Table of contents for Esalen : America and the religion of no religion / Jeffrey J. Kripal.

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Illustrations		000
Acknowledgments, Sins, and Delight		000
Part One
On Wild Facts and Altered Categories		000
Part Two
Geographic, Historical, and Literary Orientations (1882¿1962)
1.	Slate¿s Hot Springs: 			
Homestead, Family Spa, Literary Paradise		000
Part Three
The Empowerment of the Founders (1950¿1960)
2. The Professor and the Saint: The Early Inspirations of Michael Murphy		000
3. Buddhism, Breakdown, Breakthrough: The Early Inspirations of Richard Price		000
Part Four
The Outlaw Era and the American Counterculture (1960¿1970)
4. ¿Totally on Fire¿: The Experience of Founding Esalen		000
5. Mind Manifest: Psychedelia at Early Esalen and Beyond		000
6. Mesmer to Maslow: Energy and the Freudian Left		000
7. Perls to Price: Consciousness and the Gestalt Lineage		000
8. Esalen Goes to the City: The San Francisco Center		000
9. On Ecstasy, Education, and the End of Sex:		
George Leonard and the Human Potential		000
10. The Serpent Spine of Spirit and Sex:		
Don Hanlon Johnson and the Somatics Movement		000
Part Five
The Occult Imaginal and Cold War Activism (1970¿1985)
11. The Cosmic Womb: Stanislav and Christina Grof 			
and the Counsels of Spiritual Emergence		000
12. Golf in the Kingdom: 		
Plato and Ramakrishna for Republicans		000
13. Jacob Atabet and the Tantra of Physics		000
14. Superpowers: Cold War Psychics and Citizen Diplomats	000
15. Sex with the Angels:			
Nonlocal Mind, UFOs, and An End to Ordinary History		000
16. The Tao of Esalen: 		
The Spiritual Art and Intuitive Business of Managing Emptiness		000
Part Six
Crisis and the Religion of No Religion (1985¿1993)
17. The Religion of No Religion: The Donovan Era		000
18. Realizing Darwin¿s Dream: 
The Transformation Project and The Future of the Body		000
Part Seven
Before and After the Storm (1993¿2006)
19. After the Storm: Reassessment, Disaster, and Renewal		000
The Future of the Past and the Mystical Idea of ¿America¿		000
 Abbreviations			000
 Notes				000
 On Rare Things:			
 The Oral, Visual, and Written Sources		000
Index				000

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