Table of contents for Environmental and occupational medicine / edited by William N. Rom ; associate editor, Steven Markowitz.

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Foreword 	x
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1.	The Discipline of Environmental and Occupational Medicine	x
	William N. Rom
2.	The Role of Surveillance in Occupational Health 	x
	Steven B. Markowitz
3.	The Occupational and Environmental History and Examination 	x
	John E. Parker
4.	Epidemiology of Occupational Diseases 	x
	Gary M. Marsh
5.	Occupational Biostatistics 	x
	Howard E. Rockette 
6.	Impairment, Disability, and Functional Capacity 	x
	Alan L. Engelberg and William Greaves
Mechanisms of Occupational Disease and Injury
7.	DNA and the Double Helix 	x
	John G. Hay
8.	TP53 Tumor Suppressor Gene: At the Crossroads of the Cellular-Stress Response 
	Pathway and Molecular Carcinogensis 	x
	S. Perwez Hussain and Curtis C. Harris
9.	Biomarkers 	x
	Sudhir Srivastava and Karl E. Krueger
10.	Genetic Susceptibility 	x
	David C. Christiani and Chu-Ling Yu
11.	Environmental Mutagenesis 	x
	C. Stuart Baxter
12.	Evaluation of Occupational Exposures and Effects on Male and 
	Female Reproduction 	x
	Grace Kawas LeMasters and Susan Rae Reutman 
Organ System: Lung
13.	Particle Deposition and Pulmonary Defense Mechanisms 	x
	Morton Lippmann and Lung-chi Chen
14.	Lung Immune Defenses Against Environmental Agents 	x
	Lester Kobzik
15.	Pulmonary Function Testing 	x
	Stuart M. Garay
16.	Imaging of Pneumoconioses 	x
	David A. Lynch 
17.	Molecular Mechanisms of Particle-induced Lung Disease 	x
	Arnold R. Brody and Gilbert F. Morris
18.	Analysis of Fibrous and Nonfibrous Particles 	x
	Jerrold L. Abraham and Bryan R. Burnett
19.	Asbestosis, Pleural Fibrosis, and Lung Cancer 	x
	William N. Rom
20.	Malignant Mesothelioma 	x
	Delia Nelson, Cleo Robinson, Melissa Dunham, and Bruce Robinson
21.	Man-made Vitreous Fibers, Vermiculite, and Zeolite 	x
	James E. Lockey, Vikas Kapil, and Nancy K. Wiese
22.	Respiratory Disease in Coal Miners 	x
	Michael D. Attfield, Vincent Castranova, and Gregory R. Wagner 
23.	The Health Effects of Silica Exposure 	x
	Daniel E. Banks
24.	Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis 	x
	Yvon Cormier
25.	Inhalation Fever 	x
	Cecile S. Rose and Paul David Blanc
26.	Occupational and Environmental Asthma 	x
	Stuart M. Brooks, Thomas Truncale, and James McCluskey
27.	Environment, Genes, and Immune Mechanisms in Asthma 	x
	Joan Reibman, Linda Rogers, and Maria Elena Fernandez-Beros
28.	Firefighter¿s Health and Health Effects of the World Trade Center Collapse 	x
	Michael Weiden, Gisela Banauch, Kerry J. Kelly, and David J. Prezant
29.	International Byssinosis 	x
	Denise Harrison
30.	Isocyanates Exposures and Health Effects 	x
	Carrie Redlich and Dhimiter Bello
31.	Occupational Exposures as a Cause of Chronic Airways Disease 	x
	John Balmes
32.	Lung Diseases Associated with Silicates and Other Dust 	x
	Vinicius Antao, Germania Pinheiro, and John E. Parker
33.	Respiratory Tract Irritants 	x
	Tee Guidotti
34.	Simple Asphyxiants 	x
	Marc Wilkenfeld 
