Table of contents for America : the last best hope / William J. Bennett.

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Chapter 1: Westward the Course (1492-1607)
	I. Columbus: "The Christ Bearer"
 II. The Scramble for Empire
 III. The Rise of England
Chapter 2: A City Upon a Hill (1607-1765)							
	I. Coming to America
 	II. The Great Migration
 	III. Expanding English Rule
 	IV. Britain and France: Conflict for a Continent
 	V. Religious and Intellectual Awakenings
 	VI. Britain and France: The Final Conflict
Chapter 3: The Greatest Revolution (1765-1783)
	I. Stamping Out Unfair Taxes
 II. A Total Separation
 	III. "The Shot Heard `Round the World"
 IV. A Continental War
	V. The French Alliance
 	VI. "The World Turned Upside Down"
 	VII. A Dangerous Peace
Chapter 4: Reflection and Choice: Framing the Constitution (1783-1789)			
	I. A Critical Period 
 II. "The Great Little Madison"
 III. The Struggle for Ratification
Chapter 5: The New Republic (1789-1801)
	I. "The Sacred Fire of Liberty"
 	II. Madison' Bill of Rights
 	III. "A Host in Himself:" Hamilton's New System
 	IV. Hurricane Genet
 	V. A Long and Difficult Farewell
 	VI. War, Peace, and Honest John Adams
 	VII. The Revolution of 1800
Chapter 6: The Jeffersonians (1801-1829)
 I. "An Empire for Liberty"
 II. Lewis & Clark: "The Corps of Discovery" 
	III. Plots, Trials and Treason	
 IV. "A Splendid Misery:" Jefferson's Last Years
 V. "Mr Madison's War"	
 VI. The Battle of New Orleans
 VII. "An Era of Good Feeling"
 VIII. The Missouri Compromise
 IX. The Monroe Doctrine
 X. "A Corrupt Bargain:" The Election of 1824
 XI. "Is it the Fourth?" Adams and Jefferson Die
Chapter 7: Jackson and Democracy (1829-1849)
 I. From Caucus to Raucous: The Election of 1828
 II. The Peggy Eaton Affair
 III. John C. Calhoun: The Cast-Iron Man
 IV. "Our federal Union: It must be preserved!"
 V. The Tragedy of Indian Removal
 VI. Jackson's War on the Bank
 VII. "Old Man Eloquent"
 VIII. "Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too!"
 IX. Great Harry of the West
 X. Re-annexing Texas and Re-occupying Oregon
Chapter 8: The Rising Storm (1849-1861) 
 I. California and The Compromise of 1850
 II. Railroads and Reform
 III. "Bleeding Kansas"
 IV. Dred Scott!
 V. Lincoln Meets Douglas
 VI. John Brown and Harpers Ferry
 VII. The Election of 1860
Chapter 9: Freedom's Fiery Trial (1860-1863)
 I. Secession Winter (1860-61)
 II. Fort Sumter: The Circle of Fire
 III. "A People's Contest:" The War Begins
 IV. "One War at a Time:" The Trent Affair
 V. 1862: "Year of Jubilee"
 VI. Emancipation: "Forever Free" 
Chapter 10: A New Birth of Freedom (1863-1865)
 I. Gettysburg: The Confederacy's High-Water Mark
 II. The Agony of Abraham Lincoln
 III. "Long Abraham a Little Longer"
 IV. The Union Victorious
Chapter 11: To Bind Up the Nation's Wounds (1865-1877)
 I. Pass in Review
 II. Thunder on the Borders: South and North
 III. Reconstruction and Renewal
 IV. Impeachment
 V. "Let Us Have Peace"
 VI. A Tragic Divorce in Freedom's Ranks 
 VII. The Spirit of 1876
 VIII. A Dangerous Dispute 
Chapter 12: An Age More Golden than Gilded? (1877-1897)
 I. A Gilded Age? 
 II. Reform, Roosevelts, and Reaction
 III. Grover Cleveland: "Tell the Truth!"
 IV. The Golden Door
 V. Winning the West
 VI. A Social Gospel
 VII. "A Cross of Gold"
 VIII. "From the New World"
Chapter 13: The American Dynamo-Shadowed by War (1897-1914)
 I. "A Splendid Little War"
 II. Rough Rider Politics
 III. TR in the White House
 IV. TR and the Square Deal	
 V. Wielding the Big Stick
 VI. The Taft Interlude
 VII. Unsinkable, Unthinkable
 VIII. A Bull Moose on the Loose: The Election of 1912
 IX. Woodrow Wilson and the New Freedom
 X. "The Lights Are Going Out . . ." 

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