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Table of Contents 
Part One: The Decade of the 1850¿s and the Coming of the War
[NL]	1)	A Single Issue?
[NL]	2)	Expansion and State¿s Rights
[NL]	3)	It Wasn¿t All Slavery (Issue of Slavery)
[NL]	4)	The Tragedy of Human Cargo
[NL]	5)	The Nat Turner Rebellion
[NL]	6)	The Fugitive Slave Act
[NL]	7)	John C. Calhoun
[NL]	8)	William Garrison
[NL]	9)	John Brown
[NL]	10)	Frederick Douglass
[NL]	11)	The Dred Scott Decision
[NL]	12)	The Many Voices of Abolition
[NL]	13)	Bleeding Kansas
[NL]	14)	Secession
[NL]	15)	The Mason-Dixon Line
[NL]	16)	The Union
[NL]	17)	Union Politics
[NL]	18)	The Confederate States
[NL]	19)	The Border States
[NL]	20)	Making Armies and Officers
[NL]	21)	Union and Confederate Cabinet Officers
[NL]	22)	European Reactions and the Embargoes
[NL]	23)	The Lincoln-Douglas Debates
[NL]	24)	Stephen Douglas
[NL]	25)	Jefferson Davis
[NL]	26)	Hannibal Hamlin
[NL]	27)	Alexander H. Stephens
[NL]	28)	Mary Todd Lincoln
[NL]	29)	Varina Howell Davis
[NL]	30)	Politics and Generals
[NL]	31)	Ulysses S. Grant
[NL]	32)	Robert E. Lee
[NL]	33)	Other Important Military Figures
Part Two: The Major Battles
[NL]	34)	Soldiers
[NL]	35)	Changing Face of Warfare
[NL]	36)	The Funding of the War
[NL]	37)	The Fall of Ft. Sumter, 1861
[NL]	38)	The 1st Battle of Bull Run
[NL]	39)	The Battle of Shiloh
[NL]	40)	The Battle of Antietam
[NL]	41)	The Battle of Chancellorsville
[NL]	42)	The Battle of Gettysburg
[NL]	43)	The Battle of Chickamauga
[NL]	44)	The Battle of Chattanooga
[NL]	45)	The Battle of the Wilderness
[NL]	46)	The Battle of Spotsylvania
[NL]	47)	The Campaign and Siege of Atlanta 
[NL]	48)	The Battle of Nashville
[NL]	49)	The Siege of Petersburg
[NL]	50)	Naval Warfare
[NL]	51)	The Battle of New Orleans
[NL]	52)	The Battle of Memphis
[NL]	53)	The Battle of Mobile Bay
[NL]	54)	The Monitor vs. the Merrimack
Part Three: The Weapons of War
[NL]	55)	Small Arms
[NL]	56)	Muskets and Rifles
[NL]	57)	Handguns
[NL]	58)	Swords and Sabers
[NL]	59)	Artillery
[NL]	60)	The Ironclads
[NL]	61)	Uniforms
[NL]	62)	The Average Soldier¿s Clothes
[NL]	63)	Flags of the North and South
[NL]	64)	Music on the Battlefield
Part Four: The Horrors of War
[NL]	65)	Camp Life
[NL]	66)	Battlefield Conditions
[NL]	67)	Casualties
[NL]	68)	POWs
[NL]	69)	Andersonville
[NL]	70)	Battlefield Medicine
[NL]	71)	Angels on the Battlefield: Clara Barton and Dorothea Dix
[NL]	72)	War Doctors
[NL]	73)	African American Soldiers
[NL]	74)	The Massachusetts 54th
[NL]	75)	Ethnic Makeup of the Civil War
[NL]	76)	Chronicling the Civil War
[NL]	77)	Mathew Brady and Press Coverage
[NL]	78)	Espionage During the War
[NL]	79)	Women and Children on the Battlefield
 Part Five: The Homefront
[NL]	80)	Effects on the Civilian Population
[NL]	81)	America on the Eve of Destruction
[NL]	82)	Family Life
[NL]	83)	Families Divided
[NL]	84)	City Life
[NL]	85)	Farm Life
[NL]	86)	Plantation Life
[NL]	87)	Religion
Part Six: The End of the Conflict, Reconstruction, and the War¿s Legacy
[NL]	88)	An End in Sight
[NL]	89)	The Final Battles
[NL]	90)	The Hampton Roads Conference
[NL]	91)	The Surrender of Lee
[NL]	92)	Lee¿s Final Order
[NL]	93)	The Lingering War
[NL]	94)	Arlington National Cemetery
[NL]	95)	The Plot Against Lincoln
[NL]	96)	The Capture of Jefferson Davis
[NL]	97)	The 13th Amendment
[NL]	98)	Reconstruction
[NL]	99)	The Freedman¿s Bureau
[NL]	100)	Black Codes
[NL]	101)	Johnson Takes Over: Rejoining the Union

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