35.	Chemical Asphyxiants 	x
	William S. Beckett
36.	Agricultural Dust Lung and Other Disease 	x
	Joel Kline, Nancy Sprince, and M. Brian Hartz
Other Organ Systems
37.	Upper Airway Disorders 	x
	Rebecca Bascom
38.	Occupational Skin Disease 	x
	David Cohen and Megan M. Moore
39.	Toxic Peripheral Neuropathy 	x
	Margit L. Bleecker
40.	Human Behavioral Neurotoxicology 	x
	W. Kent Anger, Diane S. Rohlman, and Daniel Storzbach
41.	Occupational Heart Disease 	x
	Kenneth D. Rosenman
42.	Occupational Eye Disorders 	x
	Randall J. Olson, Jason A. Goldsmith, and Norman A. Zabriskie
43.	Occupational Infections 	x
	Kevin Dieckhaus
44.	Terrorism Preparedness 	x
	Lewis Goldfrank and Howard Greller
45.	HIV in the Workplace 	x
	Marty Markowitz, Saurabh Mehandru, Anita Shet, and Andrea Low
46.	The Occupational Risk of Tuberculosis Care 	x
	Kent A. Sepkowitz and Tara Palmore
47.	Hematologic Effects of Occupational Hazards 	x
	John H. Ward
48.	Toxic Liver Disorders 	x
	John D. Groopman and Denise Johnson
49.	Environmental and Occupational Causes of Toxic Injury to the Kidneys and
	Urinary Tract 	x
	Edward T. Zawada, Jr.
50.	Occupational Bladder Cancer 	x
	Steven B. Markowitz
51.	Psychiatric Syndromes Common to the Workplace 	x
	Robert C. Larsen
52.	Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Industry 	x
	Kent W. Peterson and Donna R. Smith
53.	Psychological Job Stress 	x
	Joseph J. Hurrell, Jr.
54.	Multiple Chemical Sensitivity 	x
	Alan M. Ducatman
55.	Gulf War Illness 	x
	Howard Kipen and Melissa McDiarmid
56.	Occupational Safety and Human Factors 	x
	Howard Sandler
57.	Ergonomics and Occupational Biomechanics 	x
	Manny Halpern
58.	Nonspecific Low Back Pain 	x
	Margareta Nordin
59.	Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 	x
	Owen Kieran
60.	Toxicogenomics and Exposure Assessment 	x
	Samuel Wilson, Gilbert S. Omenn, Bennett Van Houten, David Walt, and Brenda Weiss
61.	Occupational and Environmental Exposure to Lead 	x
	Howard Hu
62.	Mercury 	x
	Lynn Goldman
63.	Cadmium 	x
	Dominique F. Lison
64.	Arsenic 	x
	Toby G. Rossman
65.	Beryllium Disease 	x
	Lisa Maier and Lee S. Newman
66.	Hard Metal Disease 	x
	Dominique F. Lison
67.	Chromium Compounds 	x
	Max Costa and Mitchell Cohen
68.	Nickel Compounds 	x
	Max Costa, Mitchell Cohen, and Catherine Klein
69.	Metal Compounds and Rare Earths 	x
	Bruce Fowler
Organic Chemicals
70.	Organic Solvents and Fuels 	x
	Nancy Fiedler and Steven Lerman
71.	Benzene 	x
	Philip J. Landrigan
72.	Formaldehyde 	x
	Dean Baker
73.	Ethylene Oxide 	x
	Anthony D. LaMontagne and Karl T. Kelsey
74.	Pesticides 	x
	Marc B. Schenker
75.	Health Effects of Agent Orange, Other Military Herbicides, and Dioxins 	x
	Jeanne M. Stellman and Steven D. Stellman
76.	Pentachlorophenol and Tetrachlorophenol 	x
	Kay Teschke, Glenys M. Webster, and Shona J. Kelly
77.	Polychlorinated Biphenyls 	x
	Stephen H. Safe
78.	Trimellitic Anhydride and Other Acid Anhydrides 	x
	Leslie C. Grammer and Kathleen E. Harris
79.	Carbon Disulfide 	x
	Stephen M. Levin
80.	N Nitrosamines 	x
	Stephen S. Hecht
81.	Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Petroleum Industry 	x
