineering / Daniel A. Vallero.

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	Done is Good 
	Structure and Pedagogy
Prologue: Bioethics: Discovery through Design	
	A Different Approach to Bioethics
	Arguments For and Against Case Analysis
	Driver's Education Analogy
	Example Cases: Priming the Pump
	Case Analysis
	Notes and Commentary
Chapter 1
Bioethics: A Creative Approach
	Thought Experiments
	Teachable Moment: Trust
	The Principle of Double Effect
	Teachable Moment: The Engineer as Agent versus Judge
	Teachable Moment: Who Was Van Rensselaer Potter?
	Credat Emptor
	Teachable Moment: Capital Punishment, Abortion, and the Definition of Human Life	
	The Good Engineer
	Feedback and Enhancement of Design
	Teachable Moment: The Good Engineer
	The Profession of Engineering by Herbert Hoover
	Engineering Bioethics and Morality
	Ethics and the Butterfly Effect
	"Small" Error and Devastating Outcomes
	The Profession of Engineering by Herbert Hoover
	Technology, Engineering and Economics
	Teachable Moment: The Dismal Science versus the Technological Optimist
	Engineering Competence
	Engineering: Both Integrated and Specialized
	Who Is a Professional?
	What Is Technical?
	Systematics: Incorporating Ethics in the Design Process
	Notes and Commentary
Chapter 2
Bioethics and the Engineer
	Major Bioethical Areas
	Cloning and Stem Cell Research
	Teachable Moment: Nanog
	Human Enhancement
	Patenting Life
	Teachable Moment: Patenting Germplasm
	Organ Transplantation
	Responsible Conduct of Human Research
	Animal Testing
	Genetically Modified Organisms
		Transgenic Species
	Environmental Health: The Ethics of Scale and the Scale of Ethics
	Temporal Aspects of Bioethical Decisions: Environmental Case Studies
		Agent Orange
		Japanese Metal Industries
	More than Size
		Love Canal
		Times Beach
	Teachable Moment: The Whole Is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts
	Active Engineering
	Ethical Theories: A Primer
		Psychological Aspects of Ethics
		Value as a Bioethical and Engineering Concept
		Technical Optimism versus Dismal Science
	Notes and Commentary
Chapter 3
An Engineered Future: Human Enhancement
	Professional Zeitgeist: How Engineers Think 
	Improvement versus Enhancement
	Engineering Intuition
	Creativity and Bioethics
	The Ethical Quandary of Enhancement
	Scientific Dissent
	Notes and Commentary
Chapter 4
The Bioethical Engineer
	Codes of Ethics: Words to Live By
	The Code of Hammurabi
	Limitations of Codes of Ethics
	Risk Shifting: Organochlorine Pesticides
	Groupthink and the Right of Conscience
	Teachable Moment: Confined Animal Feeding Operations
	Making Ethical Decisions in Engineering
	Four Persons Who Changed the Way We Think about Nature
	Notes and Commentary
Chapter 5
Bioethical Research and Technological Development
	Beyond Regulation
	Teachable Moment: The Therapeutic Misconception
	The Experiment
	The Hypothetico-Deductive Method
	Research Conflict of Interest
	Teachable Moment: Truth and Turtles
	Technology: Friend and Foe
	Teachable Moment: Medical Device Risk
		Risk Homeostasis and the Theory of Offsetting Behavior		
		Automation and Mechanization of Medicine
		Professional Consideration: Do Engineers Have Patients?
	Technological Reliability
	Information Technology
	The Ethics of Nanotechnology
	Notes and Commentary
Chapter 6
Bioethical Success and Failure
	Teachable Moment: Engineering Measurement
	Measurements of Success and Failure
	Technological Success and Failure
	Risk as a Bioethical Concept
	Safety, Risk, and Reliability in Design
	Probability: The Mathematics of Risk and Reliability
	Choose Your Risk
	Reliability: An Ethics Metric
	Reducing Risks
	Risk as an Ethical Concept
	Risk-Based Ethics: The Syllogism Revisited
	Biographical Box: Sir Bradford Hill
	Notes and Commentary
Chapter 7
Analyzing Bioethical Success and Failure
	Medical Device Failure: Human Factors Engineering
	Utility as a Measure of Success 
		Failure Type 1: Mistakes and Miscalculations
		Failure Type 2: Extraordinary Natural Circumstances
		Failure Type 3: Critical Path
		Failure Type 4: Negligence
		Failure Type 5: Lack of Imagination
	Bioterrorism: The Engineer's Response
		Social Response of Engineering to Terrorism
	Success Paradigms
 	Characterizing Success and Failure
	Case Analysis
	Notes and Commentary
Chapter 8
Justice and Fairness as Engineering Concepts
	Fairness and Distributive Justice
	Discussion Box: Harm and the Hippocratic Oath
	Example Box: Disposal of a Slightly Hazardous Waste
	Discussion Box: Subjectivity in Physical Science
	Professional Virtue and Empathy
	Teachable Moment: Albert Schweitzer and the Respect for Life
	Professionalism and Fairness
	Teachable Moment: Abortion, Fairness, and Justice
	Teachable Moment: Utility and Futility
	Precaution as a Bioethical Concept
	The Tragedy of the Commons
	The Bioethics of Combustion
	Notes and Commentary
Chapter 9
Sustainable Bioethics
	Green Is Good
	Garrett Hardin and Rational Ethics
	Life Cycles and Concurrent Engineering
	Case Study Box: SIDS, A Concurrent Engineering Failure
	Discussion Box: The Coffee Cup Debate
	Systematic Bioethics
		Seveso Plant Disaster
		Poverty and Pollution
	Notes and Commentary
Chapter 10
Engineering Wisdom
	Ethics and Chaos
	Macroethics and Microethics
	Future Directions
	The Humble Engineer
	Notes and Commentary
Epilogue: Practical Bioethics
	Bioethics Resources for the Engineer
	Suggested Readings
		Ethics of Emerging Technologies
		Ethical Analysis, Reasoning, and Decision Making
		Macroethics and Societal Risk
		Teaching Engineering Macroethics
		Teaching Engineering Microethics
	Useful Websites
Appendix 1
National Society of Professional Engineers - Code of Ethics for Engineers
Appendix 2
Biomedical Engineering Society Code of Ethics

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Biomedical engineering -- Moral and ethical aspects.
Medical ethics.