Table of contents for From death instinct to attachment theory : the primacy of the child in Freud, Klein and Hermann / Tomas Geyskens and Philippe van Haute.

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1 The Death Instinct: A Superfluous Hypothesis?
2 The Primacy of Trauma: An Unacceptable Hypothesis?
3 The Primacy of the Trauma or the Primacy of Attachment: An Indissoluble Dilemma?
4 The Primacy of Sexuality: A Hypothesis Overcome?
Chapter 1
The Death Instinct, Trauma, and Sexuality in the Work of Freud
1.1 Introduction.
1.2 Psychic Continuity and the Pleasure Principle
1.3 Infantile Amnesia and Organic Repression
1.4 Trauma and the Compulsion to Repeat
1.5 A Death Instinct?
1.6 The Repetition of Primitive Catastrophes
1.7 The First Taboo
1.8 Castration
1.9 Conclusion
Chapter 2
The Death Instinct, Trauma and Sexuality in the Work of Melanie Klein
2.1 Introduction: The Death-Instinct, Anxiety and Guilt
2.2 The Traumatic Origin of Subjectivity in the Work of Klein.
 Introduction. Klein¿s Study of Little Dick
 Death-Instinct, or the Primacy of Trauma?
 Trauma and Helplessness in Freud and Klein
 A Theory of Anaclisis of Aggressivity?
2.3 The Positions of the Subject
	The Paranoid-Schizoid Position
 The Depressive Position
Further Reflections on theParanoid-Schizoid Position and the Depressive Position
 Phantasy in the Work of Klein
2.4 Sexuality in Klein¿s Work
2.5 Conclusion
Chapter 3. 
Between Detachment and Inconsolability: Towards a Clinical Anthropology of Attachment
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Attachment in the Work of Freud
 Attachment and Loss
 The Instinct to Mastery and Curiosity
3.3 Attachment in the Work of Klein
3.4 Clinical Anthropology vs. Developmental Psychology.
Normality and Pathology in the Work of Bowlby
 Puberty and Infantile Sexuality: Normality and Pathology in Freud
Temporality in the Work of Freud and Bowlby
 Klein, the child and the ¿psychotic¿ anxieties of the baby
3.5 Imre Hermann: a Clinical Anthropology of Attachment?
Clinging ¿ Searching
An Alternative for the Death-instinct?
3.6 Conclusion: A Clinical Anthropology of Attachment
Conclusion: Attachment, Aggression and Sexuality
 Death Instinct, Hilflosigkeit, Haltlosigkeit
 From Lost Object to Damaged Object
 The Oedipus Complex: from Lost Object to Forbidden Object

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Death instinct.
Object relations (Psychoanalysis).
Freud, Sigmund, 1856-1939.
Klein, Melanie.
Hermann, Imre, 1889-1984.
Freud, Sigmund, 1856-1939.
Klein, Melanie.
Hermann, Imre, 1889-1984.
Psychoanalytic Theory.
Object Attachment.