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Chapter 1 - Towards an ecological geography of the sea
	Progressive exploration of oceanic and shelf ecosystems	 
The availability of timely global data from satellites
	Internal dynamics of satellite-observed algal blooms
Our new understanding of the role of very small organisms
Chapter 2 ¿ Biogeographic partitions of the ocean
	Taxonomic diversity: the shifting baseline of biogeography
	The useful results from 150 years of marine biogeography
		Biogeographic regions of the pelagos
		Geographical component of benthic-pelagic coupling
	From pristine to modified ecosystems
Chapter 3 - Fronts and pycnoclines: ecological discontinuities
	Fronts and frontal systems
		Oceanic fronts
		Shelf-edge and upwelling fronts
		River plumes and tidal fronts of shelf seas
	The ubiquitous ¿horizontal front¿ at the shallow pycnocline
Chapter 4 - Physical control of ecological processes
Ecological consequences of mesoscale eddies and planetary waves
Stratification and mixing in the open ocean: the consequences of latitude
	Regional and latitudinal resistance to mixing in the open ocean
	Rule-based models of ecological response to external forcing
	Coastal asymmetry, geomorphology and tidal forcing
Chapter 5 ¿ Nutrient limitation: the example of iron
	Nutrient distribution and the consequences of differing supply ratios
	Regional anomalies in nutrient limitation
	Models of nutrient limitation: conflicting indications
Chapter 6 ¿ Biomes: the primary compartments
	The four primary biomes of the upper ocean
	 	Polar biome
		Westerlies biome
		Trades biome
		Coastal biome
Chapter 7 ¿ Provinces: the secondary partition
	Ecological provinces in the open ocean
	Ways of testing province boundaries in the open ocean
		A statistical test
		Analytical tests
		A biogeographic test
	Practical and useful partitions in coastal seas
Chapter 8 - Longer term responses: from seasons to centuries
	Scales of external forcing
	Recurrent ENSO-scale changes of state
	Multi-decadal trends and changes
	Conclusion: a partition for a variable ocean?
Chapter 9 ¿ The Atlantic Ocean
	Atlantic Polar Biome
		Boreal Polar Province (BPLR)
		Atlantic Arctic Province (ARCT)
		Atlantic Subarctic Province (SARC)
	Atlantic Westerlies Biome
		North Atlantic Drift Province (NADR)
		Gulf Stream Province (GFST)
North Atlantic Subtropical Gyre Province (NAST)
		Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea Province (MEDS)
	Atlantic Trade Wind Biome
		North Atlantic Tropical Gyral Province (NATR)
		Caribbean Province (CARB)
		Western Atlantic Tropical Province (WATR)
		Eastern Atlantic Tropical Province (ETRA)
		South Atlantic Gyral Province (SATL)
	Atlantic Coastal Biome
		Northeast Atlantic Shelf Province (NECS)
		Eastern (Canary) Coastal Province (CNRY)
		Guinea Current Coastal Province (GUIN)
		Benguela Current Coastal Province (BENG)
		Northwest Atlantic Shelf Province (NWCS)
		Guianas Coastal Province (GUIA)
		Brazil Current Coastal Province (BRAZ)
		Southwest Atlantic Shelves Province (FKLD)
Chapter 10 ¿ The Indian Ocean
	Indian Ocean Trade Wind Biome
Indian Monsoon Gyres Province (MONS)
Indian South Subtropical Gyre Province (ISSG)
	Indian Ocean Coastal Biome
		Red Sea, Persian Gulf Province (REDS)
		Northwestern Arabian Upwelling Province (ARAB)
		Western India Coastal Province (INDW)
		Eastern India Coastal Province (INDE)
		Eastern Africa Coastal Province (EAFR)
		Australia-Indonesia Coastal Province (AUSW)
Chapter 11 ¿ The Pacific Ocean
	Pacific Polar Biome
		North Pacific Epicontinental Seas Province (BERS)
	Pacific Westerly Winds Biome
		Pacific Subarctic Gyres Province PSAG)
		Kuroshio Current Province (KURO)
		North Pacific Transitional and Polar Front Provinces (NPST, NPPF)
		Tasman Sea Province (TASM)
	Pacific Trade Winds Biome
		North Pacific Tropical Gyre Province (NPTG)
		North Pacific Equatorial Countercurrent Province (PNEC)
		Pacific Equatorial Divergence Province (PEQD)
		Western Pacific Warm Pool Province (WARM)
		Archipelagic Deep Basins Province (ARCH)
		South Pacific Subtropical Gyre Province (SPSG)
	Pacific Coastal Biome
		Alaska Downwelling Coastal Province (ALSK)
		California Current Province (CALC)
		Central American Coastal Province (CAMR)
		Humbolt Current Coastal Province (HUMB)
		China Sea Coastal Province (CHIN)
		Sunda-Arafura Shelves Province (SUND)
		East Australian Coastal Province (AUSE)
		New Zealand Coastal Province (NEWZ)
Chapter 12 ¿ The Southern Ocean
	Antarctic Westerly Winds Biome
		South Subtropical Convergence Province (SSTC)
		Subantarctic Water Ring Province (SANT)
	Antarctic Polar Biome
		Antarctic Province (ANTA)
		Austral Polar Province (APLR)

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