	Steven D. Stellman and Tee L. Guidotti
82.	Occupational Hazards in the Microelectronics Industry 	x
	Joseph LaDou
Physical Environment
83.	Radiation Carcinogenesis: Mechanisms of Induction 	x
	Fred Burns
84.	Nonionizing Radiation 	x
	W. Gregory Lotz
85.	Occupational Exposure to Noise 	x
	Robert J. McCunney and John Meyer
86.	Dysbarism 	x
	Rafael E. de la Hoz
87.	High-Altitude Illnesses 	x
	William N. Rom
88.	Hot and Cold Work Environments 	x
	Kathleen A. Delaney and Lewis R. Goldfrank
89.	Occupational Exposure to Vibration 	x
	Donald E. Wasserman and Jack Wasserman
90.	Shift Work: Health and Performance Effects 	x
	Claire Caruso and Roger R. Rosa
91.	Sleep Disorders and Work 	x
	Joyce A. Walsleben, Edward B. O¿Malley, and David M. Rapoport
92.	Sick Building Syndrome and Building-Related Illness 	x
	Kathleen Kreiss
Personal and General Environment
93.	Air Pollution: Outdoor and Indoor Sources 	x
	George D. Thurston
94.	Air Pollution: Epidemiology 	x
	Johnathan Samet
95.	Air Pollution: Human Health Studies 	x
	Robert B. Devlin and Donald Graff
96.	Air Pollution: Toxicological Studies 	x
	Terry Gordon
97.	Ozone 	x
	Morton Lippmann
98.	Nitrogen Oxides 	x
	Richard Schlesinger
99.	Sulfur Dioxide 	x
	Mark Utell and Mark Frampton
100.	Particulate Matter 	x
	Sverre Vedal and Jeffrey H. Sullivan
101.	Acid Rain 	x
	Kathleen C. Weathers, Gene E. Likens, and Thomas J. Butler
102.	Cigarette Smoking 	x
	Jonathan Samet and Stephen S. Hecht
103.	Bioaccumulation and Toxicities of Aromatic Hydrocarbon Contaminants at 
	Different Trophic Levels of the Hudson River Ecosystem 	x
	Isaac I. Wirgin
104.	The Built Environment 	x
	Howard Frumkin
105.	Biological and Medical Implications of Global Warming 	x
 	Paul R. Epstein
106.	Chlorofluorocarbons and Destruction of the Ozone Layer 	x
	Mario J. Molina and Luisa T. Molina
107.	Environmental Law and Policy 	x
	Jeffrey G. Miller
108.	Clean Air Act 	x
		Daniel Greenbaum
109.	OSHA and NIOSH 	x
	John Howard
110.	United States Environmental Protection Agency 	x
	Kathleen Callahan, Tamara Cardona-Marek, William Farland, Mark Maddaloni, and Dennis Santella
111.	Environmental Health Practice and Research at the Centers for Disease Control 
	and Prevention and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry 	x
	Henry Falk and Sinks
112.	Risk Assessment and Economic Evaluation 	x
	James Hammitt
113.	Workers¿ Compensation 	x
	Nicholas A. Ashford
114.	International Occupational and Environmental Health 	x
	Joseph LaDou
115.	Children¿s Environmental Health Research 	x
	Frederica Perera and Sheila Viswanathan
116.	Disparities in Environmental and Occupational Health 	x
	George Friedman-Jiménez and Luz Claudio
117.	Industrial Hygiene Measurement and Control 	x
	Beverly S. Cohen
118.	Respirators 	x
	Philip Harber
119.	The Occupational Health Service 	x
	Peter Rabinowitz and Oyebode Taiwo
120.	Moral Questions of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 	x
	Sheldon Samuels
121.	New Frontiers in Environmental Health Research 	x
	David Schwartz, Brenda Weis, and Samuel H. Wilson

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