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Table of Contents
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1.	Practice as a Public Health Professional
Reader Objectives								 
Define Public Health							 
View the Community as ¿The Patient¿					
Spectrum of Prevention
Trends that Affect the Public¿s Health
History of Official Public Health and Public Health Nutrition
Nutrition in Public Health
Essential Knowledge/Skills			
Points to Ponder							
Chapter 1 Bibliography							 
Chapter 1 Notes								
2.	Establish the Evidence Base for Nutrition
Reader Objectives								
Nutrition Expertise in Public Health					
Dietary Recommendations						
Dietary Guidelines for the Public						
Nutrition Science vs. Nutrition Policy					 
Dietary Recommendations for the Public					
Impact of Nutrigenomics on Public Health Nutrition Practice		
Apply Evidence-based Practice to the Obesity Crisis			
Monitor Nutrition Research for Public Health Applications		
Points to Ponder								
Chapter 2 Helpful Web Sites						
Chapter 2 Notes								
Chapter 2 Bibliography							
3.	Assess the Community¿s Needs
Reader Objectives								
Community Needs Assessment						 
Community Health Planning Models					
Assess the Community Needs for Nutrition Services			 	
Points to Ponder								
Chapter 3 Helpful Web Sites						
Chapter 3 Notes								
Chapter 3 Bibliography							
4.	Seek the Vulnerable
Reader Objectives								
Identify the Nutritionally Vulnerable					
Hunger in the United States						
Hunger and Obesity							
Federally Funded Food Assistance and Nutrition Programs		
Assist the Vulnerable through Public Policy				
Points to Ponder								
5.	Develop Agency, Community, and State Nutrition Policies
Reader Objectives								
Define Policy								
Importance of Policies							
Agency Policy								
Local Policy								
State Policy								
Policy-making Strategies							
Leadership Roles for Public Health Nutritionists				
Points to Ponder								
Chapter 5 Notes								163
6.	Advocating for National Health and Nutritional Policies
Reader Objectives								164
Identify Private and Public Sector Policies and Influences		165
Understand the Roles of Branches of Government			166
Nutrition Services and Education						173
Food Safety and Quality							180
Turn of the Century Nutrition Policy (1990-2005)			181
Future Directions for National Nutrition Policy				186
Points to Ponder								187
Chapter 6 Notes								189
7.	Speaking Out on Health and Nutrition Legislation and Regulations
Reader Objectives								195
Why Speak Out for Public Health Nutrition?				196
Understand How the Federal Government Works			197
Federal Budget Development and Control				200
Federal Agencies and Programs						205
Speak Out to Advocate for Public Health Nutrition			212
Points to Ponder								219
Chapter 7 Bibliography							220
8.	Nurture Women, Infants, and Children
Reader Objectives								221
Maternal and Child Health Programs					221
MCH Block Grants							226
Significant MCH-Related Federal Legislation				237
Weight									240
Women¿s Health								248
Infant and Child Health							252
Adolescent Health								259
Points to Ponder								261
Chapter 8 Notes								263
9.	Shape Up the Adults
Reader Objectives								266
Leading vs. Actual Causes of Death in the USA				267
Economic Burden of Chronic Diseases					269
Evidence-based Public Health Practice					271
Prevent and Manage Chronic Diseases in Adults				272
Collaborations and Partnerships						284
Points to Ponder								290
Chapter 9 Notes								292
Chapter 9 Bibliography							294
10.	 Add Life to Years
Reader Objectives								298
Understand the New Aging Reality					298
Public Health and Aging Services Networks				305
Nutrition Status and Diets of Older Americans				308
Dietary Recommendations for Healthy Older Americans		317
Physical Activity for Older Americans					319
Food Insecurity								321
Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)			322
Hospice									332
Points to Ponder								334
Expand Nutrition Services for Older Adults				334
Chapter 10 Notes								336
11.	 Assure Nutrition Services in Primary Health Care for the Underserved
Reader Objectives								340
Define Primary Care							341
Ensure Nutrition Services in Primary Care				346	
Local and State Primary Care Initiatives					351
State and Regional Primary Care Associations				354
Case Studies								355
Federally Funded Programs						357
Nonprofit Primary Care Initiatives					370
Support for Nutrition Services in Primary Care				372
Points to Ponder								374
Chapter 11 Notes								375
12.	 Enforce Nutrition and Food Service Standards in Group Care Facilities
Reader Objectives								380
Community Group Care Facilities					381
Quality Food Services in Community Group Care Facilities		381
Educate Administrators and Food Service Personnel			386
Nutritional Care and Medical Nutrition Therapy				395
Points to Ponder								404
Chapter 12 Notes								405
Chapter 12 Bibliography							408
13.	 Protect the Food Supply
