Table of contents for Historical problems of imperial Africa / edited by Robert O. Collins.

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Preface	ix
Introduction	1
Problem I: The Partition of Africa	7
Robinson and Gallagher: Egypt and the Partition of Africa	12
Stengers: King Leopold, Savorgnan de Brazza
and the Beginning of the Scramble for Africa	17
Newbury and Kanya-Fostner: The French Policy
 and the Scramble for Africa	24
Taylor: Germany's First Bid for African Colonies	29
Turner: Bismarck Changes his Mind	33
Robinson and Gallagher: Britain's Nilotic Imperative	36
Sanderson: French Policy on the Upper Nile	41
Robinson and Gallagher: The Meaning of Fashoda	47
Hopkins: Africa and the Victorians: The Method
 and the Argument	49
Suggested Readings	56
Problem II: Collaboration or Resistance to European Rule	57
Robinson and Gallagher: Romantic Reactionaries Versus
 Sophisticated Collaborators	61
Oliver and Fage: The Futility of Resistance: The Success
 of Collaboration	63
Hargreaves: African Reaction to the Imposition of
 Colonial Rule in West Africa	64
Ranger: African Reaction to the Imposition of
 Colonial Rule in East and Central Africa	74
Hopkins: Resistance, Collaboration, and the
 Transformation in the Terms of Trade	88
Steinhart: Conflict and Collaboration	94
Suggested Readings	100
Problem III: Colonial Rule in Africa
Lugard: Principles of Native Administration	105
Lugard: Methods of Native Administration: Political
 Officers and Native Rulers	121
Collins: Indirect Rule Sudan Style	130
Lewis: One Hundred Million Frenchmen: The Assimilation
 Theory in French Colonial Policy	140
Betts: Association in French Colonial Theory	154
Deschamps: Association and Indirect Rule	165
Crowder: Indirect Rule-French and British Style	179
Suggested Readings	188
Problem IV: Educating the African	189
Macmichael: Education and Its Results	193
Jones: Education in Africa	195
Hailey: An African Survey	200
Wilson: Problems in Applying the Phelps-Stokes Report	205
Rodney: Education for Underdevelopment	209
Moumouni: Education in Africa	214
Chanaiwa: Colonial Education in Southern Africa	217
Suggested Readings	223
Problem V: Forging a National Identity	225
Ranger: Early Nationalism in East and Central Africa	227
Iliffe: The Maji Maji Rebellion	236
Kilson: Nationalism in Sierra Leone	243
Lonsdale: Some Origins of Nationalism in East Africa	250
Collins In Search of the Sudanese.
Suggested Readings	264
Problem VI: Exploitation or Development	267
Gann and Guignan: The Burden of Empire	271
Fieldhouse: The Myth of Economic Exploitation	280
Crowder: The Economic Impact of Colonial Rule in
 West Africa	287
Rodney: How Europe Underdeveloped Africa	294
Onimode: Imperialism and Underdevelopment in Nigeria	303
Boahen: The Colonial Impact	309
Suggested Readings	316
Africa 1914.	6A
1884: Europe in Africa on the Eve of Partition	6B
Missionaries and Explorers in Africa Prior to the Partition	6C
African States on the Eve of Partition: 1884	6D
Africa in 1914	266
Acknowledgments	318

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Africa -- History -- 1884-1960.
Colonies -- Africa -- History.
Africa -- Colonial influence.