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The New Therapeutic Scene 
Abbreviations and Acronyms 
Author¿s Note 
Chapter 1. Introduction: A Cautionary Tale 
from Hollywood¿¿The Road to . . . Lead Poisoning 
and Leukemia¿ 
PART I: Basic Scientific Principles of Using Natural 
Products to Maintain and Improve Health 
Chapter 2. Do We Really Want Scientific Medicine, 
or Do We Want Magic? 
Magic or Medicine? Supernatural or Scientific? 
Fundamental Scientific Concepts: What Is ¿Scientific¿? 
Clinical Research Aspects 
Scientific Validation of Efficacy: The ¿Gold Standard¿ 
The Use of Placebo Control Groups in Human Research 
Meta-Analyses of Clinical Pharmacologic Interventions: 
Useful but Not Perfect 
Biases of Health-Related Professionals 
Conflict of Interest 
Pharmaceutical Producers Live in Glass Houses 
The Problem of Delayed Effects: Examples of Long-Term 
Toxicity Issues 
Chapter 3. The Uncertainty Principle in Medicine 
When the Gold Standard Can¿t Be Met 
The Problem of Validating Delayed Effects of Long-Term 
34 Therapy 
The Significance of It All 39 
Uncertainty of Answer for ¿What Is a Dietary Supplement?¿ 40 
Chapter 4. Who¿s A Quack?: Conflict on the Current 
49 Health Care Scene 
What Approaches Are Legitimate? 
If It Quacks Like a Duck, What Is It? 
Conventional Medicine and Therapies 
Unconventional Medicine and Therapies 
Why Complementary and Alternative Medicine Now? 
Another Viewpoint: Afternoon of Alternative Medicine 
Dietary Supplement Regulation 
The Consequences of DSHEA 
The ¿Freedom¿ to Pursue Better Health: At What Cost? 
Chapter 5. Historical Natural Remedies 71 
How Did We Get to Where We Are Now? 
Botanical Marvels: ¿Miracle Drugs¿ from Long Ago 
Development of Scientific Medicine 
PART II: Major Myths and Misconceptions 
Chapter 6. Botanical Supplements Act As Foods, 
85 Not As Drugs 
Pain Relievers as Foods? 
What Does Nutritional Science Say? 
Chapter 7. Botanical Supplements Are Natural, 
93 So They Must Be Safe 
Toxicity Problems of Modern Pharmaceuticals 
Ignorance Is Dangerous¿Not Blissful! 
Traditional ¿Herbal Remedy¿ May Contain Animal 
Familiarity Should Not Breed Contempt 
Chapter 8. The FDA Would Not Allow Supplements 
109 If They Were Not Safe 
109 Caveat Emptor (Let the Buyer Beware)!
Ma Huang Is No Kindly ¿Mother Nature¿ 
Calls for Action to Ban Ephedra Products Increase 
Contrast with a Less Notorious Agent 
Chapter 9. Botanicals Can Be Used Safely with Rx 
125 Drugs¿No Problem 
Altered Drug Responses If Taken with St. John¿s Wort 
Serotonin Syndrome and St. John¿s Wort 
Risk of Bleeding from Use of Botanicals Before Surgery 
Other Interaction Examples 
Chapter 10. You May Trust Supplement Labels, As You 
137 Do Pharmaceuticals 
Herbals May Not Be Held Up to Analysis: Unreliable 
Label Data 
Helping the Supplements Along¿Illegally 
Ephedrine Makes a Product ¿Non-Natural¿? 
