Table of contents for The Praeger handbook of education and psychology / edited by Joe L. Kincheloe and Raymond A. Horn, Jr.

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Table of Contents - Volume One
Part One:
Introduction: Educational Psychology-Limitations and Possibilities
Ch.2 - Educational Psychology Timeline by Ed Welchel, Doris Paez, and P.
L. Thomas
Part Two: 
Introducing Theorists Important to Education and Psychology
Ch. 3 - Introducing Albert Bandura by Sabrina N. Ross
Ch. 4 - Introducing Jerome Bruner by Thomas R. Conway
Ch.5 - Introducing Judith Butler by Ruthann Mayes-Elma
Ch. 6- Introducing John Dewey by Donal E. Mulcahy
Ch.7- Introducing Erik Erikson by James Mooney
Ch.8 - Introducing Howard Gardner by Joe L. Kincheloe and Todd Feltman
Ch.9 - Introducing Carol Gilligan by Kathryn Pegler
Ch.10 - Introducing Emma Goldman by Daniel Rhodes
Ch.11 - Introducing Jurgen Habermas by Ian Steinberg
Ch. 12- Introducing Granville Stanley Hall by Lynda Kennedy
Ch. 13- Introducing Sandra Harding by Frances Helyar
Ch. 14- Introducing Bell Hooks by Danny Walsh
Ch. 15- Introducing William James by Frances Helyar
Ch. 16- Introducing Lawrence Kohlberg by Eric D. Torres
Ch. 17- Introducing Jacques Lacan by Donyell L. Roseboro
Ch. 18- Introducing Gloria Ladson-Billings by Romy M. Allen
Ch. 19 - Introducing Jean Lave by Valerie Hill-Jackson
Ch. 20 - Introducing Alexander Luria by Warren Scheideman
Ch. 21 - Introducing Herbert Marcuse by Rich Tapper
Ch. 22 - Introducing Abraham Harold Maslow by Ruthann Crawford-Fisher
Ch. 23- Introducing Maria Montessori by Kerry Fine
Ch. 24- Introducing Nel Noddings by Patricia A. Rigby
Ch. 25-Introducing Ivan Petrovich Pavlov by Dan Chapman
Ch. 26- Introducing Jean Piaget by Rupam Saran
Ch. 27 - Introducing Carl Rodgers by Angelina Volpe Schalk
Ch. 28- Introducing B. F. Skinner by Kevin Clapano
Ch. 29- Introducing Robert J. Sternberg - by kecia hayes
Ch. 30- Introducing Beverly Daniel Tatum by Pam Joyce
Ch. 31- Introducing Lewis Madison Terman by Benjamin Enoma
Ch. 32 - Introducing Edward L. Thorndike by Raymond A. Horn, Jr.
Ch. 33 - Introducing Rudolph von Laban by Adrienne Sansom
Ch. 34- Introducing Lev Vygotsky by Kate E. O'Hara
Ch. 35- Introducing Valerie Walkerdine by Rachel Bailey Jones
Ch. 36- Introduction to John Watson by Chris Emdin

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