Reader Objectives								409
Food Safety as a Public Health Nutrition Issue				410
Current Food Safety Issues						411
Integrate Food Safety into Nutrition Guidance				424
Systems to Protect the Food Supply					427
Educate Consumers/Food Handlers 					434
Future Food Safety Issues							438
Points to Ponder								438
Chapter 13 Notes								440
Chapter 13 Helpful Web Sites						444	
14.	 Plan, Implement and Evaluate Public Health Nutrition Services
Reader Objectives								446
Understand Planning							446
Study the Community Assessment					454
Points to Ponder								472
Chapter 14 Notes								474
Chapter 14 Bibliography							475
15.	 Market Nutrition Programs to the Public
Reader Objectives								477
Define Marketing								477
Market Research								480
Integrate the Marketing Mix						493 
Marketing Ethics								494
Points to Ponder								495
Chapter 15 Helpful Web Sites						496
Chapter 15 Notes								497
16.	 Understand, Interpret, and Use Data
Reader Objectives								500
Data Within Core Public Health Functions				500
Program Management							509 
State Health Information							510
Surveys, Surveillance Systems						511
U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)					519
Public Health Foundation (PHF)						521
Other Surveys								522
Local Programs								522
Collection of Dietary Data						531
Collect Physical Activity Data						533
Software & Online Services						533
Points to Ponder								536
Chapter 16 Bibliography							537
Chapter 16 Notes								539
17.	 Maximize Available Funds
Reader Objectives								542
Finance Nutrition Programs and Services					542
Prepare the Budget							550
Review the Monthly Financial Statement					550
Points to Ponder								557
Chapter 17 Bibliography							559
Chapter 17 Figures and Tables						561
18.	 Empower the Public to Choose Healthy Food	
Reader Objectives								567
Today¿s Eating Patterns							568
Way to Modify Food Choices						571	
Nutrition Communications						579
Social Marketing								581 
Integrate Interventions 							584
Nutrition Screening and Medical Nutrition Therapy			587
Evaluation									589
Points to Ponder								589
Chapter 18 Notes								591
Chapter 18 Bibliography							594
19.	 Develop a Qualified Public Health/Community Nutrition Staff
Reader Objectives								596
Workforce as Infrastructure						597
Define the Work 								598
Three Dimensions of Practice						599
Public Health/Community Nutrition Staff				603
Size of the Public Health/Community Nutrition Workforce		609
Administrative Structures 						610
Funding the Public Health¿s Nutrition Workforce			612
Salaries for Public Health/Community Nutrition Personnel		615
Points to Ponder								616
Chapter 19 Notes								617
Chapter 19 Bibliography							623
20.	 Manage and Mentor Public Health nutrition Personnel
Reader Objectives								625
Roles of the Nutrition Program Manager					625
Points to Ponder								661
Chapter 20 Notes								662
Chapter 20 Bibliography							664
21.	 Partner with the Public Health Team to Spread the Nutrition Message
Reader Objectives								665
Nutrition Care through the Public Health Team				665
Educating Health Professionals						676
Leadership Team								682
Quality Improvement							682
Staff Development							683
Employee Wellness							683
Teamwork									683
Points to Ponder								688
Chapter 21 Bibliography							690
22.	Network/Inter-network for Public Health Nutrition
Reader Objectives								691
Define Networking							691
Professional Networks							696
Points to Ponder								705
Chapter 22 Notes								706
Chapter 22 Figures and Tables						708
23.	Win Administrative Support
Reader Objectives								710
Understand the Administrator¿s Perspective on Nutrition Services	710
Develop an Agency Overview						711
Share the Agency Vision							714
Communicate with the Administrator					715
Develop Assertiveness							716
Win with the Policy Board						718
Mobilize Colleagues							720
Points to Ponder								726
Chapter 23 Bibliography							727
24.	 Strive for Excellence
Reader Objectives								728
Pursue Excellence								728
Standards of Professional Practice					733
Ethical Issues in Public Health Nutrition					736
State Legislation								737
Federal Legislation							738
Quality Assurance								740
Points to Ponder								744
Chapter 24 Notes								745
Chapter 24 Bibliography							746
25.	 Anticipate the Future
Reader Objectives								747
Expect Demographic Changes						747
Future Public Health Issues						749
Forecasting Future Health Care Financing and Delivery			750
Advances in Medical Science						751
Impact of Information Technology					754
Future Roles for Public Health Nutrition Practitioners			756
Points to Ponder								759
Chapter 25 Bibliography							760
Appendix A Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005 (sample)			761
Appendix B Ask Thomas, The Library of Congress (sample)			768
Appendix C Bookshelf for Public Health Nutritionists				770

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