Unreliability of Some Nutritionals¿ Labels 
Final Comment 
Chapter 11. If a Little Bit Is Good for You, a Lot Will 
151 Be Better! 
Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) Root Extract 
Bran Breakfast 
Fruit and Fruit Juices: Helpful but Not Harmless 
Another Hazard from ¿Good¿ Juice Turned ¿Bad¿ 
PART III: Major Questions About Possible Marvels 
Chapter 12. Buddy, Can You Spare a Liver? CAM: 
161 Hope, Help, or Hazard? 
A New Plague: Hepatitis C Virus 
The Drinker¿s Deadly Destiny: Alcoholic Cirrhosis 
A Recurring Tragedy: Amanita Mushroom Poisoning 
Unwise Self-Prescribed ¿Liver Cleansing¿ 
More About SAME and the Liver 
Botanicals Containing Hepatotoxic Constituents 
Chapter 13. Are Hormonal Supplements ¿Fountain 
of Youth¿ Formulas? 
181 Basic Concepts 
184 Endocrinology and Aging 
187 Gonadal Hormone Replacement Therapies for Women 
189 What About Androgen Replacement for Men? 
193 DHEA: A ¿Fountain of Youth¿ Hormone¿? 
Melatonin: Another Claimed ¿Fountain of Youth¿ Hormone 197 
Chapter 14. Are Antioxidant Supplements ¿Fountain 
of Youth¿ Formulas? 
Basic Science 
Antioxidants and Cancer 
Antioxidants and Dementias 
A Metabolite Useful for Failing Memory 
Antioxidants versus Kidney Disease 
Antioxidants for ¿Mystery Maladies¿ 
Functional Foods That May Indeed Oppose Aging 
Good Eating for a Good Intake of Antioxidants 
Nonsupplemental Approaches to Oppose Aging 
Chapter 15. The Soya Saga: Are Soy Products Safe 
and Effective? 
Are There Health Problems with Soy Foods? 
Biological Quality of Soy Protein 
Soy As a Protein Concentrate Source 
The Phytoestrogen Aspect 
Nonestrogenic Adverse Responses to Soy 
Soy in the Diet As a Phytoestrogen 
Chapter 16. Do Supplements Support Superior Sex? 
Basic Science 
Impotence and the Viagra Era 
Impotence and the Placebo Effect 
The Viagra-Substitute Era 
Erotic Enhancement for Women 
Fatal Pursuit of Eros (Death by Aphrodisiac) 
Chapter 17. Fats: Who Are the ¿Bad Guys¿ and Who 
261 Are the ¿Good Guys?¿ 
Importance of Serum Cholesterol Levels and Dietary Fats 
Antioxidants, Fats, and Heart Disease 
Physiological and Therapeutic Roles of Omega-3 Fatty 
Acids 266 
Chapter 18. Cancer Cures: Are They Believable? 277 
A Brief View of Conventional Therapies for Cancer 
The Nature of the Challenge 
Current Status of Unconventional Cancer Therapies 
Examples of Unconventional Cancer Therapies 
The Toxicity Factor in Conventional Cancer Therapy 
Personal Choices 
Chapter 19. Immunoenhancing Supplements: 
Is There Evidence That They Are Effective? 311 
Botanical Supplements and Immunonutrition 
Overview Conference on Immunonutrition, 1999 
Can Nutrient Supplements Aid the Immune System? 
Micronutrients and the Immune System 
Prebiotics and Probiotics for Immune System Benefits 
Polysaccharide Products for Immunoenhancement 
Dietary Sources for Critical Immunonutrient Factors 
Chapter 20. What Is the Price of Globalism? Heavy 
325 Metals, Heavy Risks! 
Chuifong Toukuwan 
Metropolitan Market for Dangerous Ethnic Remedies 
PART IV: More Certain Supplement Marvels 
Chapter 21. Marvelous Micronutrients: The Vitamins 333 
Basic Foundations 
The Two Subgroups of Vitamins 
How Much Vitamin Is Enough? 
Who Needs to Supplement Vitamin Intake? 
