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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Teach Math? Me?
What Is Math?
Literacy and No Child Left Behind (NCLB)
Math and Literacy
Math Standards
Curriculum Focal Points
How to Use This Book
Chapter 2: Number Sense and Numeration
What Is a Number? 
What Is Number Sense? 
What Is Numeration? 
The Developmental Levels of Counting
NAEYC and NCTM Standards
Activities That Teach Numeration and Number Sense
	"Leaves Are Falling"
	"Leaves Are Falling" Interactive Chart
	Number Bag
	Number/Number Word Bag Match
	Days-of-the-Month Calendar Collage
	Number Rings
	Balloon Launch
	Number Bracelets
	I Spy Numbers Book 
	Number Bottle 
	Before-and-After Calendar Days
	Pompom Counting 
	Matching Pompoms to Dots
	Pompom Toss
	The Apple Thief
	Block Cleanup Cards 
	Matching and Counting Numbers on Playing Cards 
	Coat Hanger Numbers
	Missing Numbers
	Card Game
	Ordinal Counting
	"Ely and the Five Little Piglets" 
Chapter 3: Computation and Estimation
What Is Computation? 
What Is Subtraction?
What Is Addition? 
What Is Estimation?
Activities That Teach Computation
	Adding Beads Through a PVC Plumbing Elbow
	Button Spill
	Adding Domino Dots 
	Adding a Die-Inside-a-Die
	12 Ways to Get to 11 
	Finger Ring Addition
	Subtraction (or Addition) Using a Lunch Bag Number Book
	Addition on Fold-Out Flaps
	Block Building Cards
	Addition and Subtraction Using Library Pockets
	Number Sentence Bracelet
	Adding Using Playing Cards
	Adding and Subtracting Using a License Plate
	"Five Round Pumpkins"
Activities That Teach Estimation
	Model Estimation Station
	Estimation Station Ideas 
	Estimation Station
	Throughout the Day Estimates 
	Pompom Grab 
	School-to-Home-and-Back Estimation Jar or Box
Chapter 4: Measurement, Seriation, Time, and Money 
What Is Measurement?
What Is Seriation? 
What Is Time?
A Few Words About Time
The Vocabulary of Time
What Is Money?
Developmental Stages of Measurement
Activities That Teach Measurement
	Tape Measure
	Daily Temperature
	Track the Weather
	Kitchen Scale
	Weighing and Charting Children's Weight
	Measuring Height Using Adding Machine Tape 
	Measuring with Pompoms
Activities That Teach Seriation
	Seriate Paint Color Sample Cards 
	Pompom Seriation 
Activities That Teach About Time
	Things-to-Do-in-One-Minute List 
	Using a Timer to Time Events 
	Timeline of Important School Events 
	Announcement Clock
	Schedule of Daily Events
	Alarm Clock Time 
	The "What Happens Over Time?" Book
	Appointment Book
	The "What Time Do I Get Up in the Morning?" Chart
Activities That Teach About Money
	100 Day Celebration
	Fan Folded, Penny-Date Progression Card
	"Jingle in My Pocket" 
	"Jingle in My Pocket" Chart	
	"Jingle in My Pocket" Pop-Up Cards
	Piggy Bank Coin Counting
	Coin Puzzles
	Hunt, Count, and Buy
	Coins Around the World 
	Coin Date Line 
Chapter 5: Geometry and Spatial Sense
What Is Geometry? 
What Is Spatial Sense? 
Activities That Teach Basic Shapes
	Geometric Shape Hunting
	Aren't You Glad Your Name Isn't Unit Block?
	Making Geometric Shapes in Gel
	Spongy Geometry
	Painting on Shapes Cut from Easel Paper
	What's the Shape Under the Flap?
	Rubbings of Shapes 
	Feeling for Shapes in a Bag 
	CD Case Geometry 
	Geometric Shapes in Architecture
	Neighborhood Walk
	Neighborhood Walk Tab Book 
	Shapes in the Neighborhood
	What Shapes Do You See?
	The "I Spy Shapes" Game
	How to Eat Geometry 
	Cookie Cutter Shapes 
	Straw-and-Pipe-Cleaner Shapes
	Assembling Shapes to Make Playing Card Suits
	Frame-a-Shape Game
Activities That Teach About Spatial Sense
	Build in a Box
	Classroom Photograph Puzzle
	"Up and Down" 
	Geometric Words in Block Construction
	Placing Doll Furniture in the Block Center
	Obstacle Course
	Take-a-Place Command (or "Where Are You?")
	"Shuffle, Bend, Slide, and Wave" 
Chapter 6: Sorting, Classifying, Graphing, Data Analysis, and Probability
What Is Sorting?
What Is Classifying?
What Is an Attribute?
What Is Graphing?
What Is Data Analysis?
What Is Probability?
Activities That Teach Sorting, Classifying, Graphing, Data Analysis, and 
	Which Shoes Do You Choose?
	"A Barefoot Walker's Shoes"
	The Mixed-Up Pompom Sort
	The Button Box 
	Button Graph 
	Crayon Color Bar Graph
	Weather Graph
	Whole Body Graph 
	Photo Graphs
	Cube-Me Graph
	Bag a Graph
	Yes-and-No Graph Bag
	A Year of Graphs
	Venn Diagram Shoe Sort
	Coin Flip Tally
	Jug Tally 
Chapter 7: Patterns and Number Relationship
What Are Patterns?
What Are Number Relationships?
Looking for Patterns
Levels of Pattern Recognition Skills
Activities That Teach Patterning Skills and Number Relationships
	Words with Movement: Snap, Clap, Snap, Clap (ABAB)
	Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl Pattern Game (ABAB)
	Outside Patterns
	Inside Patterns 
	Calendar Patterns 
	Patterns on a Geoboard 
	Block Pattern Cards
	Complete-the-Pattern Paper Bag Game 
	Playing Card Pattern Game
	Photograph Patterns
	Patterns with Buttons 
	Patterns with Pompoms
	"Cup Tapping" Patterns 
	Symmetry and Blocks
	Symmetry and Mylar Mirrors 
	String Painting Symmetry 
	Symmetry Puzzle 
	Reflections on Symmetry
Chapter 8: Problem Solving and Reasoning
What Is Problem Solving?
What Is Reasoning?
The Problem-Solving Process
Activities That Teach Problem Solving and Reasoning
	The Little Plant That Could
	How Many Children Will Be Having Lunch in the Cafeteria Today?
	How Do You Make a Jelly Sandwich with One Slice of Bread?
	Where Is Sarah?
	How Many Swings on the Playground Swing Make One Turn (on the 
	How Can Home Center Cans and Boxes Be Put on the Shelf So They Can 
Be Seen and Used Easily? 
	What Is a Short Distance, and What Is a Long Distance?
	How Many Days Until Our Thanksgiving Feast?
Chapter 9: Putting It All Together: A Pizza Unit of Study
	"Five Round Pizzas" 
	Pizza Crusts
	Take a Pizza Poll
	Pizza Graph
	How Do You Make Pizza? 
	What's on a Pizza Face?
	Felt Pizza?
	The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza 
	Pizza Party
	Pizza Tools
	NCTM Standards
	Matrix of NCTM Standard and Activities

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