Table of contents for The corporate dominatrix : six mistress roles to play to get your way at work / by Lisa Robyn.

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Chapter One: My Big Fat Sadomasochistic Work Life
* Freud for Thought
* Enter the Corporate Dominatrix
* The S&M of the S&P
* Power Becomes You
* Leather & Latex Research
* What Color is Your Corporate Personality?
Chapter Two: The Six Sisters You Never Knew You Had 
* Where Do Your Strengths Lie?
* What¿s Your Dominance Quotient? 
* What¿s Your Dominance Level?
* The Many Faces of Power
Chapter Three
* Archetype One: The Goddess
* What¿s Your Earth Mother Mindset?
* Get in a Goddess State of Mind with Personal Power
* Discipline 1: The Goddess Is Inner Directed
* Rule 1: Face-off with Your Alter Ego
* Discipline 2: The Goddess Has an Altruistic Nature
* Rule 2: No Go on Quid Pro Quo
* Discipline 3: The Goddess is Centered at All Times
* Rule 3: Practice Creative Distancing
* The Dark Side of the Goddess
Chapter Four
* Archetype Two: The Queen
* What¿s Your Matriarchal Mindset?
* Get in a Queen State of Mind with Position Power
* Discipline 1: The Queen Rules with a Velvet Glove Instead of an Iron
* Rule1: Mediate, Don't Dictate!
* Discipline 2: The Queen is a Politician and Actress
* Rule 2: Image and Attitude Awareness Are Key
* Discipline 3:  Queen Is An Empire Builder
* Rule 3: Keep Your Cards Close To Your Chest
* The Dark Side of the Queen
Chapter Five
* Archetype Three: The Governess
* What¿s Your Supervisory Mindset?
* Get in a Governess State of Mind with Expert and Reward Power
* Discipline 1: The Governess is a Task Mistress
* Rule 1: Become an Organizational Whiz
* Discipline 2:  The Governess is a Natural Mentor
* Rule 1: Take Someone Under Your Wing
* Discipline 3: The Governess Knows How to Build Character and Corporate Etiquette
* Rule 2: Reach Out and Touch Someone
* The Dark Side of the Governess
Chapter Six
* Archetype Four: The Amazon
* What¿s your Mercenary Mindset?
* Get in an Amazon State of Mind with Coercive Power
* Discipline 1:  The Amazon is Not Deterred by Defeat
* Rule 1: Practice Healthy Fearlessness
* Discipline 2: The Amazon is Battle Ready
* Rule 2: Make Skill and Preparation Your Weapons of Choice
* Discipline 3: The Amazon Resettles Prisoners of War
* Rule 3: Win the Peace, Not Just the War
* The Dark Side of the Amazon 
Chapter Seven
* Archetype Five: The Nurse 
* What¿s Your Therapeutic Mindset?
* Get in a Nurse State of Mind with Healing Power
* Discipline 1:  The Nurse Has Steady Hands
* Rule1:  Be Reactive not Radioactive
* Discipline 2:  The Nurse Takes Everybody's Temperature
* Rule 2: Time for the Performance Checkup
* Discipline 3: The Nurse Applies First Aid as Needed
* Rule 3:  Take an Aspirin and Call Me in the Morning
* The Dark Side of the Nurse
Chapter Eight
* Archetype Six: The School Girl
* What¿s Your Scholastic Mindset?
* Get in a Schoolgirl State of Mind with Borrowed Power
* Discipline 1: Topping from the Bottom and Bottoming from the Top
* Rule 1:  It's Not a Bother, It's a Barter
* Discipline 2:  The School Girl Disarms with Charm
* Rule 2: Tap into Your Inner Child
* Discipline 3: For the Schoolgirl, Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery 
* Rule 3: Audition for the Understudy
* The Dark Side of the Schoolgirl
Chapter Nine: The Corporate Dominatrix Goes to Work (and Works It)
* The Theatre of the Absurd
* Playing the Hand You¿re Dealt
* Stage 1: Establish Your Defining Role
* Stage 2: Role-Taking ¿ Choosing the Part You Want to Play
* Role Play in Action
* Role-Reversal ¿ Dominance vs. Submission
* Remember the Script When You Take the Stage (improv allowed)
* Perception, Misperception and Reality Through the C.D. Looking Glass
* Exploit Corporate Perversions, Administrative Fetishes, and Exec-tricities
* Female Dominance Self-Assessment
* No Pain, No Gain
* Play it Safe
* The C.D. Bill of Mights
* Fantasy Realization
* Manifest Your Destiny

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Women executives.
Dominance (Psychology).
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Management -- Psychological aspects.