Vitamins for Prevention of Chronic Diseases 
Important Features of the Individual Vitamins
Multiple-Vitamin Formulas: Benefits May Be Delayed 
Vitamin Toxicology 
Chapter 22. Marvelous Micronutrients: Essential Minerals 361 
Vital Mineral Elements 
Chapter 23. Marvelous Metabolites: Amino Acids, 
New Biochemicals, and New Health Benefits 
Combined Amino Acids As Supplements 
Essential Amino Acids 
Nonessential Amino Acids 
Nucleic Acids/Nucleotides 
Miscellaneous Biochemicals 
Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) or Ubiquinone 
alpha-Lipoic Acid (Thioctic Acid) 
The SAMe Story 
Chapter 24. Bioflavonoid Benefits: Chemoprevention 
of Cancer 
Chemopreventive Candidates 
Specific Flavonoids 
Resveratrol (Red Wine Extract) 
Onions Also Have a Smell of Success 
Prostate Cancer 
Non-Flavonoid Chemopreventive Agents 
Chapter 25. The Pharmacology of Ascorbate, 
an Overlooked ¿Tomato¿ 
A Little-Known Story: The Feared, Unappreciated Tomato 419 
421 Basics on Ascorbic Acid 
423 Ascorbate and the Cardiovascular System 
426 Ascorbate Against Infection 
427 Ascorbate Against Cancer 
428 Ascorbate and Pancreatitis 
429 Questions About Ascorbate¿s Safety 
430 Conclusions 
Chapter 26. Marvelous Aloe Vera: Ancient Wonder 
Still Works Well 
The Nature and Contents of Aloe Vera 
Oral Aloe Vera Gel 
Protective Aloe Vera Polysaccharides 
Life-Long Oral Aloe Vera Ingestion 
Chapter 27. You Have Blood in Your Eyes, but They Also 
Need Carotenoids 
441 Phototoxicity 
443 Risks for Age-Related Macular Degeneration 
445 Dietary Role in Eye Health and Disease 
449 Nondietary Lifestyle Risk Factors for AMD or Cataract 
450 Clinical Applications 
Concern About Adverse Effects of Some Natural Products 452 
Chapter 28. Better Fruity Than Nutty: Functional Fruits 
Dr. Joseph Mercola¿s Top Fruit Choices 
More Details on Some Functional Fruits 
PART V: Most Certain Miracles Concerning Dietary 
Chapter 29. The United States Has Not Had a Toxic 
Disaster from a Botanical Mistaken Identity 
More Cases of Mistaken Identity 
Chapter 30. The United States Has Suffered ¿Only¿ 
One Disaster via an Adulterated Supplement 
L-Tryptophan: A History 
The Sequel: 5-Hydroxy-L-tryptophan 
Chapter 31. Miracles Promised, Not Delivered: 
False Hopes, Failed Hopes 
Some Miracle Cures Examined 
Self-Chosen Therapies for Diabetes 
PART VI: What Is in the Future for Dietary Supplements? 
Chapter 32. Herbal Hit Parade: Who¿s Ranking 
And Who¿s ¿Tanking¿? 499 
Professor E. Ernst¿s Reviews of Major Botanicals 
A Few Other Favorably Recommended Herbs 
What Herbals Have Tanked? 
Good Advice for Persons Who Use Botanical Remedies 
Chapter 33. Accreditation, Validation, Standardization, 
519 Assimilation, and Attrition 
519 Validation of Dietary Supplements¿ Therapeutic Abilities 
520 More Thoughts on Validation 
Accreditation: Who Is Looking After John/Jane Q. Public? 521 
An Alternative Route for Alternative Remedies? 
Legislation Requiring Standardization 
Globalization Effects on the Dietary Supplement Scene 
Chapter 34. Would You Bet Your Life on Good Advice? 533 
Adverse Reactions 
How Can the Buyer Beware? 
Can We Eat Our Way to Better Health? 
Personal Advice to Consumers of Dietary Supplements 
An Example of a Rising Nontoxic CAM Approach: 
¿Laughter Is The Best Medicine¿ 
Where Are Medicine and Health Care Going? 
Final Thoughts 
Chapter 35. Epilogue: Spiritual Aspects of Health 
545 and Healing 
The Nature of Us All 
Maintaining Health: Things We Need To Avoid 
Healings: From Illness to Recovery 
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