Table of contents for How to set his thighs on fire : 86 red-hot lessons on love, life, men, and (especially) sex / Kate White.

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Table of Contents
1. How to Set His Thighs on Fire
2. To Knock Someone's Socks Off, Rent a Herd of Buffalo
3. Own Your Hotness
4. 15 Ways to Tap into Your Inner Sex Kitten
5. Your Guy Will Never Be Like You
6. Guys Like a Firm Touch During Sex
7. 1 Way to Add Instant Magic to a Room
8. Live Five Feet Ahead of Yourself
9. Guys Will Do Whatever It Takes to Get You into Bed
10. Start Strong
11. Discover the Thrill of No Pantyhose
12. How to Spot a Rat at Work
13. Men Really Are Men of Few Words
14. Two Secrets to Getting a Guy to Open Up
15. 9 Topics That Make Guys Gag
16. How to Look as Sexy as Jlo
17. Why You Need to Drain the Swamp as You Slay the Alligators
18. 8 Unexpected and Very Sexy Sensations
19. Guys Love Smokey Eyes
20. Don't Believe Everything You Think
21. Guys Love a Woman on Top
22. How to Hook a Guy Forever
23. When You Need to Strut Your Stuff, Wear Stilettos
24. Dumb Little Decisions Often Lead to Dumb Big Ones
25. 8 Ways Not to Meet a Guy
26. Think with Your Panties
27. 5 Other Spots Where a Guy Loves to Be Touched
28. The Amount of Serendipity You Experience Is in Direct Proportion to How Much 
Your Butt Is Off the Sofa
29. Every Woman Loves a Bag of Beauty Loot
30. How to Tell When a Man Has Something Important to Tell You
31. The 3 Secrets to Having an Orgasm
32. 9 Extra Little Orgasm Tricks
33. 11 Great Questions to Ask on a Date
34. Guys Just Don't Notice Things
35. How to Get Awesome Cleavage
36. When It Really Matters, Move Fast
37. How to Avoid the Soulmate Syndrome
38. Guys Have Sex Fears Too
39. How to Find the Time to Do the Things You Really Want
40. How to Keep a Secret
41. Guys Like Women Naked, Period
42. The 27 Best Beauty Tips
43. 3 Mind Blowing Sex Tricks
44. People Who Act All Innocent Rarely Are
45. There Is Such a Thing as Career Karma
46. Men Really Want to Please Women
47. How Soon Before You Should Sleep with Him
48. You Need to Sweat the Small Stuff
49. Nix the Ugly Knickers
50. How to Be a Really Awesome Kisser
51. How to Get Your Guy to Listen More
52. 10 Fascinating Facts About Cheating
53. How to Keep Your Sex Life Hot
54. Think Like a Bitch but Talk as Sweet as Bambi
55. The Best Tip I Got from a Hollywood Stylist
56. 4 Really Good Stress Busters
57. 10 Oral Sex Tips that Will Make Him Whimper like a Puppy
58. How to Knocks Someone's Socks Off
59. 5 Little Tricks to Delegating
60. Guys Don't Give a Lot of Warning Before They Leave
61. The Most Neglected Moan Zone on a Man's Body
62. 3 Secrets to Getting a Golden Gut
63. How Not to End up in an Endless String of Bad Relationships
64. Almost Everything Can Benefit from a Little Sex Appeal
65. The Truth About Guys and Pursuit
66. Guys Like Foreplay, too Really
67. 5 Signs a Guy Is Lying
68. How to Figure Out What You Want in Life
69. How to Stay Safe and Handle Danger
70. Guys Love a Little Kinkiness
71. How to Have Your Own Style
72. How to Survive Your Promotion or New Job
73. How to Double a Man's Pleasure in Bed
74. How to Be a Great Listener
75. How to Make a Great Reputation for Yourself
76. Get a Man to Please You in Bed
77. How to Recover from Anything
78. In Love, Think of Yourself as the Agent Provocateur
79. How to Get Someone to Say Yes
80. Be There First
81. You Really Should Take What a Guy Says Literally
82. Sex is One of the Best Things in Life
83. Don't Be Afraid to Be Kiss Assy
84. How to Come Up with a Killer Idea
85. How to Be Great in Bed
86. How to have the most sensual sex in the world 

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