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Section I. Public Personnel Administration
Part 1. History and Politics
1.	The Triumph of Techniques over Purpose
	Wallace Sayre
2.	The Neutrality of the Public Service
	David M. Levitan
3.	Civil Service Versus Merit
	Bernard L. Gladieux
4.	Public Personnel: Agenda for the Sixties
	Felix A. Nigro
Part 2. Institutions, Functions and Process
5.	Understanding Attitudes Toward Public Employment
	H. George Frederickson
6.	Politics and Merit: Can They Meet in a Public Service Model?
	Patricia W. Ingraham and Carolyn Ban
7.	Merit Pay in the Public Sector: The Case for a Failure of Theory
	James L. Perry
8.	The Dangers of Participative Management: A Test of Unexamined Assumptions 
Concerning Employee Involvement
	Nicholas P. Lovrich, Jr.
9.	The Americans with Disabilities Act and the Workplace: Management's Responsibilities 
in AIDS-Related Situations
	James D. Slack
10.	Drug Testing in Public Agencies: Public Policy Issues and Managerial Responses
	Donald E. Klingner, Nancy G. O'Neill, and Mohamed Gamal Sabet
Part 3. Equal Employment Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and Representative 
11.	Mini-Symposium on Affirmative Action in Employment: Introduction
	Lloyd G. Nigro
12.	Mini-Symposium on Affirmative Action in Employment: Some Concluding Observations
	Lloyd G. Nigro
13.	Minorities and Women in State and Local Government: 1973¿1975
	N. Joseph Cayer and Lee Sigelman
14.	Symposium on Minorities in Public Administration
	Adam W. Herbert
15.	Symposium on Women in Public Administration
	Nesta M. Gallas
16.	Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Backward: The Status of Women's Integration into 
Public Management
	Mary Ellen Guy
17.	Equal Pay for Comparable Work: Stimulus for Future Civil Service Reform
	Lois Friss
Part 4. Civil Service Reform
18.	A Symposium on Civil Service Reform
	James S. Bowman
19.	The Politics of Civil Service Reform
	Felix A. Nigro
20.	The Winter Commission Report: Deregulation and Public Personnel Administration
	Frank J. Thompson
21.	Reinventing the Federal Civil Service: Drivers of Change
	Carolyn Ban
Part 5. Legal Developments
22.	The Public Employment Relationship and the Supreme Court in the 1980s
	David H. Rosenbloom
23.	Due Process and Public Personnel Management
	Deborah D. Goldman
24.	Curbing Patronage without Paperasserie
	Christopher Daniel
25.	Drug Testing in the Public Sector: A Legal Analysis
	Norma M. Riccucci
26.	The Legal Evolution of Sexual Harassment
	Robert D. Lee, Jr. and Paul S. Greenlaw
Section II. Public Sector Labor Relations
Part 6. History and Politics
27.	Whitleyism and Collective Bargaining
	Sterling D. Spero
28.	Collective Negotiations in the Public Service: The Implications for Public Administration
	Felix A. Nigro
29.	Bilateralism and the Merit Principle
	Paul M. Camp and W. Richard Lomax.
30.	Labor Unions and Collective Bargaining in Government Agencies: A Panel Discussion
31.	Public Sector Labor Relations: Agent of Change in American Industrial Relations?
	George T. Sulzner
Part 7. Collective Bargaining, Impasse Resolution and Strikes
32.	Collective Bargaining in Public Employment: Form and Scope
	Sterling D. Spero
33.	A Union View of Collective Bargaining in the Public Service
	Arnold S. Zander
34.	The New Dimensions of the Strike Question
	Gordon T. Nesvig
35.	Public Sector Collective Bargaining: Is the Glass Half Full, Half Empty or Broken?
	Donald E. Klingner
36.	Public Employee Unionization and Collective Bargaining in the Southeast
	Richard C. Kearney
Part 8. Employee Participation and Labor Management Cooperation
37.	A New Frontier for Employee-Management Cooperation in Government
	Emmett R. Rushin
38.	Union-Management Partnership in the U.S. Department of Labor
	Jim Armshaw, David G. Carnevale, and Bruce Waltuck
39.	Labor-Management Relations and Participative Decision Making: Toward a New 
	Richard C. Kearney and Steven W. Hays
Part 9. Critical Developments in Public Sector Labor Relations
40.	"Last Hired, First Fired" and Public Employee Layoffs: The Equal Employment 
Opportunity Dilemma
	Robert N. Roberts
41.	Bumping, Blocking and Bargaining: The Effect of Layoffs on Employees and Unions
	Wilbur C. Rich
42.	Mandatory Subjects of Bargaining: What Public Employee Relation Boards and the 
Courts are Deciding
	Joan Pynes
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