Table of contents for The Lord is righteous in all His ways : reflections on the Tish'ah be-Av kinot / By Joseph B. Soloveitchik ; edited by Jacob J. Schacter.

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¿ Table of Contents ¿
I. Themes of Tish¿ah be-Av	1
Tish¿ah be-Av as Yom Ta¿anit and Yom Avelut	1
Selihot, Tahanun, Titkabbel, Avinu Malkenu,
and Ne¿ilah on Tish¿ah be-Av	7
Tish¿ah be-Av as a Yom Kinah	18
Nehamah on Tish¿ah be-Av and the Character
of Tish¿ah be-Av Afternoon	34
Themes of the Torah Reading of Tish¿ah be-Av	66
The Unique Permission to Ask ¿Eikhah¿ on
Tish¿ah be-Av	90
Tzidduk ha-Din	105
The Yearning for Closeness to Ha-Kadosh Barukh Hu	112
The Status of Tish¿ah be-Av in Messianic Times	137
The Book of Eikhah	141
¿ v ¿
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II. Themes of the Kinot	145
Rabbi El¿azar ha-Kalir	145
The Content of the Kinot	152
The Destruction of the Batei Mikdash	156
Kinot Mourning for All Jewish Tragedies	218
The Destruction of Shiloh	237
The Murder of the Priests and the Destruction
of Their Cities	254
The Ten Martyrs	264
The Crusades	268
Kinot for Individual Tragedies	278
The Children of Rabbi Yishma¿el the High Priest	280
The Murder of Zechariah the Prophet	282
The Eulogy for King Josiah	287
The Burning of the Talmud	300
The Holocaust	302
The Tziyyons	316
Eli Tziyyon	327

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