Table of contents for Old Testament parallels : laws and stories from the ancient Near East / Victor H. Matthews and Don C. Benjamin.

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Foreword	xi
Hymn to Ptah	3
Hymn to Atum	7
Enuma Elish Stories	11
Stories of Gilgamesh	21
Stories of Atrahasis	33
Stories of Adapa	43
Nuzi Archives	48
Annals of Dedumose	54
Annals of Kamose	57
Annals of Hatshepsut	59
Stories of Anubis and Bata	65
Stories of Aqhat	70
Stories of Kirta	80
Story of Sargon of Agade	89
Treaty Between Ramesses II and Hattusilis III	91
Annals of Merneptah	97
Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy	
Code of Shulgi	101
Sumerian Code	103
Code of Hammurabi	105
Hittite Code	115
Middle Assyrian Code	120
Stories of Balaam	131
Joshua, Judges	
Stories of Sinuhe	137
Annals of Tuthmosis III	142
El-¿Amarna Letters	146
Annals of Ramesses III	151
Gezer Almanac	155
Archives of Babatha	159
Samuel, Kings	
Annals of Tiglath-pileser I	165
Annals of Mesha	167
Tell Dan Annals	170
Karatepe Annals of Azitiwada	172
Annals of Shalmaneser III	176
Annals of Tiglath-pileser III	182
Annals of Sargon II	185
Annals of Sennacherib	190
Siloam Story	193
Annals of Nebuchadnezzar II	195
Arad Letters	198
Lachish Letters	201
Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah	
Decree of Cyrus II	207
Elephantine Letters	210
Job, Ecclesiastes	
Declarations of Innocence	219
A Sufferer and a Soul in Egypt	223
A Farmer and the Courts in Egypt	230
A Sufferer and a Friend in Babylon	239
Psalms, Lamentations	
Laments for Ur	247
Hymn to Ninkasi	256
Ebla Archives	258
Stories of Baal and Anat	263
Hymn to the Aten	275
Proverbs, Sirach, Wisdom	
Teachings of Ptah-Hotep	283
Teachings of Khety	289
Thirty Teachings of Amen-em-ope	293
Teachings of Ahiqar	303
Teachings of Ankhsheshonq	310
Song of Songs	
Egyptian Love Songs	321
Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Amos	
Stories of Ishtar and Tammuz	329
Visions of Neferti	335
Mari Letters	341
Story of Wen-Amun	347
Yavne-Yam Letter	355
Outline of Mesopotamian History	357
Outline of Egyptian History	359
Outline of Israelite History	361
Bibliography for Critical Editions	363
Bibliography for Pictures	377
Abbreviations	379
Biblical Citation/Text/Parallels Index	383
Subject Index	421

Library of Congress Subject Headings for this publication:

Bible. O.T. -- Extra-canonical parallels.
Middle Eastern literature -- Relation to the Old Testament.
Law, Ancient -- Sources.
Law -- Middle East -- Sources.
Bible. O.T. -- History of contemporary events -- Sources.
Bible. O.T. -- Antiquities.
Middle Eastern literature -- Translations into English.
Middle East -- History -- To 622 -- Sources.