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	Montana?s Geologic Introduction
	Montana?s State Gems
	Collecting Regulations and Etiquette
	How to Use This Book
	10 Stops for the Rockhound
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1. Polebridge Area: Horn Coral Fossils
2. Troy Area: Precambrian Mudcracks
3. Libby Area: Gold
4. Libby Area: Trilobites
5. Trout Creek Area: Vermilion Gold
6. Flathead Lake Area: Niarada Silver Minerals
7. Thompson Falls Area: Cox Gulch Stibnite
8. Choteau Area: Timescale Adventures Dinosaur Digs
9. Augusta Area: Fossil Oysters
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10. Augusta Area: Sun River Marine Fossils
11. Belt Area: Fossil Leaf Imprints
12. Superior: Flat Creek Minerals
13. Kalispell Area: Limonite after Pyrite Cubes
14. Craig Area: Hardy Zeolite Minerals
15. Fort Benton Area: Marias River Marine Fossils
16. Neihart Area: Mine Tailings
17. Lincoln Area: Dearborn River Stilbite Crystals
18. Lincoln Area: Copper Minerals
19. Lincoln Area: Agate
20. Lincoln Area: Coopers Lake Pyrite
21. Drummond Area: Snail Fossils
22. Drummond Area: Calcite Crystals
23. Drummond Area: Leaf Fossils
24. Lolo Area: Quartz Crystals
25. Lolo area: Snowburd Mine Fluorite
26. Lolo Area: Florence Eight Mile Creek Gold
27. Hamilton Area: Darby Fluorite
28. Helena Area: Marysville Mine Tailings
29. Helena Area: Spokane Bar Sapphire Mine
30. Helena Area: Elliston Agate Nodules
31. Helena Area: Montana City Jasper
32. Helena Area: Argo Mine
33. Helena Area: Clancy Arsenopyrite and Strawberry Butte Topaz
34. Deer Lodge Area: Zosell Mining District
35. Boulder Area: Basin Barite Crystals
36. Phillipsburg Area: Precambrian Mudcracks
37. Phillipsburg Area: Mine Tailings
38. Phillipsburg Area: Gem Mountain
39. Butte Area: Homestake Pass Pegmatites
40. Butte Area: Rader Creek Quartz
41. Wise River Area: Epidote Crystals
42. Dewey Area: Quartz Hill
43. Wise River Area: Crystal Park
44. Norris Area: Quartz Crystals
45. Dillon Area: Sweetwater Road Soapstone
46. Dillon Area: Argenta Mine Tailings
47. Dillon Area: Clark Canyon Reservoir Fossils
48. Virginia City Area: Warm Springs Creek Fossils
49. Virginia City Area: Sweetwater Road Wonderstone
50. Virginia City Area: Ruby Reservoir Garnets
51. Virginia City Area: Pegmatites near Ennis
52. Twin Bridges Area: Rochester Mining District
53. White Sulphur Springs Area: Benton Gulch Gold and Sapphires
54. White Sulphur Springs Area: Castle Town Minerals
55. Lemhi Pass: Forsterite
56. Idaho Border: Spencer Opal
57. Gardiner Area: Gallatin Petrified Forest
58. Bozeman Area: Bozeman Pass Zeolite Minerals
59. Bozeman Area: Hyalite Canyon
60. Bozeman Area: Squaw Creek Minerals
61. Big Sky Area: Plant Fossils
62. Big Sky Area: Red Cliff Crystals
63. Gardiner Area: Travertine
64. Cooke City Area: New World Mining District
65. Malta Area: Marine Fossils
66. Malta Area: Dinosaur Field Station and Judith River Dinosaur Institute Digs
67. Zortman Area: Little Rockies Gold
68. Zortman Area: Little Rockies Marine Fossils
69. Fort Peck Area: Bear Creek Marine Fossils
70. Winnett Area: Yellow Water Marine Fossils
71. Sidney Area: Agate
72. Lewistown Area: Montana Diamonds
73. Lewistown Area: Fossils to the South
74. Lewistown Area: Sapphire Village Fossils and Gold
75. Fallon Area: Agate
76. Glendive Area: Fossils
77. Ryegate Area: Oyster Fossils
78. Roundup Area: Plant Fossils to the East
79. Miles City Area: Petrified Wood
80. Miles City Area: Fossil Tree Impressions
81. Forsyth Area: Agate and Jasper
82. Colstrip Area: Castle Rock Lake Fossils
83. Roundup Area: Fossil Plants to the South
84. Roundup Area: Marine Fossils to the North
85. Lavina Area: Fossil Oysters
86. Billings Area: Riverfront Park Agate
87. Billings Area: South Hills Marine Fossils and Crystals
88. Billings Area: Stratford Hill Fish Scales
89. Bridger Area: Red Dome Fossils
90. Warren Area: Fossils in the Pryor Mountains
91. Belfry Area: Fossil Clams
92. Red Lodge Area: Beartooth Chromite Mines
Appendix A: Glossary
Appendix B: Further Reading
Appendix C: Finding Maps, Land Managers, and Information
Appendix D: Rock Shops in Montana
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