Table of contents for God and evolution : fundamental questions of Christian evolutionism / Jãaozef ðcZyciãanski ; translated by Kenneth W. Kemp and Zuzanna Maãaslanka.

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Interdisciplinary Dialogue in Place of Monologues	5
Part One
Biology and Metaphysics in Charles Darwin?s Conception of Evolution	12
The Sphere of Inductive Epistemology	
The Co-existence of Science and Faith	
Theological Motifs in the Thought of Darwin	
The Search for a Theology of Darwinism	
Fundamentalisms and Evolution	
The Origin of Christian Fundamentalism	
Fundamentalist Interpretation of Biblical Texts	
The Fundamentalism of Philip E. Johnson	
Fundamentalism and Catholicism	
Elements of Fundamentalism in Atheistic Evolutionism	
Elements of Agnosticism and Atheism in Evolutionary Views of Nature	
Religious Agnosticism and the Principle of Ockham?s Razor	
Epistemological Clarity in Place of Fundamentalisms	
Evolution and Christian Thought in Dialog according to the Teaching of John Paul II	
Evolutionism according to the Message to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences	
Philosophical Questions of Evolutionism	
Scientific Emergentism and Ontological Emergentism	
The Immanent Divine Logos	
Part Two
Ontological Naturalism and the Role of Supervenience in Evolution	81
Methodological Naturalism and Ontological Naturalism	
Methodological Naturalism and ?Theistic Science?	
Theistic Naturalism?	
The Role of Supervenience in the Debate about Naturalism	
Supervenience in Evolution	
Theistic Implications of Supervenience	
Varieties of Teleology in the Philosophical Interpretation of Nature	
Beyond Teleology and Determinism	
Determinism and Teleology in the Laws of Nature	
The Role of Supervenience in Cosmic Evolution	
Physical Necessity and the Teleological Structure of the Universe	
The Theory of Regularity and the Necessitarian Conception of the Laws of Nature	
Anthropic Principles in Cosmology	
The Weak and Strong Version of the Anthropic Principle	
Anthropic Principles and the Structural Directionality of the Universe	
Who is the Cosmic Designer?	
The Cosmic Program and Structural Directionality of the System	
Discontinuity and Nonlinearity in Evolution	
The Evolution of Thermodynamic Systems	
Dissipative Structures and Evolution	
Bifurcations in Evolution	
Chaos and Evolution	
Philosophical Aspects of Non-linear Evolution	
Part Three
The God of an Evolving Nature	148
Between Biblical and Scientific Perspectives	
The God of the Gaps and of Designs	
Philosophical and Existential Aspects of the Immanence of God in Nature	
The Variety of Forms of the Immanence of God in the Laws of Nature	
God as the Cosmic ?Attractor? of Evolution	
The Ontological Interpretation of the Immanence of God in Nature	
Pantheism and Panentheism	
The Immanent Deus absconditus	
The Ontology of Process	
The World Existing in God	
The Cosmic Kenosis of God	
The Logos and Suffering	
The Cosmos and the Kenosis of the Immanent God	
Co-operation with the God of Kenosis	
Part Four
The Prehistory of Rational Man	
Reconstructions from Human Prehistory	
Man?s Genealogical Bush	
Philosophical Assumptions in the Rejection of Evolutionary Anthropogenesis	
Sociobiological Explanations of the Essence of Human Culture	
The Cultural Context of Sociobiology	
The Problem of the Truth of Scientific Theories	
The Sociobiological Explanation of the Origin of Mathematics	
Human Culture without the Concept of Truth?	
The Evolutionary Origin of Morality	
The Transcendence of Culture in the Face of Biological Determinants	
The Anthropological Meaning of the Truth about Original Sin	
The Evolutionary Alternative for Homo sapiens	
The Disharmony of Sin	
The Perspective of Cosmic Hope	
God and the Future of Evolution	
Concern for the Ecology of Man	
Solidarity and Meaning	252

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